Birthday Party Giveaway!!

birthday giveaway copy
Update: The giveaway will end Wednesday, Aug. 10th. 

Here’s something ironic:
When I don’t get enough sleep, my ADHD medicine barely makes a dent in my ability to get things done.
Recently my doctor upped my dosage. The first week of adjustments means late night insomnia and very few hours of sleep.
In other words, because I’m taking my medicine, my medicine doesn’t work! 
Fortunately this is a short term situation, but till then… my house looks pretty bad.

This morning I woke up and had no desire to do anything. Then I went into the kitchen and really didn’t want to do anything. The dishes were piled up in the sink, the counters were covered in more dishes and garbage. Then I went into the living room: laundry, yet to be folded, and a floor so messy you could barely walk through the room.

I bribed Jordan $5 to clean the main floor. (Only about 600 sq ft.)
He passed.
Yeah… it was that bad.

So, I did what any self respecting mother would do and gave myself a pedicure.

I picked up this little gadget at Walmart the other day:
(Like this, but without the fancy bamboo handle–mine is plain ol’ plastic.)

I must have been feeling pretty rich, because it’s very rare I get something for me that I don’t really need. Go over the grocery budget–yes. Buy way too much homeschool stuff–for sure. Stuff for me? Just for fun? Hardly ever.
*Gary, I’m certain, would disagree, but the fact is, I don’t buy myself things–I convince him to buy them for me! :)

Which puts going out and getting myself a pedicure in the no-way-no-how-never-gonna-happen category. (Do you have a category like that? What’s in it?) 

Anyway, I took 30 minutes or so to myself and pampered away. And after that, and some serious prayers, I was able to clean the house.
{Do you think I could sell that to my hubby? “If I buy myself useless things, I clean better!}

I’m normally a bright pink polish kinda gal, but since Monday is my birthday, I felt the need to go with something a little more sassy–so I painted my piggies a fun red. My feet are soft and lotioned up and all sorts of fabulous. I made Jordan touch them.
He was super weirded out.

But oh yes! Monday is my birthday, and so I’m throwing myself a little blog party! Come by, tell me Happy Birthday, and let me know what your favorite color of nail polish is. You’ll be entered to win a pedicure set of your own, and a bottle of nail polish for your own little pamper session. Yay for girly giveaways!

Here are the rules: 
1 entry – Comment below, telling me happy birthday and your favorite color of toe nail polish, and your email address.
That’s it! But if you like to increase the odds, here’s what you can do:

In the same comment tell me:
if you follow me on Google Friend Connect – 2 entries
if you give me a piece of advice for the next quarter of a century – 1 entry
if you tweeted this – 1 entry
if you blogged about this – 5 entries
if you mentioned this giveaway on Facebook – 3 entries
if you come to my house on Monday and do all my housework and change my baby’s diaper all day – 100 million entries (Okay not really… unless there are any takers??)

-you must tell me how many total entries you have (no math on my birthday, please), and this must be all in one comment. Please don’t leave 50 separate comments. I’m keeping it as simple as possible this time around!

Okay and one last honesty-policy little thing: if you get pedicures on a regular basis, leave this one for those of us who don’t, huh? :) 

Simple giveaway, and ends on Monday. Unless I’m having so much fun that I don’t have a chance to do it on Monday, then it will end Tuesday morning. :D

Wanna hear another piece of irony? 
Halfway through typing this post, my sister called and told me she was taking me to get a pedicure for my birthday.
I kid you not.
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15 Responses to Birthday Party Giveaway!!

  1. Jill Robin Bostock says:

    Can I do this early?… Happy Birthday on Monday!!
    My fav toe nail polish is Red
    I do "like" you on Facebook
    I do follow your blog and now on google friend connect
    Advice…"Even the smallest crayon makes a mark." as mommy's–what we do matters :)
    total–6 points…i mean entries.

  2. Lyss says:

    Happy birthday! My fav toe nail polish is red.
    I like you on Facebook (Alyssa M)
    I follow you on GFC
    Advice: Follow your instincts. As a birth at home mama you've got spunk!
    I tweeted:
    I blogged:
    Shared on FB:

    So that's 15 entries total. Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. A "Dandelion" mom says:

    I like you on FB=2
    I Follow you on Google=2
    Start a night time facial routine to ward off wrinkles. I know you are young, but your skin will thank you when you look 30 at age 40!—-How deep is this advice??? LOL=1
    I might come to your house but I don't know about housework and diapers=0
    Total points=5

  4. mom2gabnnat says:

    Happy Birthday! I like deep magenta colors, but sometimes go for fun electric blue!

    GFC follower (mom2gabnnat)

    FB like (Jennifer B… C…)

    Total entries = 5

  5. kevinmark20 says:

    Enter me for my wife! :)
    My favorite color toe nail polish is regular.
    I do "like" your facebook page.
    I don't know about anything else.
    Pick me Pick me!

    • Minda says:

      happy birthday! I have been rnaeidg your blog for years literally la. Commented for a few times but since I had changed my usernames so you probably don’t rmb me! Wanted to type Chinese but since I am at the office I have to do it quickly before my boss catches me xD. I agree with you, we don’t have to have any grand plans to be happy. Just follow ur heart!

  6. kevinmark20 says:

    Happy happy birthday tomorrow! My favorite color toe nail polish depends on the season! :)

  7. Hifam says:

    Happy Birthday! I definitely think you shouldn't do any cleaning on your birthday – or birthday week for that matter. My favorite color of polish is coral, or a light pink.
    facebook=jody g h…
    advice= I read the flylady's book awhile back and remember she said to always have your sink cleaned out before you go to bed. That way it's easier to wake up in the morning and not feel overwhelmed. I tried it and I must say it's much easier to do now that I have a 10, 12 and 15 year old. :) The kids are learning important life lessons, right?
    number of entries=6

  8. Jamie Younker says:

    Happy Birthday!!!
    My favorite nailpolish color is coral or teal=1 point
    I like you on facebook= 2 points
    Blogged about your cute site/giveaway- 5 points
    M advice to you is to just "do your best and forget the rest." Thank you Tony Horton! = 1 point.

    Total points= 9

  9. Sabrina says:

    happy birthday!!!!
    I love teal nail polish on my toes!

    I "like" Confessions of a Slacker Mom on Facebook – 2 entries
    I follow on Google Friend Connect – 2 entries
    My advice is to give your burdens to the Lord! He can handle it all! – 1 entry
    Shared on Facebook – 3 entries

    Total = 9 entries

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