Allergy Test Results

We finally were able to go back to the allergist to talk about Abigail’s test results.
I never thought I’d be a mom who had a kid with a “-ist” doctor, as in some sort of specialist. Though who really thinks about that?

It was informative. Allergies are tested on a scale to see the probability of a reaction. Unfortunately, there is no test to know the severity of a reaction. We know this:
Abigail is in what’s considered the “gray zone” for all of her allergies…

and almond.

Milk is a “negative” if her blood work shows less than .035, and a “positive” if it’s about a 15. Her result was about a 5, though with her reactions the allergist said she’s definitely allergic to milk.

Eggs are negative at less than .035 and a positive result is above a 2. I don’t remember her exact number on eggs, but it was about a 1. A gray zone result, and he wants to do a challenge test for eggs baked in to things in six months. For that, she takes a bite of something yummy with an egg baked in (cookies, muffin, etc), and wait twenty minutes. If there’s no reaction, she finishes the treat and waits longer. He said plan on a 2-3 hour visit for a challenge appointment, which will be really fun with an 18 month old. Until then, we avoid all eggs, baked in or otherwise. If the egg test goes well, we will do a milk challenge test a few weeks later. If she can tolerate egg baked into things, all we really need to avoid is stuff like scrambled eggs and french toast. Which really isn’t that hard, if you think about it.

For almonds, negative is again less than .035, and positive is above a 15. Her result was about a five. Because we are pretty sure she’s never had any almonds at all (we’re not big nut eaters), he wants to wait a year until her challenge test. Nuts can be the scariest reaction of all, and he wants to give her time to get bigger. The older/bigger a person is, the safer an allergy challenge test can be. Now, she could end up being fine with almonds, or have a minor reaction, or be given 2 epi-pens and an IV to stop a deathly anaphylactic reaction. We really don’t know, though he felt like the probability was in our favor.

The good news is, the probability is high on all of these allergies that she’ll grow out of them. Until then, I’ll be experimenting with different recipes to make them Allergy friendly. If allergies are a concern of yours, follow along with my successes and failures in making our home safe for our little baby girl. 

In truth, it’s kind of a pain making two separate meals all the time. Not to mention telling her “no” to foods that everyone else is eating and she really wants, and she has no idea why. 
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One Response to Allergy Test Results

  1. Jeanine says:

    So, if she grows out of it will she grow back into it? Gary Sr. didn't get his allergies till his late 20's.

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