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A Burst of Energy

Approximately once a month, I get a huge burst of energy which I typically lack. By “lack of energy” I mean, really, negative amounts of energy. When I get this surge of vitality I actually wake up early all by myself. I beat the kids up. NO. I do not beat my kids up. Ever. Ahem. I meant to say, I awake earlier than my children. Gosh, English can be tricky. :s

Where was I?? That totally killed my train of thought… hrmmm….

Oh yes. As I was saying, when I have these glorious moments of energized, uh, energy (?? see, English is hard!), I try to take advantage of it and go go go until the going is gone. It’s a temporary, likely hormonal, rush that is running on limited time. This morning I woke up at 6:00 a.m., fresh with whole new homeschool worries and anxieties on my mind. (And now, the ability to speak English seems like a limiting factor in my daughter’s schooling experience.) Soon, I was rearranging the living room. It was on my list of things to do but the list gets longer and longer and rarely does the doing get done!

The rearranging commenced. I had to move the book shelf over to the other side of the computer desk. It was in a dark and dusty corner and I wanted this year’s curriculum on it and I wanted it to be within arm’s reach of the table. All the better for the lazy homeschooler, yes? All of a sudden I was playing musical furniture–a very heavy game–and moving this stuff into that shelf, moving that shelf over here, moving the stuff that was on that shelf into that box that I just dumped out, then moving that stuff that’s now dumped into that storage tote I just emptied, and on and on and on and on….

The ironic thing is, I went to all this work despite the fact that we’re still hoping to move soon. (No word on that front, unfortunately.) Just your typical small-house-juggling-to-educate-your-kids-at-home switcheroo.

Do you ever feel the urge to rearrange your house allatonceinabigbigrush, or do you like to reorganize a bit more… methodically?

You Might Be ADD: 10 Signs You Have It!

You Might Be ADD

Ladies and, well, ladies, it’s been a tough couple of weeks here at the Slacker house. Slacker Mode is in full gear (maybe it’s like allergies… it gets worse depending on the season?) and I’m fully convinced I’m losing my mind. The following are ten real life scenarios I struggle with regularly due to my AD/HD*… and they’ve all happened in the last few weeks.

Here are my top ten ways to know if you are ADD too! (Because we want everyone in our club. For real. We look a little crazy otherwise…)

10. You lose your phone literally seconds after it was in your hand. This scenario repeats dozens of times a day.

9. You have multiple alarms and notifications set in various increments on various devices leading up to an appointment, because if you don’t, you invariably need to make up excuses as to why you missed it.

8. You have half a dozen work/blog/home/craft projects that are ALMOST done, but will never be completed because you lost steam shortly after the ‘new project high’ wore off.

7. You stay up late at night, procrastinating going to bed, because the drudgery of morning is awful, but is only made worse by your late night Pinterest surf.

6. You cook all meals on the highest heat possible, hoping to get through cooking dinner as quickly as possible. Consequently, you have burned more dinners than you’d care to admit.

5. You rushed your husband home from work so you can attend a church function, only to realize as he walks in that the church function is the following day.

4. You’ve ordered some brand new books off of Amazon, then incidentally discover four days after their arrival that you already own the books.

3. Take a ‘Diet Coke nap,’ where you crash on the couch after downing some Diet Coke, hoping the caffeine will energize you before your children destroy the house.

2. Have bought, or are considering buying, additional underwear for your potty trained toddler so you can resume your sporadic/later-is-better-than-now laundry ‘plan,’ without wondering if your child is actually wearing clean underwear.

1. You have given your eldest the choice between the two worst chores in the house, one of which you should do, but instead attempt to ‘look busy’ while your kid cleans, and once finished, you order take out and call it a day.

What are your worst ADD ‘symptoms,’ real or mommy-brained?

Psst… did you know that the official diagnoses is AD/HD, which is an attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder. That little / implies your symptoms are either attention deficit and or hyperactivity. I have outgrown my hyperactivity (thank heavens!) as adults sometimes can, and now am primarily attention deficit. The term ADD is colloquial but incorrect.

If you think you might have ADD, read more here, and seek the help of a physician or qualified therapist. 

Top Ten Tuesday at Many Little Blessings

I Can Relate…

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If I Had A Dollar (Distracted)

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Ps. Can you please remind me why I sat down on the computer? Anyone?


a punch in the face

Yesterday we went to Seven Peaks and then to a Memorial Day picnic. By the time we got home, I was sore and exhausted and more or less collapsed into bed. I forgot to take my anxiety medication.


See, this class of medication has a very short half-life. So by 8:30 in the morning, I’m extremely irritable. Answering a four year old’s incessant questions, followed by a two year old’s constant begging followed by whining, doesn’t help.

Kinda makes me want to punch people in the face, really.
Not my kids, of course.
That’s bad.
Just people… mankind.

Hmm, writing this post was supposed to feel theraputic.
Instead I just feel like a bad person.

I’m supposed to can strawberry jam today. With 4 square feet of counter space and 2 kids under feet, it should be fun.
Not dangerous at all.

I’m also out of Diet Coke. Maybe I’ll just take a nap instead.

 PS – any scriptures you particularly like to read when you are mad/irritable/cranky/tired/mean/grumpy/sad/crazy? Please advise.

Sleepy Slacker Mom

I did the smart thing and stayed up till nearly 3 a.m. editing engagement photos for my sister.
Which didn’t seem so smart at 7 a.m. 

I’m super sleepy.
Interesting fact: on top of being sleepy, irritable, grouchy, grumpy, and just a wee bit snippy, my ADHD medication doesn’t work when I’m overly tired.
I need a minimum of 8 hours of sleep to avoid this. For real. 

Also: my ADHD medication doesn’t work when I’m hormonal. Hmmm… when does this medication work? I’m starting to wonder.

Also: I haven’t done laundry in 3 weeks. Except for underwear. We all have our limits, I mean, come on. But seriously… my kids outfits are starting to look

I just thought you should know.

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