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Book of Mormon Page Titles {Printable}

Download Book of Mormon Page Titles

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You know how you find something, but you’re not in “that place” in your life (perhaps a fabulous pair of heels, but where would you wear them in your carpooling-and-playgrounds life?), but later on when you come across it again, it’s at exactly the right time?  For me, discovering The Redheaded Hostess was like that. I think I even bookmarked the blog {pre-Pinterest-days}, with the intent to dive in for further study… later.

Well, thanks to my dear friend Pinterest, I recently discovered her again. Clearly, I was ready this time around because I was instantly drawn into her wonderful wealth of knowledge on all things scripture related. Shannon, the Redheaded Hostess herself, has been teaching seminary for fourteen years, and is now preparing for a well-deserved break as she enters a new phase in her life: mommyhood! I’m not quite ready to induct her into the slacker mom club just yet–she’s way too fantastic to be called a slacker–{and I bet her house is clean, too}
but I am loving her blog. In the past couple of months she has taught me so much about marking, studying, and immersing yourself in the scriptures. I know it wasn’t a coincidence I re-found her blog when I did. (And do you know what I would give to doodle like she does??)

One of the best tips I’ve gained from following her blog so far is writing page titles at the top of your scriptures. On each page, simple write a title–a short summary–of what’s on that particular page. It make scripture searching simple; and when you’re deep in the guts of the scriptures and your eyes have started glazing over and you’ve lost track of the story, a quick glance at the page titles remind you quickly what is the gist of the page. I have started teaching my older Primary class to use page titles. This is such a wonderful tool for kids who can read well, but have a difficult time knowing what is going on in the general story. Jacob is saying blah blah – what now? (Glance at the page title) Jacob is telling his people to repent. Ah, gotcha.

Shannon has this to say about her page titles:

These are helpful and useful in several ways:

1-  I can find things really quickly

2-  I pick up on themes and patterns more easily

3-  It is a very interesting element to scripture study.  I look at each page as a general theme and gain different insights.

Since Shannon has several posts for page titles for the Book of Mormon, I thought it would be handy if I could have them all in one document. I took the time to compile her wonderful page titles and with her permission I’m sharing them with you here. In one document I have page titles for the entire Book of Mormon, but I’ve broken it down by major books. This way, if you want to print off all the page titles for Alma, you can set your printer to just print those specific pages, rather than sending the whole document through each time. I hope these inspire you to doodle a bit on your scriptures. :)

Click here to download!

Toy Storage Labels {Printable!}

Toy Storage Labels

Remember when you were pregnant (or maybe you are currently–congrats!) and they told you about the ‘nesting instinct?’ This biological instinct would come around eight or nine months, urging you to prepare your ‘nest,’ or prepare your home for the arrival of your new baby. Reportedly the urge is so strong in some women they find themselves unable to live without mopping behind the fridge, or using a toothbrush to scrub the bathroom tile.
{Pregnancy is seriously crazy stuff.}
The closest I ever got to ‘nesting’ was waking up at 6:00 a.m. with the need to clean the hallway bathroom. I cleaned for about thirty minutes, then got tired halfway through and went back to bed.

Four and a half years later, I’ve still been waiting for that nesting instinct to kick in.

The past few weeks though, the waiting has paid off! Thanks to the wonders of modern medicine, my ADHD has momentarily kicked into high energy drive and the need to organize my house is crazy strong. I showed you my school room, but I didn’t show you my pantry or my bedroom–which is only partially done, but still! I’m ever so grateful for this temporary burst of desire for orderliness. It’s not that I’m cleaning on purpose. It’s more that I’m buying cute storage totes and putting them to good use, and can’t stop until three hours later when it’s finished.
{Any ideas on how to make laundry cute and organized? Because I need a lot of motivation to take on that project!} 

I’ve been wanting to tackle the girls’ room for awhile. It’s horrendous. There are three problems with this room:
Ha ha, kidding, kidding. Though that is one problem. Three people share the room, and they are the least responsible people in the house. The other problems include the size of the room (Abigail sleeps in the closet people; for real) and the lack of decent storage. We have 2 dressers in the room for clothes, a bunk bed, and a toy shelf. And up until yesterday, a sea of clothes and a bucket of junk toys.

I have tried many organization techniques in this room. They’ve all failed, mainly due to one huge problem:
They’ve got too much crap

Once I put up my new toy baskets (more on that below), I realized there was still a ton of toys left to conquer. I began to purge. I had a garbage bag and a big laundry basket. Trash went in one bag; the basket held toys and clothing to store, donate, or take to the consignment store. I thought they’d be upset about the removal of certain items, but they are so thrilled at being able to see what remains they haven’t {yet} complained.

I have this little theory. It’s hard to clean when there isn’t a place to put things. It becomes less cleaning and more moving items from point A to the {less visible} point B. It isn’t actually cleaned at all. That has been my inspiration during this nesting period. {By the way, I failed to mention: I am not pregnant.} My house is small and storage is at a premium. If I can’t find a place for it, then it gets removed: stored, donated, or consigned.

For the toy storage in the girls’ room I bought 9 baskets for a dollar a piece. Then I used badge holders to create kid proof tags for the baskets. They zip but are pretty difficult to open up, so they can’t take the labels out. {I can, should we ever grow out of the ‘princess’ stage though!} The plastic is thick and would really take some serious effort before ripping off the baskets. I used some cute ribbon to tie them onto the basket and tied it securely.

How cute are these labels? I’m just in love. The tags have clear images that help my non readers know where to put the items. Nicole is loving the baskets, and is very excited to keep her room clean.

Okay, now I promised you a printable. With your input, I have made pages of labels sized perfectly for your badge holders! Just print and slip them in and you’ll have instant order among the chaos.
{Well, after you clean for 3 hours, of course.}

Click the image below to download all 54 free toy storage labels!
P.S. – After I merged all the documents, yada yada, it dawned on me that it would have been a good idea to place them by girl labels, boy labels, and gender neutral labels. That way if you needed only girl labels you wouldn’t have to print off the whole document. But, uh, I was kinda over it at that point. :)

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What do you think of the labels? Anything I’ve missed? If I get enough requests to create an additional page, then I will make another set of labels!

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FHE Made Easy Chart {Free Printable!}

Family Home Evening Chart Download

I know you’re crafty and artistic.
But I also know that if you’re anything like me, you don’t have time to be crafty or artistic.
If it weren’t for Pinterest, you’d have forgotten what it’s like to be crafty and artistic. You pin and hope for a time in the mystic future when you will once again, be crafty and artistic.

In the meantime, you have kids. Maybe you have a bunch of kids, or maybe you’re juggling kids and a job. Your days revolve around nap schedules and dinnertime and homework and tantrums and extra curricular activities and church callings and helping at the school and playgroups and cuddling with those little children.
It’s a lot of work, being a Mom. I know.
You’re trying to be a good mommy and you’re trying to do Family Home Evening with your family, but seriously. You can only do so much.

Wait. Where is this all going, other than a rant about my life??

Oh yes. So while you can craft your little heart out on those cutesy Family Home Evening boards, you might be like me… you might be just too darn stinking tired to even care.
{I judge you not.}

To make your life easier, I made you a chart. It’s cute, don’t worry. It involves no additional crafting, unless you choose to do so. You can slip it in a binder to use with your FHE Made Easy printouts and use a dry erase marker on the binder. Or, you can print one out for each week. Or you could frame it and use a dry erase marker on the glass, if that’s the way you roll. I’m all about the binder method. {More on that soon!}

Okay, I have officially relieved you of your crafty duties. With the time saved, go take a nap.

Book of Mormon Reading Calendars {Free Printable!}

Scripture Schedule

This year I’ve made a resolution commitment to read the Book of Mormon with my family, along with my commitment to do Family Home Evening all year. I am following along a chart I found at Sugardoodle, breaking the Book of Mormon into 15 to 20 verse chunks throughout the course of 365 days.

I’m kind of a freak though, and do better about not letting my kids destroy things that aren’t cute. So obviously, I had to come up with a cute chart, right? I made up a calendar for each month and they are so much cuter. Well. I think so anyway. :)

Also, because I have issues with losing things, and wasting paper, I shrank it down so I fit six on one page. Believe me, if I thought it was legible to fit 12 on one page, I would have done it. No wait, it was actually that my printer didn’t have a 12-to-a-page setting, and I was too lazy to mess with out. Legible shmegible. So if you’re all about the environment and junk, you can do it that way. Print it two-sided if you can figure it out you like that.

Okay, I was going to be all awesome and give you a version with the calendars on two pages rather than twelve, but my pdf program gave a very polite, “No thank you.” So to do this, when you press print, click printer preferences (or whatever it says on your printer program) and set it to print 6 to a page. Or print 2 to a page, or hey, if your printer is really cool, go ahead and do 12 on a page!

Eeek! Why I Love Pinterest!

Okay, this probably isn’t actually related to anything I said or did
but remember on Tuesday when I shared a couple of scriptures that gave me an extra boost?
Oh, sure you do. I was talking about that Scripture a Day widget for android? 

Anyway, in that post I mentioned this terrific scripture from D&C 64:33:

Wherefore, be not weary in well-doing, for ye are laying the foundation of a great work. And out of small things proceedeth that which is great.

Love that scripture! Anyway, today I was browsing Pinterest, and I found a super cute printable from Ryan’s LDS Quotes. The first thing I noticed was the temple on top of the printable (love!), then I noticed it was the scripture above (double love!), then I noticed it was posted on his blog the day after I posted the scripture on my blog (love more than ice cream!).
{It’s been a long day, please don’t mention the fact that he also could have the Scripture A Day widget. I refuse to believe that.}

Do something small today. You’ll do great!

How much do you love that printable??
I’m thinking this one needs to be framed in my homeschool room, asap.
Don’t forget to check out Ryan’s blog, he has tons of free LDS printables!

Hmm… I think I need to print a mini version to fit in my scriptures as well! 

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