What’s a Slacker Mom, Anyway?

Stone Soup
I was so excited when I saw this comic in the Sunday paper. In a way a comic probably never has before, it sums up my life with total accuracy and clarity. Pure art.

I get a lot of comments regarding the title of my blog. In fact, it’s probably the most discussed aspect of my blog in personal conversations. Am I Slacker? Am I not a Slacker? Do I have the right to call myself a Slacker if I _____________________ (bake a homemade cake for a birthday, do summer school, sew a Mexican circle skirt for a school performance, coupon, etc.)?

In my own head, some days if I feel like I don’t “prove” myself to be a slacker of a parent, then I don’t have the right to write this blog. 

To be fair: I’m not the woman with a constantly (or consistently) clean home. My kids watch way too much TV because it’s far easier for me. I say yes way too often because it’s easier for me. I count spaghetti sauce as a vegetable. We rarely eat dinner before 7 p.m., and getting my kids to bed on a weekend is a fall-asleep-when-and-where-they-may affair. I raise my voice way too often. Naps are a big part of my life–and not just for the kids.

There are days when I’ve literally not answered the door because my living room was just too embarrassingly messy–until I remember my mom telling me about robbers who ring the doorbell first to see if you’re home then break in and when they are surprised to see me they’ll kill me. (Thanks, Mom.) And invariably answer the door to someone from church.

But I also plan (and usually carry out) “field trips.” I have the desire to homeschool. I had a home birth. I cloth diaper. I enjoy crafting, and I love to bake. I enjoy doing things with my kids, even though it almost makes my life harder. I try hard to make birthday’s special. I try hard to make my kids happy, even if it means hurting the grocery budget.

So what does this leave me with? Am I slacker or not? In truth, I’m not entirely certain. I know what kind of mom I want to be, but usually fall short of that. (See comic above.) I see these fabulous women in my life. Their houses are clean, their kids are dressed in darling clothes, they are dressed perfectly (no spit up stains on their church dresses!), their hair is always colored perfectly, and they effortlessly shuttle their children to and from their various activities. My husband assures me these women aren’t as perfect as they seem, but how can I believe that when there is no evidence to the contrary?

Let me just clear up a few things: I am not perfect. In some ways I’m a total “failure.” I’m a good mom, though rarely in the traditional soccer mom way. This blog documents:
my life as a step-parent
my life as a mom
my life as a baker
my life as a creator of things
my life as I attempt homeschool
my life as a woman with AD/HD. 
my life as a wife to the man I love, baggage and all
my life as a successful parent
my life as a slacker parent.

In short, this blog is about me. It’s about my life. It’s about me trying to be the best I can in this crazy, mixed up world as I work to make our “blended family” a real family. It’s about being okay with who I am as a mother, despite what the world tells me I’m supposed to be like as a mom. Some days I’m a slacker. Some days I’m not.

And I guess that’s okay.
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3 Responses to What’s a Slacker Mom, Anyway?

  1. A "Dandelion" mom says:

    Great post, great comic! keep up the great "slacker" parenting!

  2. Jill Robin Bostock says:

    You seem pretty darn amazing to me! I hope to be your kind of "slacker" parent! Also, I'm way excited about the Walk beside me Preschool Curriculum! My little boy will love it!
    P.S. I really enjoy your blog.

  3. newbiemama says:

    Thanks Jill! I'm glad you like the preschool curriculum. It's definitely a labor of love as it is a lot of work, but so worth it to introduce Gospel principles to my daughter! :)

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