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BOGO SALE! 24 Days of Mormon Christmas


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FHE Made Easy: December Week 1

I have to admit, I almost forgot to post tonight’s lesson with all the 24 Days of Mormon Christmas madness! :/ Tonight’s lesson is actually pretty brilliant, if I do say so myself. For family home evening this month, we’ll be combining elements of 24 Days of Christmas with FHE! So either do as you’ve done the last couple of nights with 24 Days of  Mormon Christmas, or follow this lesson plan the next few weeks, if you’re not doing 24 Days. Easy, right??

December Week 1 – The Christmas Story

If you haven’t heard of FHE Made Easy before, it’s a simple, short family home evening lesson that even the most slackery family can follow! The lessons are in PDF format so you can upload them to the your tablet or iPad, with everything linked within the lesson. The lessons are FREE, but you can buy an entire year of Family Home Evening for your family, following the Book of Mormon, for the December sale price of $10!

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FHE Made Easy: November Week 4

This lesson takes a slight variation from the previous, as we are now finished with the Book of Mormon lesson manual! This lesson is included in the manual as a lesson for preparation of twelve year olds headed into Young Women’s and Young Men’s. Whether your kids are twelve or two (or twenty-two!), a lesson on the Priesthood is always a good reminder. And don’t worry–I promised a year of lessons, and I’ll deliver a year of lessons! Next week however, our theme will be just a bit different, as we will focus on the Savior all month long!

Week 4: The Priesthood Can Bless Our Lives

If you’re new here, welcome to FHE Made Easy! I post a lesson each week on Mondays that follow the Book of Mormon lessons from Primary this year. I also offer the entire year of lessons for only $10. My lessons are simple and are in PDF format so you can even view them from your tablet or iPad!

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FHE Made Easy: November Week 3

Today’s lesson is on the Book of Mormon promise. A beautiful promise that lets any reader of the Book of Mormon know if it is true or not, this lesson will provide you the opportunity to bear your testimony to your children. Take a cue from the mothers of Helaman’s Army, and be sure that your children know that you know it is true!

Week 3: Moroni and the Book of Mormon Promise

If you want to be prepared and have the whole year of family home evening lessons downloaded to your tablet/iPad, or perhaps printed and stored in a binder, then you can buy them for only $10! Take a minute to print out all the printables, handouts, and coloring pages, and you’re ready to go with no pre-planning for an entire year!

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FHE Made Easy: November Week 2

I’ve got to be honest. This lesson includes a fun action poem called “Faith is Like a Little Seed.” Do we really think my twelve year old boy is going to be participating in this? Um, maybe not so much. But my two year old will love it! If your kids are older, simply omit the poem (but ask them first–they may surprise you!), and ask a few questions on growing your faith. You might want to ask for a testimony experience that helped to grow their faith as well, and if they can’t think of any, be prepared to offer a few experiences of your own.

 Week 2: Moroni Teaches Faith in Jesus Christ

FHE Made Easy is a free, ready-to-use curriculum of Family Home Evening lessons for the family. Each week I post a new lesson and with little to no prep, your family home evening is ready to go. If you’re like me and are terrible at remembering to prepare ahead of time, just buy the whole year for only $10! You can print out everything you need (though the lessons are tablet and iPad ready, except for handouts!) and be prepared like a Mormon rockstar.

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