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Top Ten Things I {Pretty Much} Never Clean


Top Ten Tuesday at Many Little Blessings

Starting today, I’ll be posting a Top Ten list each Tuesday. My reason is two-fold: partially because I’ll be linking up with this Top Ten Tuesday linky party, but mostly because I really love top ten lists. As a teen I looked forward to Friday nights on Letterman so I could watch his top ten lists. Half of which I barely understood, but they were delivered in such ridiculous style, I couldn’t help but laugh.

With that introduction, I bring you the:


10. The dishwasher. Also, the washer. Anything responsible for cleaning something else I figure should come out clean in the end.

9. Air vents or ducts or other miscellaneous holes in floor/ceiling/wall. Yes, I know there are pencils, fruit snacks, and even random socks hiding in that thing. Doesn’t mean I’m about to rip it out and clean it. Though looking at the picture is kind of making me itch…

8. Baseboards. Or floorboards, or chair rails. Seriously. I’ve got better things to do. Like Pinterest.

7. Our shutters. This one is particularly sad because my husband actually made the shutters (he works here), and so I should be all proud and keep them in tip-top shape. But grubby little hands like to open the shutters and shut the shutters and they get dusty and I don’t even own a duster. Which leads me to…

6. Dusting. I may occasionally wipe down nick-knacks or shelves with a damp paper towel. I never dust the top of my fridge, the top of bookshelves, or pretty much anything else that will remain unseen until I move.

5. Walls. Until I get in a panic because I’m about to have company then I send in an army of little people with Lysol wipes. It’s actually one of their favorite chores, so you’d think I’d have them do it more often. It’s hard to notice the grime you live with every day!

4. The windows. Nope, uh-uh. Though I’d happily put this on a list for “things kids can do when they owe me big time.” Otherwise… I’d probably rather do laundry. No, that’s not true. BUT it’s probably more important for me to do laundry than clean my windows. I’ve got to have priorities somewhere.

I’m starting to realize this list is basically pointing out the fact that I purposely avoid deep cleaning pretty much anything until company comes over.

3. Our dining chairs. I’m the least OCD person on the planet, so I let my young children feed themselves. Consequently our chairs end up kind of gross. Again, this is something that generally waits until I’m about to have a lot of company over.

2. Under my bed. Unless… actually. I think I’ve done that once, and I may have been pre-birth nesting, so I’m not sure that counts. We’ll put this firmly on the ‘never’ list.

And the number one place I pretty much never clean is…

1. Behind the stove. Ew, ew, ew. Between the greasy dust and the random kitchen utensil or spice that falls down there, this is not a place I want to ever even see much less clean under or around. Ooh, let’s add “in the oven” to this list. Seriously. I forget that’s even a thing more often than not. Also, I need to mention that I cleaned the top of the stove for this picture. (And move the dirty pots and pans, of course.) I did not do the grates. I will probably never clean the grates.

Now if you’ll excuse me… I may have unintentionally inspired myself to go do a little cleaning!

What do you pretty much never clean?

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FHE Made Easy: July Week 5

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Week 5: Nephi Prophesies

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How to Make Your Own Frozen Rhodes Rolls

How to Make Your Own Rhodes Rolls

I love fresh baked bread. It’s an absolute comfort food for me, and instantly takes me back to the days when my mom would make homemade rolls for dinner or a loaf of bread for an afterschool snack. I am a huge fan of Rhodes Rolls. Actually, I still am. They are dairy and egg free* for Abigail, and they are so versatile; from breadsticks to rolls to pizza pockets/mini pizzas to fried bread (‘scones’ here in Utah) to… well, just about anything, really. I love to have a bag or two in my fridge at all times.
*manufactured in a facility that processes food containing wheat, milk, soy, and seeds 

The concept of Rhodes Rolls is really simple. Don’t tell the Rhodes company, but I’m on to them:
it’s just frozen dough.
Obviously, we can do this the good old fashioned DIY way. Making your own Rhodes Rolls take a little extra time but it is so worth it. It’s about a million times cheaper (I did that math! 1,000,000 times cheaper) and you can control the ingredients without putting any preservatives or, um. Other stuff.

The first step is make some bread dough. I use this recipe here and it’s fantastic. I’m going to blog about it “one day,” but the recipe promises bread, from first scoop of flour, to fresh from the oven in one hour. Anyone can make this bread. The “lecithin” she refers to is soy lecithin, and that’s the only ingredient: soybeans. I use this one here and was able to find it at Macey’s, a local grocery store. It lasts forever, so the cost is worth it.

After you’ve mixed your bread, do not let it raise. Form it into balls for your rolls. Out of curiousity, I weighed my little dough balls. I formed balls that were about 2 oz. in size, a little bigger than store bought. I think 1.5 oz would probably be a closer match to the Rhodes brand, but that’s up to you and your level of OCD.

Place your rolls on a sheet pan. I left about a half inch gap between each roll. I didn’t want them touching so I could store them later in a Ziploc bag. Then, like I made my frozen chocolate chip cookie dough, I flash froze it in my deep freezer but a regular freezer works fine too. I left them in there overnight, but you just need them to get nice and solid before you pull them out.

When you pull them out, they will have risen just a tiny bit before the yeast hibernates in the cold. Take them off your pan and throw them in a Ziploc bag. They can then be stored for 3-6 months or so in your freezer. Like Rhodes, I pull out exactly the number I need for dinner that night and reseal the rest in the Ziploc bag.  OR…

Place 12-15 rolls in a 9×13 pan. I like my rolls to squish together so I set them about an inch apart on the pan. Let rise in a warm location (the warmer it is, the faster it will go) for 2-3 hours until double in size.

Bake in a 350 degree oven for 20-25 minutes until golden brown. Then…

Brush with melted butter or dairy-free margarine (optional) and enjoy!

Look at my Pinterest board for all the fabulous things you can do with Rhodes Rolls, DIY or otherwise! By the way, I still buy Rhodes Rolls when I’m low on time or ambition. I just feel better feeding my family the homemade version!

Oh and just for kicks, I have this little peek behind the scenes for you:

Have you ever tried making your own frozen Rhodes rolls?
What store bought recipes do you like to ‘DIY?’



Click for Source - Internet Image

I have the internet again. Turns out our cheap internet service, which is run via a direct-line-of-sight-satellite-dish thing, needs to not have trees grow taller along the perimeter of your house. It was a total bummer when the internet guy finally came (at 3:00 p.m.) and said everything was fine, we just needed to chop down some branches of our tree.

Don’t get me wrong. I couldn’t care less about trimming a tree. But then I had to wait for Gary to come home and cut down trees! Really though, I should be (and am!) grateful for a husband who not only knows how to safely chop down tall tree branches, but also happens to own both a super tall ladder and a… tree trimming chain saw.
{Not sure what those are actually called… chain saw on a stick?}

Several hours later, and ten minutes of hacking away at branches, I had internet again.
Seriously. Ten minutes. I’ve been ten minutes away from internet for a week. If only we had known!

I’m so happy. Not just for my kids and the TV… but for me. I stayed up past 1 a.m. last night blog hopping and pinning on Pinterest. I’ve had limited access to internet via my cheap 3G data plan on my phone and after a few days, my mom loaned me her iPad. (How fun are iPads?!) It’s not the same as being able to mindlessly browse the web, or working simultaneously on printables for the blog while googling for inspiration for other printables!

It’s like I found a long lost friend. Let’s catch up, interwebby buddy. We have so much to say and do!
The good news for you is that while I had some internet downtime, I had tons of brainstorming time. I have a new weekly series coming up (think LDS printables for older kids!), and lots of other fun posts in the works.
Now if you’ll excuse me. I have some random web browsing to do!

Question: what’s your favorite way to waste time on the internet?

Serenity Now!

The Internet guy should be here sometime today between 9 am and 6 pm to repair my Internet. Fortunately, I have no car, so waiting on the repairman isn’t a big issue. Unfortunately, I still have no car.

My mom surprised the kids and I with a fun trip yesterday to our local amusement park, Lagoon. Getting out of the house was a huge help to my sanity. Only my oldest, Jordan, had been before, so everyone had a great day.

Now we’re back home, waiting for someone to repair our Internet and consequently, our TV service (Netflix). Today we’ll clean the house. Watch Disney Pixar movies. And pray that the Internet man will come ASAP. As nice as my mom was to loan me her iPad, which I’m affectionately calling “Serenity Now,” I miss my computer and the mindless hours I spend surfing the web.

Serenity now. Serenity now. Serenity now!
Serenity now… Insanity later.

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