About the Slacker Mom

Who is the Slacker Mom? What is a Slacker Mom? 
Be honest… are you a bad mom?
I’m Sarah, a 20 something mom. Despite all my best efforts, I’m kind of a Slacker Mom. I’m a mom with ADHD, and I try my best to survive each day. I have a husband who works 70+ hours, two step kids ages ages 11 and 8, and two girls ages 3 and 1. I’m overwhelmed and ready for a nap. I don’t know what I’m making for dinner but it doesn’t matter because the kids just filled up on chocolate chip cookies anyway. My house is a mess and my laundry pile is so daunting I try to avert my eyes when I happen to notice how tall it has become.I love to do crafts, but more often than not it just leaves my house even messier–if the project even gets finished. I yell at my kids, and I’ve even been known to spank and say things like, “wait till your Dad gets home!” I also am a firm believer in bribery if you shut up now rewarding good behavior. I’m also LDS which is probably the only reason I have even a shred of sanity remaining.
{It’s pretty chaotic around here.}When I’m not feeling like a failure, and I’m still procrastinating that laundry pile, I also blog about my daughter’s food allergiescouponingbakingsummer school with my stepkids, and my attempts to homeschool my preschooler.

Am I a bad mom?
In a word, no. I love my children, would never hurt them, and would do anything for them. And anything else that draws the line between “good mom” and “bad mom” is
pure crap.


24 Responses to About the Slacker Mom

  1. Michelle says:

    Okay, so I have spent way too much time reading your blog this afternoon thanks to pinterest, but I just have to say how much fun it has been. You are such a witty writer and a real person. I feel like we are old friends….thanks for sharing your experiences without making me feel like I suck:) I am a slacker mom too…hence the spending hours on pinterest and random blogs…but I have done like 5 loads of laundry, showered and dressed, built marble castles, made lunch…kind of, got my kids down for a nap, cleaned up many toys, updated my blog, and got 45 other things done that my kids needed right then….We do lots as moms and shouldn’t feel too bad about that right? Any way, long story short…thank you for sharing yourself.

    • Okay Michelle. You lost me at “5 load of laundry.” LOL! Go you!! I do think we moms are way too focused on what we DIDN’T do than what we were ABLE to do. Caring for kids alone saps pretty much all of my energy. And my husband says I’m supposed to pick up after them too! OOOOH. Well that stinks. :)

  2. Goodness, I’m so glad to have found your blog (thanks to Pinterest!). With my first baby on the way, due in March, I’ve feared that I’m the poorest excuse for a mother, that I’m getting in way over my head, and that I won’t know how to manage my house with a little one in the mix (since I wasn’t too great at it without a child!). So many momma blogs out there leave me feeling envious for their put-together-ness and perfection (sometimes, they just seem too perfect). I just wanted to thank you for being so real. I’m so glad I could find someone to relate to when I’m on the verge of a breakdown with less than 9 weeks till my baby will enter our home and I still haven’t cleaned a single thing in preparation. Now I’ll get off my pity-boat and go browse around your amazing blog some more! :D

    • That’s exactly how I felt about some other blogs. Fabulous, but I left feeling a little pathetic. So I’m in the “don’t worry, I’m pathetic too” camp. :) I hope you enjoy, and thank you for your sweet comments. Just think of this way: You’re resting up for your baby’s arrival and the sleepless nights ahead. That’s nesting too!

  3. Gregg Roberts says:

    Somebody sent me your story about your commitment to the Dual Immersion program. I work at the Utah State Office of Education and oversee all the Utah Dual Language Immersion programs. I am willing to help you and explore if we can get your daughter transferred to another Spanish DLI school closer to your home as we will have 42 Spanish DLI schools across the state next year, and they all use the same curriculum in Spanish. If you are interested, please send current name of school, and area where you live and I will see if there are options for you. Good luck, and I’m extremely impressed with your dedication.
    Gregg Roberts
    Utah State Office of Education

  4. Dennis Roberts says:

    I absolutley love the Book of Mormon page titles PDF I found on Red Headed Hostess site. I’m wondering if I can aska huge favor…. Would it be possible to email a non-PDF version, probably done in Excell? I teach the gospel doctrine class and would love to add a column with chapter location for each entry. You spent alot of time putting that together and I see it as a valuable study guide.

    Thanks for all you do,
    Dennis Roberts
    801 965 6285

    • Dennis, thanks for commenting. Excel and I… we are not friends. I don’t know what it is but my brain just struggles with Excel! Let me see what I can come up with. I’m so glad you like them!

  5. Julie Winterton says:

    Is there a book I can buy that has all your preschool cirriclium rather than going to each lesson and downloading and printing it from my computer? Please let me know.

    • Julie, there isn’t right now. That would be nice, wouldn’t it?! If you are interested I can compile them into a CD-rom and ship them to you for a fee, but you’ll still need to print them off yourself. Sorry!

  6. Ashlee Weese says:

    My name is Ashlee Weese and I work with Utah Kids Club.

    We are a non-profit that helps get families out and about!! We get buy one get one free and other deals to all the fun places, all over Utah.

    Boondocks, Hollywood Connection, Fat Cats, Calabunga Bay, Seven Peaks,Cherry Hill, Living Planet Aquarium, Treehouse Museum, Ogden Dino Park, Red Butte Garden, This is the Place, Bees Baseball, Jazz Basketball…the list goes on and on. We even have a list of 97 Things to Do This Summer in Utah (mostly free and always discounted, of course)

    We would love to work with you and your readers!!

    Our memberships usually sell for 12.00 a family, and we would like to offer your readers a special discount, just for being on your blog.

    If you would post a blurb or so about Utah Kids Club (I will write it up, so you just have to copy and paste it)

    We will give you and your family a FREE membership for 3 months for helping us spread the word!

  7. Amy says:


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    I have seen several blogs that start to produce sub-par content, once the proverbial well has run dry with their specific expertise. This is why I feel proper research is critical. The moment an author becomes complacent, is the moment that their work is no longer insightful. I would be honored to have the privilege of working with you and your blog. I would also be willing to answer any questions that you may have.

    Again, samples or trial pieces for consideration are available upon request.

    Amy Johnson

  8. Ronda Perry says:

    I love this program. I’m about to use it for the first time. I would like to know, however, when you say “Preschool Pages” Do I just pick one page? I know! But I can’t help it. I’m a “letter of the law” type person and can’t seem to figure it out on my own!

    • Preschool pages should be explained on the FAQ for Walk Beside Me. I had purchased a “Comprehensive Curriculum” workbook (like this one: ) and I had my daughter do a few of those. You could also use any printable preschool page, like from . Hope that helps!

      • Braian says:

        Hi Paula,I’m a longtime lreukr on your blog but was always too shy to comment. I’ve also been thinking about leaving my dead-end job that I really hate, but I can’t help feeling too afraid to. I don’t know what do beyond it. Or if I can even make it without it. But I think you’re right that we should put ourselves in new situations and trust ourselves, even if it’s terrifying.All I can say is your post is very inspiring. You have a lot of guts, and I admire you for that. Good luck at wherever you’re going. :)

  9. Jenn says:

    Hey, I’ve read your comments about being so unmotivated and uber tired. I was like that too, and my Doctor did some tests and my B12 was below normal levels. She got me to take B12 injections, and my energy has returned! It didn’t happen immediately, as it took a couple of weeks…but it did return and I feel like a new person! Something you may want to check out. From what I read, it’s an easy test to take – blood test – and something that is overlooked. I am so thankful that my Doctor figured things out…I was wondering what was wrong with me…???Take care, Jennifer

  10. Katie says:

    Hi, I saw some cute LDS preschool printables on Pinterest that linked to your website. I tried to open the page, but our AVG software detected a virus on your site. The note that came up is: exploit blackhat seo type 1720. We looked it up online, and it looks like other people on WordPress have had the same issue. I hope you’ll be able to fix it! I would love to use your preschool curriculum, but I don’t want to infect my own computer at the same time. I hope the info is useful!

  11. Christine says:

    I found your blog about a year ago, unfortunately I haven’t been here in a while. I noticed your last post was several months ago. I’m just wondering how things are going for you and if your still blogging or taking just taking some time off. It’s very refreshing to hear another story similar to my own. I’m soooo tired of all the “I’m perfect at everything” blogs that make me feel like a failure at pretty much everything. It’s a lonely world sometimes in Slacker Momville.
    Hope you write again soon and that all is well with you and your family.

    -Distracted SAHM-

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  13. Michelle says:

    Will you be posting anything for 2015? I’ve really liked what I’ve seen so far. Especially the FHE ideas!! You’re ideas are fantastic and I think you’re amazing.

  14. Tiare says:

    Hi! Just stumbled across your blog while looking for homeschool material. Thanks for the great content! Will you be blogging again soon?

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