Throwing Myself In

As a woman with ADHD, I can’t just dilly dally in lots of projects.
Oh no, I need to throw myself in, both feet, neck deep.
{I can’t say if it’s the same with men with ADHD. My experience is limited in that regard.}

Sometime yesterday I sat down to plan the next 12 weeks of preschool for Nicole. Which immediately turned into 15 weeks, which made me decide that I should just finish it all–after all, the program is only 26 weeks/letters long.

 With summer school, I noticed I was having an extremely hard time being disciplined sitting down every week and deciding what we were going to learn about that week. So I threw together the remaining 5 weeks; everything from worksheets to games they play. I made a little Word table (Excel baffles me), and they have a folder containing all the work they need for that week. Each day they pull out the printed Word table and see what to put in their workboxes. Minimal day-to-day and even week-to-week upkeep from me!

Where was I? Oh yes, so essentially that’s what I’m trying to set up for Nicole right now. And like I said, there is no such thing as a “little bit” with me. I’ve been so busy working on the preschool curriculum that I haven’t had much time for blogging.
Or housework.
Or laundry.
Or making dinner.
Or… anything else, really.

This is called hyperfocusing, my friends. 
The flip side of the ADHD inability to focus.

So this post is a “hi, how ya doing?” post to remind you that
a) I’m still here
b) I’m still blogging, just slacking in that area
and c) the preschool curriculum is coming.

In case you missed the facebook update, I should have the curriculum and blog ready to go by Labor Day. (Or Thursday, at the rate I’m going!) I still plan on “releasing” a letter packet per week, but I’d like to have as much done up front so I don’t have that pesky day-to-day or week-to-week upkeep!

Now, as long as I get my stupid PDF writer working, we should be good for a fabulous launch in September!

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