Follow Me!

Hey, Friends!

We’re friends, right? I mean, I shared a picture of my messy kitchen with you! That’s big.

Will you do me a favor?

Just an itsy bitsy, teensy weensy, favor?

Follow me, k? It’s that link to your right there.
Over there, should you be directionally disoriented. It says the Cool Kids Club. (See, you’ll feel good about yourself if you join.)

Follow me and we’ll be real friends. You can also sign up for email. You’ll get an email every time I post! No more checking back to see if Sarah got around to posting this week.

Oh no, I’m looking out for you. Making your life easier. See?

You can also follow me on facebook. I’m all organized and cool like that. Just click where I just wrote “facebook.” Or click here. Or here. Or over there, on the pretty purple facebook logo. To your right. Need I remind you?
Right there. Oh yeah. This is easy.

You can think of this as an act of charity.
Because if you do it, I’ll feel really good about myself.

My, aren’t you charitable?

Oh, and did I mention there will be a giveaway at 30 followers?
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