10 Things That Baby Books Won’t Tell You

It doesn’t matter what parenting class you take.
It doesn’t matter the books you read that tell you just what to expect.

What to Expect the First Year, Second Edition
There are certain things that you just won’t find out from those so-called “baby experts.” 

The Happiest Baby on the Block: The New Way to Calm Crying and Help Your Newborn Baby Sleep Longer
But let’s face it: there is only one expert on your baby, and that’s you.
{Kinda scary, right?}

Here are ten things I have personally learned from being a parent of
an 11 year old boy
an 8 year old girl
a 3 year old girl
and a 16 month old girl.

1. They will only throw up at the worst possible times–on a plane, in the car, when you’re out of town and your husband isn’t with you… and it will stink worse than anything you’ve ever smelled.

2. Your patience will be tried and you will honest start to get, even in a small way, those parents who accidentally hurt their children in an effort to get them to shut up.

3. Custody battles are completely confusing to you: I mean, don’t you want a break for your kids?

4. Even though you swore this would never happen, your preteen will know more about technology than you do.

5. The dinners you imagined feeding your kids: well-rounded meals, emphasis on them happily eating helping after helping of veggies. The dinners you have now: cold cereal.

6. Sometimes, when your kids are unbathed for like, a week, and they have food crusted in their hair and snot running freely down their face, you’ll think, “This is my kid? For real?”

7. No one puts your baby in the corner. Or your toddler. Or your kid. Seriously, break in those boxing gloves because you will so be in the ring when you need to defend your kid.

8. Moms often are overweight not because of baby weight that never left, but because of the sheer amount of chocolate that is required to get through the day.

9. There is no one cuter than your kids. Seriously. And there has never been a kid funnier than yours.

10. The love and protection you feel for your child, even on the worst days, will often surprise you and take your breath away.

My Parenting Advice: Read the books, take the classes. But know there is only one way to become a parenting expert: raise your children, and be prepared for virtually anything. These are your kids, this is your wild ride. Buckle up and (try to) enjoy the surprises!
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  1. Marlynn says:

    So true!!!

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