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Announcing: 24 Days of Mormon Christmas

24 Days of Mormon Christmas

You know how you get really great ideas and you have to accomplish them

Well the other day I had this idea for mini Family Home Evening lessons throughout the month of December. Rather than doing weekly lessons (ha! that happens!), I wanted to start doing nightly devotionals. A little scripture, a little thought or activity, a song, and head to bed, Fred!
{Bedtime… the best time of the day!}

Me being who I am, I sat down and immediately started working out the devotionals. I got bored making them around day ten, but I kept plugging onward–be proud. After all, if I didn’t finish it right that second, it was going to get finished. Not only did I actually finish them all, but I’ve even pre-scheduled them to post. So every morning when you wake up, a new devotional will be ready on the blog.
{Actually, they’ll post about 8:00 mountain time… certainly you don’t wake up before that, do you?}
This way you’ll have the day to think about the scripture and activity. For the most part, you’ll be able to gather around a laptop (or a tablet!) and do them with very little forethought. Some of them will have pages to print and color, or a slightly more involved activity. And I mean slightly. I didn’t want this to be hard! Because let’s be honest, how many of us are going to look at it when it’s ten minutes past bedtime and the kids are gathered around, ready to start? *Raising hands*

Oh, and fellow Pinners? Get your pin on, okay?

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Perfectly Imperfect

Perfectly Imperfect

One thing I always struggled with accepting in FlyLady’s program was that she preached and preached how we are all perfectionists. Please. Anyone who has been inside my house (without an hour’s prior notice) can tell I’m no perfectionist. My house is currently a disaster and even when it’s picked up I don’t bother to remove the tiny hand prints from the walls, or scrub the carpets, or dust anything. I’m not a perfectionist, and my husband would agree.

This morning, as I was lying in bed after my husband left (at 4:30 a.m., I typically roll over without a second thought), I felt overwhelmed by the condition of my house. I was complaining to my mother yesterday that I wasn’t going to get to heaven because my house is far from being “in order.” She tried to persuade me to believe that the scripture was indeed talking about spiritual houses, not our actual homes, but it did little to soothe the guilt. When I found myself unable to sleep today, I started attempting to talk myself into cleaning.
{Note: talking myself into doing anything before 8:00 a.m. is a pretty big accomplishment.}

I was thinking about how hard it is to get it all done. I have a tendency to not start what I can’t finish, or what I’m overwhelmed by. This in turn exacerbates the problem and days later, what I was originally overwhelmed by, I am now paralyzed with the thought of attempting the task.

The truth is: mothers–women–are ingrained with a certain level of perfection. It appears easy for others to care for their homes and their children and put dinner on the table. For me, it’s one mental fight after the next. Rather than shrugging my shoulders and saying, “Yeah, I’m just not a homemaker,” my spirit desperately wants to achieve perfection in this area. Because I know the laundry I just washed will ultimately end on the floor to be trampled because I was too lazy to fold it, I don’t do it. Because I don’t even know where to start in the disaster of a kitchen, I don’t start. Because every room in the house is a mess and by the time I clean one and move onto the next, the first is messy again, I continue to neglect them all.

I don’t do it because I can’t do it like “they” do it.
{Whoever they are–a question frequently asked but rarely answered.} 

The answer, it seems to me, is just start.

Isn’t it better to have a small load of clean laundry done, even if it perhaps doesn’t get put away? Even if there is a mountain more to do? Isn’t it better to load just the “easy” dishes–not the grimy ones–so you have something to eat off of in the morning? Isn’t it better to pick up just one room, even if the rest you can barely move through, so you have a place to relax and feed your spirit? {And perhaps your family?}

Why does it seems so hard just to do a little? I can’t do it all, so rather than doing nothing, what if I just tried to do what *very little* I am capable of doing? My husband says I sell myself short. Maybe when it feels like I’m barely capable of cleaning anything, if I just do what I can, I’ll find that it’s more than I realized all along?

I wish I could tell you that I tried this and two weeks later, my house is totally clean and I’m now up to perfect standards.
These are just the musings of a slightly sleep-deprived mom, knee deep in laundry and too scared to start.
Let me know if this helps you.
I’ll let you know if it helps me.

P.S. – I’d be remiss in posting this if I didn’t say Happy Birthday to my own perfectly imperfect Mom! Give her a shout out in the comments, will ya, for raising such an awesome kid?! Happy Birthday Mom, and thanks for everything. I love you!

Temple: I’m Going There {Soon}

Going to the Temple

My husband and I have been married four years, five months, and twenty nine days.

{Yes, fingers were involved in calculating that.}

After a lot of patient waiting (and less patiently, on my part), my husband and I got word that we will finally reach our dream-

we will be sealed together for eternity in the temple.

And even better?

We get to be sealed to these beautiful girls:

S. Nicole


P. Abigail.

Though it’s been frustrating at times (it seriously took my husband a year to write his letter), scary at others (another year+ to contact the ex), and laughably difficult at times (we have had three bishops through this process and started over each time), my husband has reminded me over and over that this is the Lord’s timetable. The ex, though contacted by our bishop, wasn’t the one pulling the shots this time around. The bishop, though brand-spankin’-new, wasn’t left to figure out the details of a sealing clearance without help. The Lord was in charge here. The First Presidency reviewed Gary’s letter, the bishop’s letter, and the stake president’s letter. Personally.

Then they sent us a letter.

We’re going to the temple, baby.

Walk Beside Me LDS Preschool Curriculum: Letter M

M is for Miracles of Jesus

It’s a miracle!
It’s amazing!
It’s… mischievous?
It’s the letter M!
If you’ve been following my LDS letter of the week preschool curriculum, Walk Beside Me, you might be wondering why the heck the curriculum disappeared.

My hard drive, the one with all the good stuff on it, disappeared off of my computer.
Finally, Gary sat down to fix it.
Two minutes later he said, “Sarah, it’s right there.”


At any rate, I’m glad it’s back. I’m also glad I’m back. I was having a hard time doing school with my preschooler. It happens. I can only take so much whining and tantruming in a given “school session” before I throw up my hands and take a break. Some days I stop for the day.
{Sometimes it ends up being a couple of weeks.}

We finally finished this packet. Nicole was so excited to be doing school again. She had asked me everyday for the past week if we could “do school.”  Major mom guilt. So I buckled down and did it. It was the extremely sparse version. I threw a few worksheets in her boxes and called it good. We did very few “fun” projects. Learning about magnets this week did not happen.

And it’s okay.

The moral of the story is, don’t beat yourself up if school doesn’t go exactly as planned. Don’t beat yourself up if you find yourself not even wanting to “do school,” because of the prep work involved. I’ve even compiled and assembled 95% of the curriculum so there is almost no prep work and it’s still hard for me!

I should talk about the curriculum now, huh?
This week’s letter is the Letter M:

M is for the Miracles of Jesus.

This is a fun time to introduce many of the amazing stories of Jesus. You can use church videos, songs, the Gospel Art Kit, or the handy little flash cards I’ve included to teach them. The stories are simple–from 5,000 being fed to a deaf man given his hearing–that even the youngest children can “get” them.

Have any questions about the Walk Beside Me LDS Preschool Curriculum? Check out the FAQ Page here. Or, click here to get the introduction to the whole curriculum. Please check out the Walk Beside Me store–I offer this curriculum for free, but hope that you’ll order from the store for your materials. Amazon gives me a small percentage of the proceeds, which helps me fund this massive project! And don’t forget to grab the Walk Beside Me Schedule–this gives you great ideas on how to implement this weekly curriculum!

Happy Thanksgiving & Junk

Click for Source

So, it’s Thanksgiving.

Which is a day to give people your thanks. I’m not really the touchy-feely-mushy type, so I’ll just give a big ol’ general shout out to everyone in my life:

Hey, you. Thanks.

Whew. That was tough. If you’re reading this, that comment up above? That was for you, too. Because I’m constantly amazed that people actually read this blog. Other than my momther, (momther? What’s that? It sounds like a cross dressing dad, which is not at all what I meant. I swear. My mom is all Mormon and stuff.) I have people who actually come back to this blog. Even if I haven’t posted anything.
{Proof that anything is better than laundry.}

if I keep going, I’m probably going to have to start naming names and saying for what I’m grateful. Let’s just change the subject.

I’ve been baking.
This makes me intensely happy. Even though the apple pie filling was from a can, and the pie crust was from a mix, I’m still pretty happy. And it still took me an hour to make it look super cute.
Even if you’re not Martha, you should still try to make things look cute.

Then I made stuffing. I haven’t posted my stuffing recipe here, but it’s divine. If you want it, give a shout out. Stuffing shouldn’t just be for Thanksgiving, people. Let’s give stuffing some love.

The stuffing is homemade. Well, store bought bread cubes and store bought broth, but there was some pretty serious onion chopping going down in my kitchen. I call that homemade.

And you know what the best part is?
The best part is that Gary is working on my bathroom. Which is pretty cool in itself, but even better is that the water is turned off.

Dude. I can’t do the dishes. Until after we get back from dinner at my mom’s. (Momther? Seriously, what is wrong with me? Too much Diet Coke I’m thinking.)
It will be late when we get back. And tomorrow is Black Friday. Believe it or not, it’s also our first Christmas party of the season.

I can see me not doing the dishes for the next… twenty-four hours. Or longer.

Psst… anyone want to come and do dishes tomorrow? Because I would be totally grateful and even name you by name. 

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