How to Be on Time in the Morning, Part 1

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Everybody has those days where no matter what, it seems impossible to get your kids out the door on time.
{Right? It’s not just me, it’s everyone?}

This is personally the most aggravating thing on the planet. I’m ADHD, people. Once I decide to go, I wanna go. Like, five minutes ago. My kids have this magical ability to sense when I absolutely must be out the door right now because I procrastinated getting ready. This is the time when they move like mud on a sunny day. Tantrums ensue, tempers flare, and yelling escalates.
And they don’t act great, either.

 This is the first in a three part series on how to be on time in the morning. While I’m sure these will also apply to being on time for other parts of the day too, I’m going to focus on being on time in that mad dash out the door for school (or day care and work, or wherever it is you head off to first thing).

My first suggestion I’m bringing you today is all about the breakfast. I am–or was–a huge die hard fan of cereal. My only craving throughout my entire first pregnancy was Lucky Charms. Seriously. So cereal used to be my standby. Five, six, seven days a week, cereal it was. Occasionally we’d break out the griddle for a pancake Saturday.

The problem I was finding is that my kids were spending an awful lot of time in the morning standing in front of the pantry, bleary-eyed, trying to decide which cereal it was they wanted as they slowly woke up. Or worse, there would be an argument over who got to finish that box of cereal. Then there would be the inevitable cereal spills for me to try and remember to clean up after school. And by the time I got home from school, I was hungry again, how were my poor kids making it through the day at school?

While doing my daily perusal of Confessions of a Homeschooler, I came across her menu plan. At first, I was shocked. She had brilliantly planned out a menu not just for dinner, but for breakfast, lunch, and a snack! The word cereal didn’t appear on her menu once. I thought to myself that this could only work for a homeschooler. I’m no morning person; I’m not going to be up at six a.m. flipping pancakes for my crabby kids. Unrealistic.

I asked her a couple of questions, and I took a second look at her menu. Waffles–frozen. Pancakes–frozen. She even makes her kids smoothies in the morning using frozen yogurt mixes from the store. When I sat down to really look at the amount of time she spends preparing breakfast, it wasn’t that big of a deal.

So, on the list of getting out the door:

1. Make your kids a real breakfast.

I know you’re wondering what this is going to do to help you get out the door on time. Adding ‘making a meal’ isn’t going to cut down on time! Well, let’s back up a little. First, a prepared plan for breakfast. No more arguing who gets what for breakfast, no more sleep deprived children trying to make up their minds. Today, we are having frozen pancakes with fruit. Sit, eat. Second, most of my breakfast meals are toaster-friendly, or even go in the microwave. As you toast your waffles, you go about getting your kids ready. You can try to stagger their eating times so the slowest youngest ones eat while you do the older ones’ hair, then while the older one is eating you can finish up the younger ones’ hair.
{Or do it while she eats. It happens.}

 Another benefit of not-cereal-again is that it adds variety to your kids’ schedule. While most kids thrive on consistency, my kids have been extremely excited to wake up and find today is smoothie day. I like to plan smoothie day for days that we’ll be extra short on time, because if you can throw a lid on your smoothie, your kids can drink it in the car.  We’re not going for gourmet, or family discussions on politics while eating. Fast, easy, simple, out the door.

Click here to check out my menu for the month.

Now it’s your turn. What are some of your favorite out-the-door or on-the-go breakfasts for the kiddos?

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  1. Amy says:

    I like this idea A LOT. Totally going to steal it, because my boys would love it!

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