Quilty Goodness

True to my ADHD diagnosis, I’ve been hyper focusing the last month or so on quilting. If you were to read my thought pattern, it would be a but like this:

Quilting, quilting, quilting, feed kids, quilting, quilting, homeschool?, quilting, quilting, quilting, quilting, kids, quilting…

and so on. This is hardly blog worthy, unless you happen to write a quilting blog. Now I’d like to announce the name change of my blog:


Just kidding. Mostly. ;)

Expect a full fledged quilty post as I brag about my soon-to-be completed quilt for my daughter’s third birthday. Her birthday is on March 1st, so I plan on finishing it up on…

March 1st. Naturally!

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2 Responses to Obsessing

  1. […] even bigger holiday? Clean¬†quilt day. As I’ve been on a quilting kick, I decided it was time to soak our bedroom quilt in Oxiclean and restore it to it’s beautiful […]

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