There Is No Cleaning Fairy – Making FlyLady Work

I can see it now… (cue cheesy daydream sequence music)
The cleaning fairy would sweep into your house, dusting you with good feelings as she scrubs your heart free of stress and grime. She would gently wash, fold, and make your babies lunch, too.

I was looking at the chaos of my home today. Even when we pick it up, the mess creeps out literally hours later. We own Big House stuff but live in a Small House. There’s no room for things. I declutter as much as I can but it still seems impossible.
Today, I was wishing for the Cleaning Fairy to come and make it sparkle. I’ll maintain it, I promise. I’ll keep up on it, I swear.
{This time.}

Just as we eventually figure out that the tooth fairy is total crap, we must wake up and realize that there wasn’t a cleaning fairy that kept our houses clean growing up…
it was our moms
And guess who is the mom now?

Crap, crap, crap.

There is Flylady, which I know a lot of other ADHD moms swear by, but my inability to take it “one step at a time” I was left me burnt out by the process.

She also promoted deep cleaning one area a week...
which left me wondering
is my living room going to survive 3 weeks of neglect while I clean other areas of my home?

I never did figure that one out, though I’m sure there’s a logical explanation.
I want to make FlyLady work for me and my family. Today I had the kid do their chores, then I made them do an extra 15 17 minutes on deeper cleaning in one of the most chaotic areas of the house: my room.

It made a dent.

So tomorrow, we’ll work on it again. Monday Tuesday we’ll move on, if I remember. Maybe I need to motivate the kids so they’ll motivate me?

So here’s what I’m going to attempt:
 I need to 
wake up (before 9 a.m. would be ideal), 
feed children, 
and clean the kitchen (15 minutes)
while kids do chores (15 minutes).

Then we need to do school. We’ve been starting later and later as I get lazier and lazier. It’s 1 p.m. and I haven’t even gotten things ready. :(

So start school before lunch time. 
Then lunch.
Clean up lunch chores (everyone)
then… maybe a 5 minute “Hot Spot” clean?

Maybe I should stop listing things now. This is where my inability to do baby steps creates problems. Clearly I need to stop and try this out before going on. I need to see if this is doable, or if I need to break it down further.

How do you handle cleaning? Do your kids help, if available, or are you the Cleaning Fairy in your home?
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