Christmas Break {Survival}

I was really worried about the summer break this year. It was the first summer we’ve had full custody of my stepchildren, and three months of family togetherness seemed really

But you know what? It went great. In fact, it was pretty awesome. I planned fun activities, I did “summer school,” and we bonded. Tons. It was the best thing that could have happened to our family. In fact, I was begging my husband at the end of the summer to do homeschool. Fortunately, I married I guy who truly gets me.
He said no.

 This Christmas break? I didn’t think much about. Technically we only “have” the first half of the break. The second half belongs to the ex. The first half of Christmas break is filled with Christmas parties and husbands home from work and all that goodness. The second half is the part that drags on. What’s there to worry about?

The ex works full time, and has lost driving privileges. So I need to get them to public transporation to meet her at 5:45 p.m. Then we pick them up at 8:30 (she is “earning back” unsupervised overnight visitation). And that’s if she picks them up. Tuesday we were in the car, on the way to the train, when she texted to say she was “unable” tohave them that evening. Which would have been helpful information before 5:30 p.m., but whatever.This also meant that surprise! I was now responsible for two hungry mouths that expect a little more than cereal for dinner.

Let’s just say I have the kids a lot more than I thought. ;) I really should have expected this.

Now I’m tired and overwhelmed and counting the days till school begins. I hate being the grumpy mom. I want to be doing fun activities with the kids but by the time we are able to get going, it’s time to wonder whether or not they will be needing to meet their mom anytime soon. It’s hard to plan much of anything when you honestly don’t know what the plans are. So I let them get away with hours of watching America’s Funniest Videos. After they do chores of course.
{Seriously, somebody has to!} 

Maybe I’m using the ex as an excuse to be lazy. I can accept that. I definitely have a lazy bone or two. :) I just want to have fun and I want to get out of my house.

And if that doesn’t work, than I really want the kids to go back to school.
Till then… the America’s Funniest Videos marathon continues.

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One Response to Christmas Break {Survival}

  1. HighDesertGal says:

    Don’t worry…we all feel ready for school to start before it does after Christmas. My kids always had two longs weeks, but when I was in school it was barely over a week. I think the Christmas let down, cold weather, longer nights plus thinking about New Year resolutions can make anyone grumpy. If it is sunny anytime during the day, my advice would be to take everyone on a long walk or to the park. Remember kids just can’t express that the winter is making them crazy, too.
    Good luck and keep praying.

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