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Homeschooling… Or sleeping?

This past week or so has been full of challenges. Motivation, or a lack thereof, challenges. I think I’ve been avoiding my blog because I don’t like to admit defeat. More importantly; I don’t want to be defeated. I’d very much prefer to be regular feated, thank you very much!

This week we did two rather lazy days of homeschool. Then on Wednesday we… Well frankly we didn’t do much of anything. Thursday, I cleaned my room. It was pretty much an all day project. Today looks like it will be a repeat of Wednesday’s schedule.

The homeschool bubble has deflated. The fresh smell of new curriculum is worn off. The excitement of planning days has waned, knowing that my plans will surely be replaced by the desire to do nothing. Playing Where’s My Water* on my tablet is looking better than attempting to get my four year old to do a craft without a meltdown. Except sleep. Sleeping is looking pretty great these days. We do a lot of that. Or more accurately, I ask my kids, “Don’t you want to watch a show on Mommy’s bed while Mommy takes a rest?”

I know my mom will read this, and the therapist in her will ask if I am depressed. No, I don’t think so. I am ADHD still, and that’s depressing! Life is boring, and boring is super boring. (Almost like a super power. I’m Super Bored!)

What do you do when you don’t have motivation to do much of anything? 

Blogging, Bronchitis, & Blackouts

Sorry I've Been Slacking

It feels like every couple of months weeks, I’m blogging yet another sorry-I’ve-been-MIA posts! In fact, it happens so often, I’ve made this handy little graphic I can use to skip this awkwardness…

Here’s what I didn’t blog about the last couple of weeks:

Every blogger eventually feels a bit of burnout. With ADHD, the tendancy to burn out on *anything* is quite high. I was feeling less and less excited to post. I was feeling anxiety over days I should have posted this, or I need to get that post up. It’s easy to let blogging rule your life. It’s easy to push the kids aside and tell them Mommy is “working” even though Mommy really got distracted (again) on Pinterest.

I took a mini-break to avoid complete burnout and now I’m (sort of) back. But I’ll be doing it… slackery style. No anxiety, no stress. I’ll just blog.

Possibly spurring on my decision to take a short break from blogging, was the nasty cold that hit me immediately after returning from vacation. The cold took about a week to clear up, but the nasty coughing stayed with me. My coughing was far worse at night and I soon was out on the couch so at least my husband could get some sleep.

Eventually the coughing got so bad, I dragged myself and kids into the doctor. Not that the kids needed to see a doctor, but it’s always a package deal. *Mom sigh.* I had coughed so hard I pulled a muscle in my abdomen–or what would be, if I had any abdomen muscles of which to speak. *Mom sigh take 2.*

During church on Sunday, we learned that the street immediately across from ours hadn’t had power for a day and a half. Apparently, we’re real hermits to not notice that little detail. Walking home from church, our power went down too! Fortunately, my husband is the Rockstar of Crisis Management. We had loaned out our personal generator just moments before our power went down and so he went to work wrestling a work generator home to power our furnace.

I whipped up a big batch of hot cocoa on our gas stove which served the dual purpose of both warming our bodies and of convincing the kids that this was an adventure! We ate dinner at my in-laws while my husband wrestled home a generator. I read my kids the last chapter of Mrs. Piggle Wiggle* by flashlight and then entertained myself on my internet-less tablet. I woke up at five a.m. when the power turned on, and normal life resumed! We are definintely in need of non-tech gear in the event of a disaster of some sort!

Are you prepared in the event of an emergency or disaster like a power outage? (Okay, a short term power outage is not a real emergency, or a disaster… but it’s still best to be prepared!)

You Might Be ADD: 10 Signs You Have It!

You Might Be ADD

Ladies and, well, ladies, it’s been a tough couple of weeks here at the Slacker house. Slacker Mode is in full gear (maybe it’s like allergies… it gets worse depending on the season?) and I’m fully convinced I’m losing my mind. The following are ten real life scenarios I struggle with regularly due to my AD/HD*… and they’ve all happened in the last few weeks.

Here are my top ten ways to know if you are ADD too! (Because we want everyone in our club. For real. We look a little crazy otherwise…)

10. You lose your phone literally seconds after it was in your hand. This scenario repeats dozens of times a day.

9. You have multiple alarms and notifications set in various increments on various devices leading up to an appointment, because if you don’t, you invariably need to make up excuses as to why you missed it.

8. You have half a dozen work/blog/home/craft projects that are ALMOST done, but will never be completed because you lost steam shortly after the ‘new project high’ wore off.

7. You stay up late at night, procrastinating going to bed, because the drudgery of morning is awful, but is only made worse by your late night Pinterest surf.

6. You cook all meals on the highest heat possible, hoping to get through cooking dinner as quickly as possible. Consequently, you have burned more dinners than you’d care to admit.

5. You rushed your husband home from work so you can attend a church function, only to realize as he walks in that the church function is the following day.

4. You’ve ordered some brand new books off of Amazon, then incidentally discover four days after their arrival that you already own the books.

3. Take a ‘Diet Coke nap,’ where you crash on the couch after downing some Diet Coke, hoping the caffeine will energize you before your children destroy the house.

2. Have bought, or are considering buying, additional underwear for your potty trained toddler so you can resume your sporadic/later-is-better-than-now laundry ‘plan,’ without wondering if your child is actually wearing clean underwear.

1. You have given your eldest the choice between the two worst chores in the house, one of which you should do, but instead attempt to ‘look busy’ while your kid cleans, and once finished, you order take out and call it a day.

What are your worst ADD ‘symptoms,’ real or mommy-brained?

Psst… did you know that the official diagnoses is AD/HD, which is an attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder. That little / implies your symptoms are either attention deficit and or hyperactivity. I have outgrown my hyperactivity (thank heavens!) as adults sometimes can, and now am primarily attention deficit. The term ADD is colloquial but incorrect.

If you think you might have ADD, read more here, and seek the help of a physician or qualified therapist. 

Top Ten Tuesday at Many Little Blessings

This is Not a Homeschool Blog.

I feel the need to clarify why I’m posting two posts today. This is something I rarely do. In fact, lately I’m lucky to get out the Monday-Friday posts I aim for posting! The short reason is this: this is not a homeschool blog.

Some of you come here for LDS/homeschool goodness, and that’s great. A lot of you come here for the slacker mom realism I try to serve up, when I’m not busy napping, and that’s totally awesome too. And some of you seem to come here because you hate laundry as badly as I do and frankly, you can only pin stuff for so long. We procrastinate life together. That’s good with me. (I suspect I’d have a few more ADHD readers, but I think they’re all distracted?)

This Friday I will be launching a weekly (ha! ha ha!) series I’m calling “Friday Flashback.” (My take on this Weekly Wrap Up link up.) It will somewhat chronicle our homeschooling journey–the ups, the downs, the slacker-y, and the super. Some of you won’t get into posts like that. I just wanted to let you know…

this is not a homeschool blog. 

If you’re feeling bad about yourself for ANY REASON EVER while on my blog, tell me. If you feel like no one who homeschools could possibly be a slacker mom, . If I start magically posting about how clean my house is, or tips and tutorials on perfecting make up, or step by step tutorials on throwing the best children’s birthday party with handmade party favors and the decadent dessert table, then sweetie, you’re at the wrong blog!

This blog is, at its heart, a down to earth, real life chronicle of… well, my life. In all its disorganized chaotic messiness. I may post recipes, the rare craft, and perhaps some printables, but trust me when I say to you:

my kitchen is still a mess.
the laundry still hasn’t been done.
the kids ate cheerios for breakfast and froot loops for lunch.
and I still have no idea what’s for dinner. 

I Can Relate…

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If I Had A Dollar (Distracted)

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Ps. Can you please remind me why I sat down on the computer? Anyone?


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