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Deal Week Wrap Up

Just a quickie deal post, because I gotta head to the doctor.
Dr: So, do you like the meds you are on?
Me: Yes. I want more. Now.

Okay, on to our deal week wrap up!

click the picture!
Okay, first I want to remind you that the VistaPrint offers for 140 free mailing labels (aka book/toy/DVD/kid labels) ends today, so don’t forget to grab those!

Deal Week Continues!

Okay, now that I’ve gotten my really bad day off my chest, I can continue posting about some great deals I’ve found this week. 

Click the picture!
First we have Zulily. This is an awesome website if you like getting deals for your kids.
Bonus: no dragging them through Walmart!
It’s a lot like Groupon, but specifically for babies and kids! The deals usually go for a few days, but there’s always a huge variety. It’s all boutique quality at Target prices. They’ve got everything from cloth diapers (whoo hoo!) to Melissa and Doug toys. This is a good one to sign up for and keep an eye on.

click the picture!
Like Zulily, Totsy is a deal site for deal-hunting mamas. They feature everything from the hottest clothing lines (Laura Ashley, Ann Loren) to the coolest toys. I’ve gotten toys from Totsy for practically free. They also have an invite-friends promotion. For every friend you invite and make a purchase, you get $15!

Click the picture!
Yesterday, I shared about this Vistaprint offer. That expires Friday (tomorrow!), but I have another deal for you too. With this one, you get 6 free photo products. You just pay shipping! This is a great time to preserve those summer memories before you forget about them. There’s calendars, flipbooks, mugs, t-shirts and more to choose from!

Click the picture!
Last, but definitely not least is Ebates. If you ever ever ever shop online, you must sign up to Ebates. I command you! Or I at least highly recommend it. Anytime you shop online, go to Search for the store you are shopping at, and see how much cash back you’ll get. You can get 6% cash back shopping at Barnes and Noble, 3% cash back on purchases made at itunes, or 8% cash back at!  
How does it work? Just click on the link through ebates, and it will take you directly to the site you want to go (like Barnes and Noble), but it will attach a “tracking number” to the site. You just order as you normally would through the site, and ebates automatically tallies how much cash back you’ll get! They also have a “daily double” you can subscribe to–everyday they’ll double the amount of cash back you can receive to particular stores! And don’t forget to search for some coupon codes, because you can still use them!

Okay, that’s all the deals I have for you today. What are you waiting for? Go save some money and tell your husband how awesome you are for doing it! :)

my really bad day.

Let me tell you about my Yesterday.
{This is not a pretty story.}

Yesterday I needed to make cupcakes for a birthday party. I was out of butter, so I ran to the store. I came home only to discover I was out of sour cream.
So I ran to the store.

Knowing it was a “baking day,” I put no thought towards my appearance. I had thrown on a T-shirt and jeans, knotting the T-shirt 80’s style. As I was checking out (the second time), the checker lady asked me what my shirt said.
I sheepishly admitted, “uh, Happy Father’s Day.”

Lovely. I ran home, made cupcakes, and whipped up some frosting.
I took the kids and the cupcakes to the birthday party, and they all had fun. There was a lot of candy involved, and pizza, and ice cream and cupcakes… perfect kid-party, right?

We get home and I am beat. I’m so tired, all I want is a nap. I put the baby down so I should be entitled to a short little snooze, right? After all, they just had all that fun!
My kids decide this is the time they absolutely must talk to me
I am interrupted–literally–every 5 minutes. I could actually predict the next tap-tap-tap on the door. I was so irritable and exhausted at this point, I blew up and said the next person at the door was grounded.
{This was followed by three more tap-tap-taps, five minutes apart.}

Finally, their knocking woke the baby up. I came out and yelled and ranted and grounded the younger ones (who were the worst offenders). 
Jordan came back and told me I “didn’t handle that well, and shouldn’t have yelled at the girls.”
Any predictions on how I handled that

Finally Gary came home and advised me to go on a ride somewhere. Anywhere. Apparently Jordan had sent him a text asking if Gary would cheer me up, because I was being really rude.


So I left, went shopping, got some great deals on cereal (the Winder Dairy milk was included in this sale! 4 gallons at $4.29/each for free!). My mom called, I chewed out my mom, and I somehow dragged my sister into it.

I came home, told Gary what I said, who told me how dumb I was (that’s my version of the story anyway). 
Any predictions on how I handled that?

I put Abigail in the car and went on a long drive. Abigail threw her binky and bottle multiple times, necessitating the need to pull over and give them back to her.

Finally I went home and took some Tylenol PM–my foot was killing me and I wanted to fall asleep before I offended anyone else.

Have you had days like this? What do you do? Scream? Throw things out the second story window? Gaaaah…

Today is a new day. A better day.

Anyway, I made this little sign to hang up on my door. I’m (secretly) calling it my “go away” sign. 

I hung it up on my door in a page protector. 
On the other side I put a “please knock” sign.

I mounted a piece of metal above the sign to hang my amazing Pampered Chef timer, a long with a magnetic dry erase marker. When I need a break, I set the timer, and they can let me know if they’ll be at their friends’ houses. Hopefully this will lead to a more peaceful rest time!

*Disclaimer: if your child is not old enough to read the sign, I can’t actually advise you to use this sign. Use at your discretion and within safe limits.*

140 Free Address Labels!

To follow up on what is quickly becoming a “free/deal” week, I wanted to let you know about this totally awesome deal I’m about 3 minutes away from scoring:
I’m so excited about this. I don’t actually need 140 address labels, but what I need is to label my kids’ stuff. Perfect for back to school time! Pencil boxes, water bottles (Jordan is obsessed with water bottles and probably has a dozen!), and notebooks all need labels or I’ll never see them again! 

I’m also thinking this is going to be great for those favorite toys that need to be dragged everywhere as well as books! I’m a big borrower/lender of books, and sometimes it’s hard to remember what books are ours, and what books belong to my sister. :)
Here’s the catch, and there’s always a catch. You need to pay for shipping (about $3 I believe) and the sale only runs from today, July 26 to July 29! So run quick to grab this hot deal. :)

Killer Cereal Deal at Smith’s!

I am not ashamed.
I like those sugary-sweet kids cereals plastered with cartoon characters on the front.
I eat them for breakfast.
I eat them for a night time snack.
Sometimes, if Gary’s not home, we eat them for dinner.
{And I totally hide the good cereal from my kids.}

While this isn’t the post I was planning on posting today (not even sure I had a real plan for that), when I saw this deal in today’s Smith’s ad, I couldn’t resist sharing. Here’s the deal:
Buy 4 boxes of General Mills cereal at 4 for $10, and get
two gallons of milk for free!

The milk is currently on sale for $2.43 a gallon at Smith’s, so this is an awesome deal! Especially because I ran out of milk this morning. Let’s think of it this way:
Buy cereal for $10.
Subtract $4.86 for your two gallons of milk.
(hmm, must find computer calculator… oh there it is!)
4 boxes of cereal, for $5.14!
This is already crazy-good, but add coupons.
(Cereal coupons are one of the easiest coupons to come by!)
Let’s say I have a few $1 off 2 boxes of cereal coupons.
I use two of those bringing my total cost to $3.14 (pay $8 out of pocket).
This works out to $.78 a box, plus the cost of milk, which I need to buy anyway.

Are you saying, “but I don’t have any cereal coupons…” (I know you so well!)

Just go to Smith’s website. If you haven’t already, sign up and connect your account to your Smith’s Fresh Value Card. It’s pretty easy. Then just preview their online coupons and click “add to card.” You don’t even to carry the coupons to the store–they are pre-loaded onto your card and automatically subtract when you buy the qualifying items.

Now be honest with me. Do you hide the Lucky Charms too? Or is Cinnamon Toast Crunch more your thing?

Oh, and p.s.– you can do this deal three times in one shopping trip! So this is a great time to stockpile, and yes, milk does freeze. 
{Seriously! I’ve done it, used it, and survived to tell about it!]
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