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FHE Made Easy: Week 5

Last week in Family Home Evening we learned about Alma and Amulek’s mission to Ammonihah. It only makes sense then, that we follow up with Alma and Amulek in prison! (And we think today’s missionaries have it rough!) This lesson is a great one for spring. You’ll need a couple of prep items, but they are simple household objects that shouldn’t be hard to come by. It even includes an optional activity of planting your own seed! Which is just in time for us gardening procrastinators… :D

Week 5: Alma and Amulek in Prison

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Getting Crafty {Slacker Style}


On Monday I went to the totally awesome Riley Blake warehouse sale. On the way, I decided I should make a quilt for Rebecca’s ninth birthday, which happened to be 9 days away. Sure, I can get it done. I’ll pace myself, I thought.

It was 9 days, then I checked the calendar. Her birthday is Tuesday, not Wednesday! Oops, 8 days. Of course, I can’t work on it while she’s at home, but she goes to school, and I can work on it after bed. Okay, she doesn’t go to school on the weekends, and she goes to bed at 8:30 then comes out periodically for drinks and bathroom breaks for about an hour…

how many hours do I have to do this quilt??

 So far it’s working out okay. I still have a lot to do before it’s done. My desk, right before she came home:

I just love the sense of organized chaos. Everything ADHD in me should hate quilting: the methodical cutting, the repetitious chain stitching, the awful ironing, more stitching, more ironing, more stitching… every step of the way I can’t wait to be able to move onto the next step until I’m holding a soft cuddly blanket in my hands like magic!

Lest you think I’ve been ignoring my slacker duties, I will tell you:
I took a nap while Rebecca did her homework.
I served the exact same dinner as I did last night.
My kitchen looks like this:

Be honest. You love me just a little bit more for showing you my disaster of a kitchen, don’t you? And before you roll your eyes and say, “sure, it’s probably clean every other day,” I want you to consider the following:
that’s more than one day’s worth of dishes.

Also, you should know that before I took the picture, I asked Rebecca to unload the dishes for her chore. Well, she misunderstood me and also loaded the dishes. Not that I was complaining, but rest assured, this picture coulda been worse. And uh, there are other rooms in my house… they don’t look a whole lot better, either.

Completely unrelated, but too darling not to share… how precious is my sweet little Nicole? She’s an angel with an attitude, but today she was all princess!

FHE Made Easy: April Week 4

Funny story. We all know I’ve made a few errors here and there with repeated lessons, etc. Something my awesome readers have been quick to make me aware of so I can fix the mistakes. This week’s lesson includes a fun activity called Scripture Study Sam. I’m not sure why, but upon proof reading and re-proof reading (and yes, re-proof reading!), Scripture Study Sam appeared over and over and over… in April, May, June, and on! And for some reason, the first time I proof read the lessons… I didn’t catch it!? At any rate, I hope you enjoy Scripture Study Sam and this week’s lesson on Alma and Amulek’s mission to Ammonihah!

Week 4: Alma and Amulek’s Mission to Ammonihah

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{Blog} Teaching Reading with Bob Books

I mentioned the other day how I’ve been hunting all over the internet, half-crazed, for the best (and cheapest) curriculum for Nicole’s kindergarten year. Nicole is ready for more than just another year of preschool, but I also don’t want to overwhelm her with a full kindergarten load. I’m aiming for a “K4.5″ program, because I like to make my life extra hard.

One thing I ordered already was a set of Mormon Little Books and the lesson plans. I hope to give a full review once I’ve had a chance to start the program, but looking over the materials, I could not be more impressed. The creator of the program stresses that it is not meant to be a full phonics curriculum, but a supplement. I’ve decided to do 10 to 15 minutes of the program about twice a week.

Complete set of MormonLittleBooks

I conundrumed (I just verbed that word, y’all) what to do for the rest of her phonics. She has had great success with a combination of Walk Beside Me and Bob Books. I have loved using Bob Books. The simple style combined with repetition and preschool-humor has been a perfect fit. Nicole is reading the first half of the second set. (We got our combined set from Costco- available in late April and May only!)

Bob Books Set 2-Advancing Beginners

There were a few problems with my relaxed approach to the Bob Books, and phonics in general: I’m ADHD, which means that school is *ahem* a bit sporadic, and usually inconsistent. I’m not so deluded as to think this is a good approach to phonics. It doesn’t help that, bottom line, I don’t know how to teach a kid how to read!

After hemming and hawing about whether or not to buy a full reading program for Nicole’s K4.5 year, I finally decided to stick with the Bob Books for now. I started wondering if anyone online had made a reading program based on the books. And there is!

This amazing blog, called, appropriately enough, Teaching Reading {With Bob Books.} Brandy is a former reading tutor as well as homeschooling parent. She has posted, week by week, lesson plans for each and every book! Here’s a sample lesson plan for Book 1 from Set 1 (Beginning Readers). I’m painstakingly copying (for my own use of course!) her lesson plans so I can print them out. Her approach is simple, well thought out, free, and utilizes an inexpensive resource I already own. Actually I only own the first set from Costco, I’ll be snagging the rest next week! I can’t complain.

I feel like this is a great start for Nicole. We’ll formally start ‘Kindergarten’ after the summer is over, but it’s such a relief to get some of these things taken care of now.

Question: Is there any interest in the curriculum I’m using for a child who is ready for Kindergarten, but can’t yet go to Kindergarten? I’m planning on homeschooling, but let me know if you want ideas on what to do with that precocious 4 year old of yours!

Walk Beside Me LDS Preschool: U is for Utah Pioneers

Walk Beside Me Introduction

This week for the Walk Beside Me LDS Preschool curriculum, we have another vowel. We are talking about U is for Utah Pioneers. How fun to introduce some Mormon pioneer history to your preschooler! This would also be a great packet to save for Pioneer Days on July 24th.

Obviously there are some great resources you can discuss while discussing this topic. You can

do a Pioneer maze
read a poem about Seagulls
figure out a hidden Pioneer Message
discuss what a Pioneer is today
read a story about Pioneers
read a Matt & Mandy comic about handcart pioneers
read about pioneer journals
make Pioneer Pudding
watch a movie about Winter Quarters or
a movie about the Saints going west
read the prophet’s words about pioneers
play pioneer games
play a pioneer trail game
go on a “pioneer trek”
watch this movie about the pioneers
make butter or
make a marshmallow covered wagon!

Whew. All that, in about ten minutes of searching. The options for activities are endless! I’m also including an Amazon widget full of some awesome activities to enhance your Utah & Pioneer learning!

Don’t forget to grab the Walk Beside Me LDS Preschool schedule to find ways to best implement this into a full preschool curriculum. If you’re new here, check out the FAQ Page. And please, don’t forget to browse through the Walk Beside Me Store as a small percentage of the proceeds goes towards me and this curriculum!

I’d love to hear about ways you’ve used this packet, or the Walk Beside Me curriculum with your children. Do you have any other fun pioneer suggestions or activities? Leave a comment and let us know!

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