I Heart Domino’s.

One of the challenges we are already dealing with food allergies is the 
going-out-to-eat battle.

You would think that national restaurant chains would easily hand out the allergen information when you go sit down at, say, Chili’s. You would be wrong. Instead, you’ll have a conversation like this-

Concerned, Loving Parent of Child with Food Allergies: Does __________ contain milk or eggs?
Blank Faced Server: Um, I’m not sure about that. It probably doesn’t, but I don’t know.
Parent: Oh, okay. Do you know about _________?
Server: Um, I think it might be cooked in butter?
Parent: Do you know of anything that doesn’t have milk or egg? My child has food allergies.
(Blank Faced Server consults with a second server while they look over the menu thoughtfully.)
Server: We have a side of fruit you can order.

This works out fine when your child is 12 months. But Abigail is now 13-going-on-24 months and she wants food. And frankly, she wants my food. 

I’m not sure why food manufacturer’s are legally responsible for putting allergen information on their products, yet chain restaurants are not. My mom is in town for a conference so we’re meeting in her hotel room for swimming and pizza tonight.

Crowded hotel room + pizza + baby with attitude & allergies = 
a really bad time.

So today, I’m loving Domino’s.

Not because of their lame commercials. Not even because of their New and Improved Pizza (I wonder how many times that phrase is heard/said/read across America daily.)
It really is pretty good though.
I’m loving Domino’s because their allergy information (and calories, if you’re silly enough to think you want to know) is readily available on their website. It’s even sortable by allergen. Isn’t that terrific? 

My favorite pizza place (Papa John’s) failed at this. They request you call a representative. Pizza Hut does also provide the information, though in a less cute user-friendly format.

In case you’re wondering, here’s what I’m ordering for Paisley:
Crunchy, thin crust (only milk free crust), robust inspired tomato sauce (their marinara contains cheese), no cheese on half the pizza (if your allergies were more severe you might avoid all together), and typical toppings on the whole pizza. (Probably ham and pineapple.)

Now… for entertaining said Baby with Attitude at the hotel. That’s another matter altogether!
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