{Slacker} Preschool

A day we did school

You know how I make these printable packs for LDS preschoolers? You know how I talk about all the fun things you can do with the packet, and have a schedule to use the printables?

You know who is the worst at sticking to that darn schedule? Or even wanting remembering  to do school? Know how many times a day Nicole says, “Can we do school now?” and I say, “not right now… maybe later…” only to have ‘later’ conveniently be forgotten?

You know how I’m crazy because I think I could actually educate my daughter at home? Actually teach her real stuff, without telling her ‘later’ for the next twelve years? Is it burnout? Or typical ADHD nonsense? Is it my frustration at her perfectionism which leads to tantrums when she can’t do it “just right?”

There are a lot of question marks in this post. And not a lot of answers.

Don’t get me wrong. I want to homeschool. In this perverse way people have to slow down to check out an accident (and simultaneously curse the people who slowed down to rubberneck), I have this burning need to homeschool. I once had the world’s worth algebra teacher. I hated him. I hated math. (Still do.) I failed that class. The next semester, I was assigned a different math teacher. I transferred back into my hated teacher’s class. I have this sick driving need to succeed when it seems virtually impossible in all regards. {I also have a need to be right, think those could be related?} {Oh, and in case you’re wondering, my parents got me a tutor. I passed algebra with a decent-enough C.}

While I have every intent of homeschooling, there’s that little negative voice in my head that says
how could you? You can’t even do preschool with any consistency
there’s an equally loud voice saying,
yeah, but preschool doesn’t matter! She already knows everything a preschooler should know… and I’ll do it tomorrow. Seriously, tomorrow. I’ll be better tomorrow.

 I told my husband once I was afraid of ADDing Nicole’s education. His response was a quick, “Then she’ll go to public school.” He explained he felt like I was capable of homeschooling but if I was doing it the way I do laundry (ha! as in, I don’t), then her education was too important to waste and we’d put her back in the system. He’d work with me and help me and encourage me, and I have a feeling public school would be a ‘last resort,’ but bottom line is that her education is a priority. I agree with all of that.

But when my sweet little girl hangs on my arm as I surf Pinterest and asks if we can do school, why is it so hard to jump up and say “Yes! Let’s do it now!” Why is it so hard to get started?

A good mom, inspired and determined after posting, would get off the computer, clean up the school room, and do school. A slacker mom would grab a chocolate bar and see if there’s anything on Hulu+.

Now if you’ll excuse me. There’s a Butterfinger with my name on it upstairs.

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8 Responses to {Slacker} Preschool

  1. Michelle says:

    Shoot-I’m missing the candy bar part of that equation! I’m having the exact same problem being motivated after being away on vacation for a week. And that’s the exact reason I know I could not be a homeschool mom after preschool. But I’m sitting with my little guy with my laptop while he watches shows, so does that count at all?

  2. Lol if I could, I’d shoot you a candy bar right now!! I’m pretty sure watching shows count. As long as it’s educational. I mean, Dora teaches Spanish, Sesame Street teaches letters, and uh… Sid the Science Kid teaches science! So you should be covered. Haha!

    I *do* plan on homeschooling past preschool… I just need to figure something out. Fast!

  3. ChrisS says:

    I LOVE the things you are doing on your blog. I’m sending a link immediately to my daughters for their children. THANK YOU. I am doing a Book of Mormon project (well…..I am starting, pausing, re-starting, pausing….the BofM project) for my grandchildren. I plan to make it a free downloadable as you have IF it ever comes to fruition. Thanks for using your right brain to make life better for other families. YAY you!!! PS: You sound too much like me. Love your blog

    • Lol Chris! I have about 6 other blog projects that I keep putting off (and or completely forgetting about)! I would LOVE to see your finished BOM project. If you do get it finished, please let me know and I’ll be sure to get some links up!

  4. HighDesertGal says:

    As a former school teacher, mother and grandmother I can definitely say you are NOT a slacker mom. I am putting your packets together for my grandson. I only wish I could do them with him. I hate it when grandchildren are hundreds of miles away. I love your little shop and will be coming back soon to get some of the items you sell. Thank you for doing this. You are blessing many lives. Oh, I just found you so I’m really happy!!

    • Okay, a comment from a former school teacher, who LIKES my curriculum! I’m blushing! :) What a fun present from Grandma though. You can hint*hint to your children that these packets would be PERFECT in the car/airplane… on the way to Grandma’s house! Thank you so much for your sweet comments!

  5. Abby says:

    I really appreciate the effort you go to to put these preschool packets together. I jumped into homeschooling last month and have been using your curriculum for my three-year-old and mostly Lesson Pathways for my five-year-old, which is especially nice because it’s free. It’s fun putting the lessons together because it uses resources from all over the Internet and I can chose what to include and what not to. I also include scripture reading and journaling (they dictate while I type in a word document) in our curriculum each day. I would suggest at least looking into Lesson Pathways. Thank you again!

    • I’m always looking into more homeschooling options, and free are my favorite kind! :) Thank you so much for sharing. I love the journaling idea. What a sweet souvenir of school days!

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