Homeschooling… Or sleeping?

This past week or so has been full of challenges. Motivation, or a lack thereof, challenges. I think I’ve been avoiding my blog because I don’t like to admit defeat. More importantly; I don’t want to be defeated. I’d very much prefer to be regular feated, thank you very much!

This week we did two rather lazy days of homeschool. Then on Wednesday we… Well frankly we didn’t do much of anything. Thursday, I cleaned my room. It was pretty much an all day project. Today looks like it will be a repeat of Wednesday’s schedule.

The homeschool bubble has deflated. The fresh smell of new curriculum is worn off. The excitement of planning days has waned, knowing that my plans will surely be replaced by the desire to do nothing. Playing Where’s My Water* on my tablet is looking better than attempting to get my four year old to do a craft without a meltdown. Except sleep. Sleeping is looking pretty great these days. We do a lot of that. Or more accurately, I ask my kids, “Don’t you want to watch a show on Mommy’s bed while Mommy takes a rest?”

I know my mom will read this, and the therapist in her will ask if I am depressed. No, I don’t think so. I am ADHD still, and that’s depressing! Life is boring, and boring is super boring. (Almost like a super power. I’m Super Bored!)

What do you do when you don’t have motivation to do much of anything? 

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2 Responses to Homeschooling… Or sleeping?

  1. Tristan says:

    There are a few things that usually perk us up when motivation flags.

    1. Music – put on something peppy to bop to (Love Scripture Power from Deseret Book) or something peaceful for stressed days (hymns or primary songs on as background music).

    2. Pull out a game to play. Or two. Try to sneak in some that have math or other skills reinforced. Candyland, checkers, chess, dominoes, those are basics. There is Rush Hour Jr, FracTazMic and Pyramath.

    3. What about a science kit? Snap Circuits are easy enough my 4yo learned to understand the diagrams but informative enough my 11 yo learns a lot from them. The Magic School Bus has great science kits too.

    4. Get outside. I’m not an outside person really. But sometimes just the fresh air makes a difference.

    5. Set up stations an let the kids know you’ll rotate every few minutes. Get it done.

    6. Announce a treat/fun activity to be done as soon as school is over – bake a treat, go to a park, turn on a movie and pop popcorn, make a library run or hit the local zoo or science center, anything.

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