Just Your Average Family Vacation

Just Your Average Family Vacation

 Last weekend the schools had a five day weekend, which barely makes for a school week if you ask me. Gary’s parents had given him tickets to see Les Misérables at the Utah Shakespeare Festival in Cedar City, and since they have a vacation home in St. George, we spent the weekend down south. I didn’t post about this ahead of time because really, I would hate to waste a thief’s time, tracking my address down to steal all of our stuff, only to find we have nothing worth stealing.
{Dishonest people of the world, you can thank me later.}

Like all good family vacations, our trip was far more complicated than planned. For starters, we left four hours later than planned, and left late at night. Then we made it a grand total of twenty minutes from home before the Suburban started lurching on the freeway, shifting jerkily when there was no need to shift.

Remember in July when I whined constantly about having no car? After a month (the longest four weeks of my life, I kid you not) the temporary solution was getting my husband a motorcycle. I took over his giant Suburban and we hoped and prayed we could figure something out before it grew too cold.

Anyway, there we were on the freeway, in our only family vehicle, afraid to go further south and further from civilization. We opted to putter our way slowly back home. Gotta tell you, waking kids up to tell them we were BACK HOME wasn’t fun!

My in-laws had gotten a ride to St. George and generously lent us their five seater SUV. My husband was not sad to have to ride his bike! In Cedar City, Gary noticed his motorcycle tire treads were completely worn down, a potentially deadly risk on a bike. A repair we had planned on for next spring needed to be done immediately. Naturally, the tires needed to be ordered and we would have to leave our final working mode of transportation 250 miles from home! Naturally.

With some vehicle juggling with Gary’s awesome family, we were able to enjoy our time in St. George and even get home again. We’re continuing to abuse Gary’s parents’ generosity by using an old stick shift vehicle of theirs, and since Gary is so busy with work and I don’t drive a stick anyway, his mom has even taken me grocery shopping.

After a lot of prayer, we made the rather difficult decision to repair the Suburban (hopefully, we still haven’t gotten a quote!) and wait until spring to buy a vehicle. Gary will continue to use the loaned car until then. It’s so hard not buying things we feel like we need for our family! Buying a decent, safe, and reliable vehicle IS a need… But one that will have to wait a while longer. Until the Suburban is repaired, I will be without a car again!

We do feel blessed to have family nearby who can help us as needed. (I should note, my parents have helped where they can despite their distance from us.) We are especially grateful that we haven’t been forced into buying a vehicle we can’t afford, or buy a cheap vehicle that prevents us from buying a nicer car sooner rather than later. It is a little hard to be grateful for vehicles that aren’t as nice as we’d like, but as we tell our kids, you get what you get and you don’t throw a fit! 

What’s your worst family vacation travel story? 

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4 Responses to Just Your Average Family Vacation

  1. Kirtstylee says:

    Oh man! That is not the way to start a family vacation. I wish you the best of luck with your car situation. I agree that it is better to wait just a little longer and actually be able to get a nice car, then to get something that you will later regret just because it’s all you can afford. Why are cars so expensive? Sheesh. :)

  2. Nicole says:

    I’m glad you were able to make it down there and back safe and sound. With my parents, every single time we drove to central Utah to visit my aunt, our van of the year would break down. My dad still claims the best Christmas he remembers is when we were stuck down there, along with his mom, and we had plenty of time to play Monopoly and talk.

    I was hoping to save up for a newish Honda, but someone basically gave us a Chevy Lumina, so that’s what I’m driving right now. It is a step up from riding Husband’s bike to work in the snow in a dress for sure.

    You’re doing wonders for your family. They are learning so much about finances, family, and self-discipline from you two. Thanks for sharing!

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