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GIVEAWAY – Discovery Gateway Passes! #livewelldgm


Are your kids crazy about the Discovery Gateway Museum? My kids love it there! I love it because it’s a totally hands-on, educational play place where your kids are encouraged to touch and explore everything.


This week, I had the opportunity to see a sneak peek of Discovery Gateway Museum’s newest installation. Discovery Gateway has created an amazing Primary Children’s Hospital Emergency Department exhibit, including the beloved Life Flight helicopter!

Primary Children's Hospital at Discovery Gateway

The entire exhibit is designed to encourage kids to go through the entire hospital experience. Your child can man the Life Flight control tower, play pilot and pick up a patient (a “radio” gives the scenario–one of a number of common childhood accidents–and how to best care for the patient), practice checking in patients, dress up as the doctor, ‘xray’ bones, and even scrub up for surgery!


Surgery? Oh yes! Discovery Gateway has teamed with some amazing developers to create a one-of-a-kind iPad app so your child can preform several different surgeries over a pretend patient! (They are hoping to put this on the App Store soon!)


If your child has a scheduled hospital visit, is frequently sick, or just a bit on the clumsy side, this exhibit is a perfect way to act out any fears or concerns your child may have!

I was happy to hear that the museum is accommodating towards both public and home school field trips. Lesson plans will be available online soon for teachers/parents who want to get the most out of their trip to the museum.

This Saturday, the brand new exhibit will be fully up and running. In celebration of the museum’s 35th anniversary, tickets will be on sale for their 35th anniversary this Saturday for only $3.50 per person! In addition, their memberships will be on sale both at the museum and online for $35 off the cost of membership! The museum will open early for members (9 a.m.) and 11 a.m. for nonmembers. For more information, call the museum at (801) 456-5437 or visit!

Additionally, I am giving away a family pass to Discovery Gateway!

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FREE LDS Tot School & Preschool Printables!

Lead Me, Guide Me Tot School

It’s my birthday! To celebrate my 08/08 birthday as well as 800 Facebook followers, I have a freebie for you all!

I’m so excited to announce a mini project I’ve been working on for a bit. I absolutely love my Walk Beside Me LDS Preschool Curriculum, but it is definitely geared towards older preschoolers. This K4 program assumes your child recognizes his or her letters and is starting to learn the sounds associated with each letter. Today I have a free download for you: LDS preschool printables for the youngest crowd!

It is designed to work with the Walk Beside Me curriculum or as a standalone activity (also: think FHE and Sacrament Meeting activities!)  If you have an older child who is ready for Walk Beside Me, start your tot on these simple hands on activities that go right along with your theme for the week! If your child is a bit older, but perhaps not ready for some of the activities in Walk Beside Me, use the Lead Me, Guide Me set to fill out your weekly curriculum. This download contains 5 activities: a Do-A-Dot page, a coloring page, a collage page, a ‘trace then write’ page, and a phonics coloring page. (Look here for an excellent example of collage pages!) There are 130 total pages in this download alone!

Click the DOWNLOAD button below to receive your free printables! This download is absolutely free! If you find it useful, please consider donating! Donating helps support this blog, supports my LDS homeschooling endeavors, and helps me justify the time and energy in creating more printables for you. Feel free to donate as much as you feel this curriculum is worth to you!

Can’t afford to donate today? Then ‘like’ Confessions of a Slacker Mom on Facebook or pin this! Don’t forget to sign up for Confessions of a Slacker Mom delivered to your inbox so you won’t miss out on future LDS printables, slacker mom goodness, and more!

Note: This download is a zipped file. You’ll need a program to unzip it, like WinZip, to open it.


10 Ways to Use a Timer With Kids

Ten Ways to Use a Timer With Your Kids

Sometimes, a mom needs a few tools in her arsenal. These toys may include a hidden stash of candy to halt a breakdown when you need to leave the house, or the silliest song to break up the monotony of a long drive. It could be the CD that lulls your kid to sleep every time, or perhaps its the nightlight they won’t sleep with, no matter where you go. Today, I want to talk about a tool that’s a great kid motivator: the timer!

10 Ways to Use a Timer With Kids:

1. Exercise Time! Set the timer for one or two minutes and see how many times they can run laps around your house, do a set of jumping jacks, or hop on foot. Do it right along with them and call it your exercise for the day, too!

2. Play With Mommy Time. Use the timer to set clear expectations. Dreading another round of Barbies or trucks, but feel guilty for putting your tot off constantly? Set a timer and let them know exactly how many minutes until Mommy is going back to her important stuff. (Facebook, anyone?) This will keep you from wandering off after 3.4 seconds into the ‘game.’

3. Break down chores. Use the timer to break down a large task into manageable pieces. If your kids’ friends left the playroom trashed on the last play date, don’t demand your child clean it all right this second. Tell them they just need to clean for ____ minutes, then you’ll jump in and help with the rest.

4. Race It! Set a timer and see how much cleaning you can do before the buzzer rings! Your kids will be amazed at how much they are able to do while racing against the clock.

5. Time out. What would time out be without a timer? A rule of thumb is to put your child in time out for one minute for year they are old. My two year old is in time out for two minutes, my four year old gets four minutes but I add a minute every time she screams while in her room.

6. Beep to Go! If you know your three year old will freak when its time to be torn from the beloved TV, let him know you’re setting a timer until its time to get ready. When the timer beeps, the TV goes off (or the toy dinosaurs get put away), and its time to go! (To get your kid to school on time with a timer, check out this post!)

7. Time for a Snack. If your child is the kind that won’t stop asking for munchies, set a timer during snack time to let them know when the next snack or meal will be.

8. Time to Go Potty! Potty training and timers can be a mom’s best friend. When you have other things to juggle (babies, older kids, pets, making dinner, etc.), it can be hard to remember when it’s time to take your toddler to the potty. Little tots are still learning to depend on their own body signals, so set a timer and stick to it. If your toddler doesn’t ‘go?’ Add another five minutes and try again.

9. Time for… Quiet Time! Is it just me, or does quiet time in my house equate to me closing my eyes for five minutes and my children doing something destructive? Start the timer and load them up with books. Older children should be able to start out at about ten minutes of quiet time and go up as they get used to the concept, and younger children can start anywhere from 2-5 minutes. A two minutes break doesn’t seem helpful to you, but you can gradually increase it. Just make sure your child is safe from hazards and markers! This is one we are just starting to work on at my house. :/

10. Time to Leave Mom Alone. :) Okay, seriously. Sometimes we don’t need to separate everyone and tell them to be quiet, we just want the kids to play nicely somewhere else for a few minutes. Keep your door open and let them know you’re listening (Mom is always listening!!), but ask them not to come back until the timer rings. Use your judgement on setting the timer. If your kids play well together, you may get a good twenty to thirty minutes alone, especially if the TV is on! If your kids are younger or are prone to bickering, you can make a quick phone call or check your email. With this one, I like to ‘reward’ (aka bribe) my kids. If they leave me alone, they get a treat, or some fun Play with Mom time!

For a bonus Mom-tip with a timer, read this post on how to get started cleaning your house!
Photo credits here.
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How do you use a timer in your home?

A “nice normal family!” {Free Printable!}

We're a Nice Normal Family - Free Printable

I’m still in my pajamas at 2:00 pm.
My kids had lunch an hour ago… and we ate breakfast at 10 a.m.
Summer days, I’ve decided, are like three school weeks.

We’ve been killing time… and trying not to kill each other. It’s going super well.

My sister requested a quote in vinyl, inspired from this pin. I thought it would be fun to make up a printable too. The quote: “Remember, as far as anyone knows… we’re a nice normal family.”

Let’s not let the cat of the bag. We’re all normal here! *wink*wink*

I’m offering this free printable in eight colors and two different sizes. (Whoa, that’s sixteen choices there.) This download is also available as a black and white jpeg (without the border) for your vinyl cutter. There are also individual jpeg downloads for printing at a photo shop.

Feel free to link to this post, but not the pdf file itself. This download is for personal, non-commercial use only. Thanks!

Click here for the 12×12 pdf set.
Click here for the 6×6 pdf set.

Click here for the black and white jpeg version (for cutting out with a vinyl cutter!)

Click below to download the jpeg images, perfect for sending down to your local Costco for printing. These are sized at 12×12 but will easily print smaller for you if you desire!

Pink jpeg
Yellow jpeg
Tan jpeg
Hot pink jpeg
Orange jpeg
Green jpeg
Aqua jpeg
Brown jpeg 

I’d love to show you images of the final project… but as my sister will tell you, I have not actually delivered the requested vinyl signs. :/

Which color printable is your favorite? I ♥ the aqua, though the green matches my home the best!
Do you have a favorite quote that represents your family?


I Spy Nature!

I Spy Nature

I’ve been in a slump this week. Not depressed, just not a lot of energy to do anything beyond what I already promised the kids we would do. When I came across this Nature Scavenger Hunt (on pinterest! of course!), I knew it was something my kids could do easily without my help. Which is nice, because I have some… web browsing to do. Very important stuff, you know.

The thing I didn’t love about this nature scavenger hunt was that you were supposed to collect stuff. I could just see little bits of “nature” working its way in my house and refusing to leave. Plus I wanted a fun little twist to make it more interesting for my older kids, Jordan and Rebecca. They’ve been somewhat couch potatoes this summer, and they’ve been struggling to get along.

I came up with a fun activity called “I Spy Nature!” It’s a list of items that you print out, but rather than collecting items, you just take pictures. Nice and clean, see?

This worked out brilliantly. My twelve year old was surprised that he had fun doing it. I was surprised that they didn’t fight while doing it. {I send my kids outside and ten minutes later, they are inside tattling. I ask you, what is the point of tattling when you’re just as guilty as the person you’re tattling on??}

Any activity that doesn’t inspire arguing is a winner in my book. And just look at the fun things they found
{pictures courtesy of Jordan and his crappy cheap cell phone and used by permission}

a seed:

something straight:

and something they consider a ‘treasure:’

Now we have some fun pictures to keep, and I had an hour of peace. What more could you want?

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