Woe is Me…

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Hello, and welcome to my pity party!

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{It’s a roaring shindig, as you can tell.}

My hubby left me.
I should clarify…
He didn’t leave me leave me. He just left… for four days.

Four days! And he took Jordan with him. Jordan, my best helper. My right hand guy. They’re going hiking, of all things. Hiking. To the top of Kings Peak, which happens to be the tallest mountain in Utah.

Gary’s going to die.
{No offense, sweetie!}

I’m not too worried about Jordan. Jordan is 12, has gone on a few small hikes to prepare, and has youth and eagerness to make up for any deficits in actual hiking ability.

Gary has an artificial hip.
For real.

So while they’ll be flinging themselves off mountains, I’ll be home with the girls, Rebecca, Nicole, and Abigail. All day. Every day. No break. Abigail doesn’t even nap anymore.

Yup. Break out the chocolate.
It’s pity party time.

Join my pity party. Care to whine? Comment below! 

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5 Responses to Woe is Me…

  1. Stina says:

    Oh, I get that feeling of angst when your best helper leaves. That has left me wondering what to do more than once. lol. My husband was deployed for 17mos a few years back and it took me a full 12months before I came to terms with the idea that I just wasn’t going to get a break very often. The upside is that it makes his ‘short’ times away for training (2-6mos) seem like cake. It was hard and it is of course better when everyone is home, but I still advocate making the best of everything and still trying to make good memories even when it sucks. I hope it’s a great four days for all of you…and keep the chocolate readily available in case it’s not. ;o)

    • Stina says:

      and P.S….please don’t take my post as anything other than me relating to your husband-less few days. I had many friends who felt they couldn’t complain around me because my husband was gone longer than theirs…which is silly to me. We marry them because we like having them around. If they are gone 3days or 3months it can be difficult. Venting is good for us sometimes so I say ‘complain away’!

  2. Amber Van Deren says:

    My husband was deployed for a year, and now his two week training should be a breeze, but it’s not. I blame it on my pregnancy, but really I just miss him and his help. Good luck the next few days and I hope everyone survives! ;)

    • Amber, thank you so much for lending your husband to protect our country! 1 year sounds miserable, but I know what you mean about that versus 2 weeks. 1 year is hard but eventually you move into a routine. 2 weeks is just a sucky non-routine!!

  3. Stina, oh my gosh I felt like such a whiner till you added that! LOL. I am a whiner, I admit. But yes… we grow rather fond of these men who simultaneously make our lives much better and a little harder. :D I prefer to keep mine in one piece!

    But truly, I’m so grateful to women like you and Amber who give up their husbands for a year or longer so that I can be safer and whine about little things about hikes! I can’t imagine the anxiety you go through, so thanks for the perspective! THANK YOU!

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