It’s Bad. It’s Really, Really Bad.

June 2011 is one for the books.
Or blog.
Here’s why:

Inaccessible drain pipe leak.
Hubby asks: kitchen or bathroom?
Kitchen was somewhat remodeled due to the last pipe leak.
I voted bathroom.

I now have this:

This is where my bathroom sink, in all its ugly glory, once stood.

This is my tub. Not sure how the toilet broke. There was a crash while he was moving it; I ran in panicked and hubby said:
don’t ask.
So I didn’t.

Did your heart skip a beat when you saw this? Are you finding it hard to breathe?
I am.

To his credit, Gary got the kitchen water up and running as quickly as possible. Turns out, four days of mostly unwashed dishes is a lot of dishes.
I did pay Jordan to handwash dishes downstairs. I was really stressed.

Now we’re basically down a bathroom. We only had two, and we have five potty trained individuals in the house. 

I find, with my ADHD, I have to have a routine to my cleaning. Not as strict as Flylady, but a basic pattern to starting my day. 
{Otherwise, I never start.}

The smallest things can throw my day for a loop: an unexpected doctor visit, preparing for a trip to Grandma’s, or even a playdate in the morning.

Remodels kind of make me want to crawl back into bed.
Remodels happen at the worst time too. This all began the week Gary was supposed to be spending down at work, finishing up a project there.
Now he’s splitting time, making both projects three times as long. (Yes the math is off, but isn’t that realistic?)

I’m trying to keep my routines up, and it’s certainly easier than a kitchen remodel. My routine starts in the kitchen, and if I can’t start there, I have a hard time starting anything at all.

Any tips on keeping sane while the house is in chaos??
Or should I take my sister up on her offer and stay at my mom’s house?
(Again, I know that doesn’t sound right. But it is what it is!)
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