My Worst Enemy

Disclaimer: I’ve gone back and forth for a few hours now on posting this. No judging, you swear?

Give me any kid, I can make him or her stop crying.

Give me some basic ingredients and a working oven, I can whip up dinner, or even better, a yummy and budget friendly dessert. 

Give me some materials and I can sew a simple skirt, make a quilt, or tole paint a sign for the front door. I can mod podge till I drop, photograph and digital scrapbook the important moments of our lives.
No problem.

Give me a pile of laundry…
and I’ll go take a nap.

This is the only picture of me on my computer doing anything close to napping. It was taken 2 weeks after we got married and clearly, I was already contemplating my hatred of laundry. :)

As a person who struggles daily (even medicated) with AD/HD, cleaning is a battle I fight everyday. I typically lose. Even if I get the house clean, I don’t have the energy to pick up after the kids after they get home, hurry and do homework, dump their stuff all over, feed them dinner, (don’t ask about doing the dishes please), then shuffle them off to bed.

It’s just too hard.

Laundry is my worst nemesis. 
It’s an ADDer’s worst nightmare. A person with AD/HD can often start things. But finishing? Urgh. Here’s what I see when I see laundry to be done:

1- put the laundry in the washer
(first, gather the laundry, sort the laundry, move the laundry downstairs, take whatever is in the dryer out of the dryer and put it somewhere so you can put what it is in the washer into the dryer so you can put the dirty clothes into the washer.)

2- put the laundry into the dryer
(wait unto clothes currently in the washer are dry, move those clothes somewhere else, then put the wet clothes into the dryer and start the dryer. All this being dependent on remembering you have clothes in the washer!)

3- remove clothes from dryer
 (if you are lucky enough to remember to have dried the clothes, you need to remember to check to see if they clothes are dry–they probably aren’t–so you need to start the cycle again and try really hard to remember to remove them from the dryer later. Then you’ll need to find a clean place for the clothes. Keep in mind this is probably the same place you put two previous loads of laundry.)

4- fold the clothes
(you now have minimally three loads of laundry to fold. Where to fold is tricky. Hopefully you have a place that you can watch TV so you’re less inclined to wander off. If you spread it out on the floor in your family room though, you’ll eventually get distracted and your kids will wander through and ruin your piles. You’ll get frustrated and not want to refold them then when you have family prayers later you’ll shove the whole pile in the corner and try really hard to forget about it. That is, if the kids are not destroying piles as you fold. After each pile is successfully folded or hung up, you must remember to return repeatedly to the laundry to hang up and put away each item.)

5- repeat.
(and repeat, and repeat, and repeat, and repeat, and repeat, and repeat and repeat…)

Since this is real life, and not some fantasy where I actually do all the aforementioned steps to laundry completion, my family room now looks like this. I’m not even sure where the crackers came from.

And now I get to start all over.

Update: has great advice on what she has termed “Mount Washmore.” I’m reading it over and thinking about what tricks I can implement. You can check out her laundry advice here. I’ll let you know what (if anything) I do and how it has helped The Situation.
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4 Responses to My Worst Enemy

  1. reallifemormonwife says:

    It's a darn good thing youre not good at EVeRYTHING or you'd make the rest of us feel bad!

  2. newbiemama says:

    I'm obviously NOT good at everything or even MOST of everything. That's ridiculous!

    But I do make a darn good cupcake. Stay tuned.

  3. Nicole A. H. Porter says:

    I don't know. Sophia was signing and speaking in complete sentences before other kids her age used verbs.

    I commend your efforts. My mom has found a lot of comfort through flylady.

  4. newbiemama says:

    Gary got fed up with me this weekend and is upstairs folding laundry as we speak. I'm getting the rest of the house under control so that hopefully I can tackle it a little at a time this week. HOPEFULLY.

    Oops. I guess I got distracted (again!) from my cleaning. Better head back. :)

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