The Slacker Mom Goes Back to School


I have been dreading this day.
All of August, I was hoping that it would miraculously not happen.
Then, it happened.
The kids went back to school.

Back to School ’11

{For those of you just joining me, my two stepkids began living with us full time in January; we gained “temporary” full physical custody shortly thereafter.}

I’ve never understood why moms complain at the beginning of the school year.
I mean, don’t you want your kids going back full time to the government provided babysitter school? Why would you want them in your hair when they could be not in your hair? As a Slacker Mom, it definitely didn’t make sense.

After my first full summer (minus the 2 hours a week their mother might take them; and an overnight here and there) with all four children, I get it…

If they go back, who is going to help me catch up keep up on housework?
If they go back, who is going to help play with the little ones?
If they go back, I’m going to have to get up early and drive them to school! (They still attend school a fifteen minute drive away from our home.)
If they go back, I’ll have to start enforcing bed time, and worse, waking them up in the morning!
If they go back, I’m going to have to do homework! And parent teacher conferences! And daily reading!
And juggling making dinner, a demanding preschooler, and a busy toddler while doing all of the above!

Yes, my friends, sign me up under the league of parents who realize:
sending kids back to school is more effort than just letting them stay home!

I survived the day. The school year is looking rather long, however.

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2 Responses to The Slacker Mom Goes Back to School

  1. AMy says:

    I feel ya! I was just so enjoying the relaxed summer rhythm. Then it was time for school to start! sigh…

    • This is why I would love to homeschool! Not in the picture right now though. It’s nice running on our own schedule at our own pace. Of course, for me that generally = lazy!

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