A {Belated} Epiphany

belated epiphany cover

Do you ever have those “ah-ha” moments and then feel
stupid you didn’t figure it out months ago?

Maybe this is true of everyone, but for me as an ADDer, I generally think of the laziest most simple way to get from point A to B. Which invariably means “I didn’t think too hard about it.” So when I started making my LDS Preschool curriculum, Walk Beside Me, I thought it would be the cool kid thing to do to share with everyone. I was using Blogger to post, and so I checked out what everyone else was doing to share files on Blogger. Okay, so I looked at one other blogger, who happened to use 4shared.

Then I moved to WordPress. This was a good move for me and for where I eventually hope my blog will go. I kept posting my Walk Beside Me curriculum. I kept using 4shared. I didn’t think about it. It was working. Except for those for whom it wasn’t working. But mostly I didn’t think about it.

Then the other day I was on another blog (gosh, this story is getting long) and I saw that her files were directly hosted on her domain name. No transfers to outside sites. No waiting for ridiculous countdowns till the file is downloadable to pressure you into the paid service. Just… on her site.


It took me about ten minutes of hardcore googling to realize that it wasn’t even difficulult. It was as easy as uploading a picture onto my blog. Now everyone should have easy access to the preschool curriculum. All you need to do is click on the link, and it will take you to the page where the PDF for that particular packet is. If you want to save it, just right-click and click “save as.” It will save as a PDF file–I suggest making a new folder to keep all of the letters of the curriculum.

I will be (slowly) working on updating the older packets. I have the packets for H through K all updated. So if you’ve been waiting to download the packets or having any issues, these should all be resolved. {If not, please email me!}

Totally lost and confused and have no clue what I’m talking about?

Click on the image below for B is for Baptism, not updated:

and then click on the image for the most recent preschool addition, K is for Keep the Commandments:

The first link takes you to an external site and asks you to jump through a few cyber hoops, then wait, to download the packet. The second link takes you straight there. Another nice thing about this is you can preview the packet before you decide to download!

There you go. You officially have no excuse for not downloading the curriculum!
Unless of course, you don’t have internet.
In which case…
How are you even here?? 

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5 Responses to A {Belated} Epiphany

  1. Andrea says:

    Great idea! My little guy loves the packets, by the way.

  2. Marcie says:

    I just found your printables via pinterest and I have to say, these are BRILLIANT. I can’t believe you offer them for free! I would be more than happy to pay for great quality printables like this, so thank you very much :)

    • Marcie, Thank you! If you REALLY feel the need to pay me I *guess* you can take some of your fabulous pictures of my family! Lol. I’m so glad you like the printables. Thanks for your wonderful comments!

  3. Hleziphi says:

    I’d say older for sure. Mine are 11, 13, and 15. Although, I might reconsider after today. I just spent five hours shpoping with them. That was five hours I could have been writing. When they were little I picked out all of their stuff. Now they do, and boy are they picky!

  4. It’s like you’re on a mission to save me time and money!

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