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Playtex Sippy Cup Party {for Mom’s!}

Drinkin' the koolaid

I have this neighbor, who wears the cutest clothes ever, and is a blogger.
{Her clothes have nothing to do with anything, but she is my style icon. Meaning that one day, I will have style, and when I do, I will look to her for inspiration.} 

She blogs at Danish Mama, which is all about being a Danish American mama. If you’re Danish you’ll get something out of it, and if you’re American, you’ll relate too! Which really just about covers your bases in blogland, right? Anyway, she was asked to throw a party for Playtex, so she invited all of our other stylish neighbors to come over and talk sippies.
{Oh, and she invited me too.} 

And can I just tell you the most fun thing? For our refreshments, we drank apple cider from, what else? A sippy! We each got to take a couple of sippy cups home which was great. Abigail is a one-sippy-only kinda girl, which just so happens to be one of the sippies we got at the party. Woo hoo for extra sippy cups!

There were prizes too. I won a prize, but it’s currently a secret gift for a mom to be in my life. Shh!

We talked about our weaning-to-the-sippy experiences. Abigail did great transitioning to her sippy. After a nightmarish experience weaning her to a bottle (hey! turns out the kid was allergic to that formula I kept stuffing down her throat!), I wasn’t ready to jump into another transition. At 18 months though, her doctor, ahem, strongly suggested I switch. I picked up three of these sippies–two so I always have to know where at least one is (too many and I lose them all), and a third so her gimme-gimme sister won’t be jealous–and days later we were done with bottles. (I also love the adorable girly patterns available. I picked up fun florals for Abigail and a princess sippy for Nicole, and both of them know who has which sippy. And bonus for the allergy mom: less worry that the dairy-free baby will get a mouthful of milk!

We had a great time chatting up weaning and toddlers. In fact, one of the things that I’m loving about blogging is that I’m actually getting out more for spending more time on the computer. I tend to be on the anti-social side of things, not because I don’t like people, but because interacting with people scare the pants off me. I tend to avoid it. {I told you about my popsicle night issues, didn’t I?} Being a stay at home mom could potentially afford me many opportunities to become friends with other moms but that requires you to leave your house. Which I don’t. :)

But as a blogger, I’ve been invited to activities that are kid friendly or even better, for just the girls! Since I commit to these events over the internet (without having to stumble through an awkward conversation where I say “that’s so cool!” a hundred times), I don’t have the social anxiety. Until I actually get to the event, and then it’s too late to worry!

Do you suffer from social anxiety, or are you the social hub of the neighborhood? Have you found any unexpected sources of friendship through the internet?

{extra} Tired.

I’m so tired lately.

I’m so tired that I want to take a nap instead of blog.
I’m so tired I want to close my eyes instead of clean my kitchen.
I’m so tired that even Pinterest is having a hard time keeping my attention.
I’m so tired that even the crafty fun things I want to do…
seem like a lot of work.

Oh boy.

I am really tired.

{This is the point where I’ve officially convinced my mom I’m totally depressed.}

I don’t think I am depressed.
I mean, a double dose of  anxiety medicine (also known as “anti-depressant”) really ought to keep that off the table, don’t you think?

The last few days though, there isn’t enough Diet Coke in the world to keep me awake.

Confession: I believe I took 3 (short) naps yesterday.
After I slept in.

 Is anybody else this tired?
{Or are you too busy sleeping to respond?}
Any suggestions when you are feeling absolutely drained… and your kids still demand your attention?

The selfish little…

All right, who wet the bed??

There are times in life when you really start questioning your own well being. Last night this morning was one of those times. I woke up about six a.m. to find the blanket was a bit wet. Odd. I rolled over, to find my sheet was a bit wet. Then I realized my pajamas were also wet. What the…?

Getting out of bed, I smelled the sheet. The undeniable ammonia smell of urine hit me in the face. Nicole, who had climbed into my bed hours before, was nowhere to be found, and I was soaking wet.
{Did I do that??}
I did a quick underwear check. Nope, wasn’t me.

Yes, I seriously had to check.

Nicole, three and a half, has been potty trained for well over a year now. She has never, not even once, wet the bed. Great place to start, hmm? In my bed! I went into her room and she was peacefully curled up with her new Little Mermaid quilt I made for her. She has also never voluntarily given up her preferred sleeping spot–my bed–so I sent a quick text to Gary (long since at work) to see if he had moved her when he left. No, he replied. He hadn’t.

I started to worry that Nicole was sleeping in wet clothes, not even realizing she had wet herself. I checked on her–beneath the blanket was a bare bum. Going downstairs to shower (because a, our bathroom upstairs will never ever ever be finished and b, I was sticky with you-know-what) I saw her pile of discarded wet clothes by the toilet. Apparently she wet herself, came to the potty, removed her clothes, then climbed back to bed.
Not surprising: my bed was all wet! 

The good news is, I still have complete control over my bladder.
{I was a little worried about that.} 
The bad news is, Nicole wet the bed.
{I’m hoping it was a one-time occurrence.}
The other bad news is, since I woke up so early to shower, I fell back asleep -on the couch- and was woken by my early-riser-Jordan, 5 minutes before we should leave for school.

Have you ever had a bizarre situation in the middle of the night? (Hey, if it’s dark, it’s the middle of the night, okay?) Does it screw up your whole day, or do you roll with the punches?

Walk Beside Me LDS Preschool: L is for Love One Another

Walk Beside Me Introduction

The newest addition to my LDS Preschool curriculum Walk Beside Me is here! This week is brought to you by the letter L! (Abigail has discovered Sesame Street, can you tell?) This week’s focus is L is for Love One Another. What a perfect time to introduce loving others to our super loving preschoolers! {I’m just being a bit sarcastic here.}

This week I really wanted to be a super mommy. But, as usual, I failed. I had a ton of fun things planned with the life cycle of the butterfly and showing love to others. Wouldn’t it be fun to cut out some hearts and help your preschooler write on it kind things they could do for family members? Once a day, they could pick a heart and do that particular action. The whole family could be in on the fun! As I said though, that didn’t happen. I’d love to hear how it went for you though!

Not surprisingly, there are some great resources online to teach the concept of loving one another. Naturally, the song of the week is Love One Another! (My girls loved listening to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir sing Love One Another!) I found this cute story from the Friend Magazine, and this beautiful Mormon Message on the topic! I also thought the video presentation of the New Testament Stories was appropriate, which you can view here.

In other news, a reader recently let me know that the links within my Walk Beside Me Preschool Schedule aren’t active. Lame! It took me a bit of time, but I fixed the links, updated any outdated info, and added even more links to make the schedule super simple. I’m a mom, I understand simple. I’m also ADHD and lazy; simplicity is freaking golden. And… (drumroll please!) the schedule is now complete from A to Z! So even if you’ve downloaded it before, you’re definitely going to want to grab the updated version! Also, it’s now hosted on the site, so if you haven’t been able to download it before due to internet issues, it’s officially just a link away!

If you’re new to the curriculum, check out the FAQ and Introduction pages. These will give you a great place to start in teaching your child the gospel, one letter at the time. I offer this totally amazing super awesome curriculum for free but I do ask that you check out my Walk Beside Me store. Amazon gives me an itsy bitsy percentage for linking you up, and that little percentage goes a little way in supporting this site. {Plus it helps me justify the hours I spend at the computer!} {How do you like the dose of guilt, hmm??} You can get everything you need to start teaching your kid through the store.

What are your plans for using L is for Love One Another? A quiet book? Preschool? Family Home Evening? Share your ideas!

Slacker or Neglectful?

Slacker Mom or Neglectful?

On Friday I was all set to write a funny insightful post on how I, for a moment, forgot myself and thought of what a super homemaker I was being. I was, after all, sewing and baking up a storm! I totally deserved a prize. Then I remembered I was sewing for a neighbor (in exchange for amazing fabric!), and it was 7:30 at night and I was baking muffins because I forgot to make dinner–because of my sewing project! Um, not a super homemaker.
And then I burned the muffins anyway.

This seemed like a humorous way to discuss how every side of the story has a different angle: just because I see someone through the window slaving away over a hot stove to serve her angelic children a gourmet meal does not make her better than me. It just means I might not see the Legos on the floor she’s tripping over, or hear the tone of her voice as she snaps at her children to stop fighting. I don’t know the story, I can only see a glimpse.
{Oh, and I’m not a peeping tom. But if you don’t have window coverings, I’m gonna look, okay? Also, if you don’t have window coverings, get yourself some shutters from here, okay?

Like I said, I was going to post that. Then I read an interesting and disturbing post on BlogHer. A woman had CPS called on her–by a blog reader (check it out here). Natural curiosity is going to make us look at the ‘offensive post’, so here’s the link!) In case you are too lazy to link over, here’s the summary: The blogger, Brandi, received a phone call from her son’s teacher. She was changing a test score from a 60-something to a 97. When Brandi inquired as to why the score was being changed, the teacher told her that the first time Brandi’s son had taken the test, he didn’t have a calculator. Brandi was aware, as was the teacher, the calculator had been traded away for some Pokemon cards. The teacher allowed her son to retake the test with a calculator, and he received the better score. Brandi argued with the teacher, asking the score remained the same. After all, the boy knew he needed the calculator (he was twelve), and opted to trade it away. He wasn’t prepared for the test on the day the test was given, and Brandi felt like the score should remain the same. {There aren’t many second chances in adulthood, either–if you don’t have a resume with you at your interview, chances are you aren’t getting the job. Preparedness counts, and responsibility is an essential skill.}

I absolutely agree with Brandi, and would do the same for my child. However, a blog reader felt that this was neglectful parenting and called CPS. Before Brandi was even aware of the situation, her children were interviewed by the caseworker at school. The state legally had to look into any allegation of abuse, though the CPS worker admitted it wasn’t something that should have been dealt with through the state. A certain paragraph stood out to me:

I could understand if there was some indication of imminent danger or actual abuse — be it mental or physical — in that or any post. But there is nothing, NOTHING, in that post to warrant upsetting three children already under the strain of a deployed parent, deteriorating health and anxiety disorders.

Brandi goes on to explain she would never discourage someone from reporting anything that they feel is warranted. But test scores?? Wouldn’t an email, or even a hateful comment be better than dragging her innocent children through that?

~Deep breath.~

As bloggers, and mommy bloggers in particular, we bare our souls to any person who wanders onto our blogs. As a blogger who advertises herself as a “slacker,” and who happily admits to feeding her children way past dinner time and somewhat begrudgingly fesses up to my laundry issues (more on that to come), I found myself wondering if I would have Child and Family Services called on me. I think most rational people can see that the above scenario was completely bizarre, and perhaps came from someone who (for reasons we’ll never know) was looking for a reason to call CPS. But would what I call slacker parenting be considered neglectful by another?

I hope and pray not. I hope that you understand: my children are fed healthy meals and snacks each day. They are given baths, they are dressed in fairly clean clothing, taught manners, taught hygiene, spirituality and religion, they are educated in our home and at school, they have a safe home, they are supported and encouraged, they aren’t belittled or physically punished, and they are hugged and kissed and loved on daily. I may parent differently than some of you.

I may take a nap at dinner time rather than figure out the dinner battle but they get fed. I may procrastinate laundry as long as possibly, but sooner or later, it gets washed. I may yell out of anger or frustration, but I apologize with love and kindness.

It’s scary thinking that the things I write may come back in someway to haunt me. Do I censor my posts to protect my family? Or do I take the risk in the quest for putting myself out on my blog as realistically as possible? I created this blog as a sort of “antidote” to the soccer mom mentality I often find on other blogs. So many bloggers seem to be afraid to post anything that will paint them less than the perfect light. I don’t want this blog to become that. ?

What would you do? Be honest with yourself and the world, or act (write) so no one can cast stones? Do you feel that being a slacker mom is the same as being a neglectful parent? 

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