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How an ADHD Mom Cleans

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I try to set small, easily attainable goals (generally cleaning) for myself to accomplish throughout the day. Today, they were:

  1. Make the kitchen look better–not clean necessarily, just make an improvement
  2. Spend 5 minutes each cleaning 2 rooms
  3. Wash the diapers–I know using cloth diapers is kind of ridiculous for a laundry hater like myself but they are cheaper, greener, and cuter. And they don’t require folding.

Mint Oreo Ice Cream

mint oreo ice cream cover

Here in Utah, the dog days of summer are officially upon us. While my kids are have started school, we’ve been granted with weather in the nineties all week long. The weather is melt-your-face-off hot and getting in the car seems like a punishment you’d reserve for only the worst of your enemies.
{I’m not much for extreme weather of any variety.} 

I present to you 2 solutions for beating this oppressive heat that hangs on you like a sweaty child in need of  nap:

Exhibit A: Sweaty Child, in Need of Nap

1. Watch this video and escape reality for a lovely three minutes and forty four seconds.

2. Make this ice cream. And really, why wouldn’t you?

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Mint Oreo Ice Cream
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Recipe type: Dessert
Prep time: 
Total time: 
The perfect treat to beat the summer heat-sink your spoon into a bowlful of sweet, creamy, mint oreo ice cream!
  • 1½ c. whole milk
  • 1⅛ c. white sugar
  • 3 c. heavy cream
  • 1½ T. peppermint extract
  • 3-6 drops green food coloring
  • ½ pkg. Oreos
  1. Mix together cream, milk and sugar until sugar is dissolved. Add peppermint extract and food coloring. Add to frozen ice cream maker bowl, mix as directed per your ice cream maker. Meanwhile, roughly chop Oreos. Using a sieve or a strainer, sift out Oreo "dust." Reserve remaining Oreos. In the last 5 minutes of freezing ice cream, add in the chopped Oreos. Freeze until solid, or as long as you can stand waiting. Makes 2 qts.

Walk Beside Me LDS Preschool: F is for Families are Forever

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Hello there! It’s time again for a new letter of the week for the Walk Beside Me LDS Preschool Curriculum! This week’s focus is F is for Families are Forever!
What a great thing for our young children to learn in preschool, and who better to teach it them than you?

 I think my favorite worksheet in this packet would have to be the temple coloring page. There are 4 temples to color, and your child can tell you which temple is your favorite! This would be a great week to take a Family Home Evening out to your nearest temple and take some family and individual photos.
How precious would it be to present your child with a picture of your family with a caption that say “My family is forever!” This April general conference, our prophet Thomas S. Monson gave a wonderful talk on the temple. He quoted Spencer W. Kimball, who said:

“It would be a fine thing if … parents would have in every bedroom in their house a picture of the temple so [their children] from the time [they are] infant[s] could look at the picture every day [until] it becomes a part of [their lives]. When [they reach] the age that [they need] to make [the] very important decision [concerning going to the temple], it will have already been made.”

Another fun family home evening idea would be to discuss the Proclamation to the World, and how Heavenly Father has created His plan so we can always live together as a family. (How beautiful would that lesson be while on the temple grounds?)

The fun focus of the week is our five senses. There are some great games listed on the weekly schedule that will encourage your child to use and explore each of his or her senses! Don’t forget to download the weekly schedule to get the most out of this curriculum. I provide this curriculum free of charge, but do ask that you check out my Walk Beside Me Store, as purchases from the store benefit the continuation of the site. It’s got some great resources to set up your LDS preschool!

What do you think of the F is for Families are Forever packet? Any suggestions, ideas, errors? What would you like to see with future packets?

The ADHD Laundry “Solution”


Ok, I lied. It’s not really a “solution,” per se, more like a last resort situation which I only recommend in the direst of circumstances.

I’ve been blogging lately about my nightmare laundry problem. And those of us who have a lot of laundry have a lot to say on the topic of laundry, particularly when you are trying to avoid laundry.

See, I’m ADHD, haven’t you heard?
One of the biggest ways my ADHD rears it’s ugly nasty head is the laundry. There are so many endless steps, and more often than not, it ends up in a pile on the couch, to be knocked over by the kids (again). 
Thus, I developed a coping mechanism for the frustration that the now-clean must be rewashed–I stopped doing laundry! 

Eventually, the laundry problem must be faced. And when I do, the cycle repeats:
wash, wash, wash
dry, dry, dry,
set laundry on couch (it’s late by now), and promptly forget
refuse to remember the pile.

In my own little blog fantasy land, I like to believe there are people just like me who have this same problem.
{Please don’t spoil this allusion. It’s just not nice.}

So, after the big discussion with my husband,
whom, by the way, flat out refused my brilliant idea of him doing the laundry
(don’t be a hater, he works 70+ hours a week, and comes home to do more projects)
he asked me:
why does the laundry have to be re-washed? It’s clean.
To which I replied:
uh, cuz it’s gross. It’s been on the floor! I can’t tell what’s clean and what’s dirty!

Those of you who are OCD, germ squeamish, or altogether on top of your laundry, might want to click on another post now. Here’s a good post on what it means to be a slacker mom. Hurry, click away!

{Is anyone still with me?}
He said–he said it doesn’t matter. He said pick them up, and if they look clean to me, they’ll look clean to anyone else. Don’t rewash them unless they actually seem like they need to be rewashed. He even went so far to say that the kids’ clothes don’t need to be rewashed after every wear, unless they really do.  Pick them up, look, decide if they can be worn. Regardless of whether you picked them off the floor, regardless if you are positive they were already worn, decide on re-wearability based on how they look.

{Still with me??}
I spent awhile mulling this over. I went from
to realizing just how many of the clothes strewn about my girls’ room haven’t even been worn once, just tossed out of the drawer in an effort to find the right clothes. (If you have girls, you know they only wear clothes for 45 seconds before they decide an outfit change is required, anyway.)

Shh… don’t tell…
but I tried it.
You know what?

I think I cut my laundry to-do list at least in half! I cleaned my room (a disaster), and only had a small pile of laundry at the end. Typically I decide it’s easier to rewash it all than figure out what’s actually clean
because I’m not going to do a smell test–there are limits, people–
but doing that invariably leads to that nasty cycle of laundry on the couch.

If laundry is my #1 worst enemy
I need to do anything I can to make it easier.
Even if it’s kindasorta gross.

Okay, ‘fess up:
nasty, or brilliant?
You be the judge!

Cleaning: Throwing in the dirty towel–er, clothes.

You know those “discussions” with your spouse that are not exactly fights, but it sort of feels like that, because you know you’re in trouble?
Had one of those tonight.
{Awesome. } 

I’m not one to blog about my marital problems–or even complain much to my mom about them. I mean, I like my husband, and I don’t want to permanently change anyone’s opinion of him because I might be temporarily annoyed with him.
It was about cleaning.

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