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Kidoodle.TV Review: Kid-Friendly Screen Time (Sponsored)


Disclosure: I participated in a Blog Blast program on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Kidoodle.TV. I received a promotional item and a free trial as a thank you for participating.

It’s no secret that I let my kids watch TV. We don’t have cable, so we depend on internet streaming services to bring entertainment in our home. I’ve become increasingly frustrated with my limited abilities to censor the TV my children can watch as well as the amount of screen time they receive each day.


That’s why I was excited to review Kidoodle.TV. It’s a whole new ball game for parents looking to grab five minutes (or more!) of peace and quiet. Kidoodle.TV is a child-specific television streaming service. Whether your kids watch online or on your iPad, you can tailor their TV viewing down to each individual child (up to five kids). You can limit their time allowed each day (awesome!), you can filter shows based on age, and my favorite feature; you can prohibit any specific show you don’t want your child watching! These controls are password protected, so even your tech genius kiddo can’t switch them around. Kidoodle.TV offers a bright, children-friendly interface that is easy to navigate so you can sleep on the couch do the dishes for an uninterrupted five or more minutes!

Kidoodle.TV Giveaway

You can try Kidoodle.TV for free for the remainder of December! No credit card required. Starting Jan. 1, Kidoodle.TV is a mere $4.99 a month, well worth the sanity it provides. Kidoodle.TV is also hosting a seriously awesome giveaway: try Kidoodle.TV through the month of December and you’ll be entered to win 1 of 10 tablets or 1 of 10 yearlong subscriptions to Kidoodle.TV!

You can follow Kidoodle.TV on Twitter or Facebook for more information!


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10 Kid Apps for 10 Extra Minutes of Sleep (For You!) iOS, Android, and Kindle

Top Ten Kid Apps For 10 More Minutes of Sleep

In Mom life, there is little more of value than an extra ten minutes of sleep. Today I have for you my top 10+ apps for kids–so you can get 10 more minutes of sleep. Hand your kid your tablet or phone in the morning and hit the snooze button, Slacker Mom!

Prerequisites: easy to play so your child needs little to no help navigating the app. I’ve focused on toddler and preschool apps today, but leave a note if you’d love to see apps for the older kids! The following apps are in no particular order. All apps except as noted have free trials too!

Note: I don’t have an iPad or iPhone, and I don’t have an unlimited app budget. I have a huge app wishlist but I simply can’t buy them all today! I’ve listed apps I have tried and love for Android. They are available for iOS as well, but I haven’t used them personally. Please leave a comment if you have an app that works for your kiddos!

Kid Mode by Zoodles – this is the first app I download on any device! It locks your phone with a customized screen. Your child taps on their picture and is launched into a play zone. Zoodles browses the best of Web videos and brings age-appropriate content to your child. Depending on your device, you can also let your child send and receive video mail safely, add apps like those below, and even record personalized stories with the subscription. Available on: AmazonGoogle Play, App Store,  and your home computer.

Monkey Preschool Lunchbox and Monkey Math – a fantastic choice for preschoolers, this app initially frustrated my younger toddler. However, this app is so engaging, she returned to it over and over. Eventually, she actually began learning her colors and other basic skills to be able to play it with no problems! My four year old loves these apps too, and I love the menu-less interface. Monkey Math is a bit harder for my two year old (working on not hitting the tablet in frustration!), but with the positive reinforcement I predict she’ll be a numbers whiz is no time. Amazon, Google Play, App Store.

Dr. Panda Restaurant and Dr. Panda Hospital – I admit, I have put off upgrading these apps to their full versions (though my kids beg for it!) because, well, it’s not super educational! In these apps they role play a doctor or a chef in charge of either seating patients, assessing and caring for their symptoms, or seating their patrons, taking their orders, preparing their food and serving them. There’s little creativity required of them, but for an app to keep the quiet for those golden ten minutes? A pure winner for sure. Amazon, Google Play, App Store

My PlayHome – this is another role playing app, but maybe just because I’m a girl, even I find myself tinkering along with them on this one! The app is essentially a dollhouse (with a Caucasian family on the Lite version). In the living room, you can open the windows, turn lights on and off, turn on the ‘TV’ or perhaps start a CD in the stereo. In the kitchen you can ‘feed’ your little family, do a load of laundry, or boil some water for a hot cup of tea. I don’t see my girls playing with it like our real dollhouse, but it does entertain them for quite awhile! Amazon, Google Play, App Store.

Drawing Pad – hands down, my favorite coloring app on Android. I’m in love with the textures of different mediums like crayon and marker. It’s so realistic, in fact, I learned the hard way that not coloring on the tablet with REAL crayons is an important conversation to have with your toddler. For coloring book apps, I’ve got the Color & Draw HD app high on my wishlist! Drawing Pad: AmazonGoogle Play, App Store. Color & Draw HD: Amazon, Google Play, App Store.

Intellijoy apps – the puzzle app alone has occupied my toddler for cumulative hours om end. The connect the dots app (toggle between ABC’s or 123’s and more!) encourages alphabetic order awareness. And holy smokes, Android users need to check out their Learn to Read app! Amazon, Google Play, App Store.

 The Cat in the Hat by Oceanhouse Media – This app takes real books (think Dr. Suess and Berenstein Bears) and has turned them into multimedia presentations. Your child can select Read It Myself, Read To Me, and Auto Play. Auto Play is my favorite for my toddler as it performs like a mini movie for her. In Read To Me, the words are highlighted as the book is read aloud. (Looks like some nifty new features for iOS, too!) Amazon, Google PlayApp Store, and more! 

Spinlight Apps – it’s not easy to find apps as beautiful and educational as Spinlight turns out. I love these apps. I’m so excited they brought their content to Android. From AlphaTots for toddlers to Operation Math for the older kids, these apps are brilliant, simple, and fun! (Homeschoolers, don’t miss TableTots!) I wish Spinlight offered a trial version of their apps so you’ll have to take my word on this one! Amazon, Google Play, App Store.

Starfall Learn to Read – if you have a preschooler, you likely know and love Starfall has been bringining their awesome content to iOS for awhile now but has more recently began to focus on Android as well. My only complaint is that not all the iOS Starfall apps are on Android (yet!) but my four year old is thrilled to have her favorite characters on my tablet too. Amazon, Google PlayApp Store

Super WhyFinally! PBS Kids is finally bringing content over to Android! So far Super Why and Play at Home With Daniel are the only released on Android, but they’re pretty great. My kids don’t know Daniel, but we are huge fans of Super Why at our house. Note, there aren’t any trial versions of these apps. Amazon, Google Play, App Store. Edit: since writing this, several more apps have been released on both Google Play and Amazon! 

Disclosure: I am an Amazon affiliate, and when you purchase through the Amazon links above I get a very small portion of the proceeds.

Any must have apps that need to be on this list? Leave the app name, as well as your operating system below! (iOS, Android, Kindle, or other.)


General Conference Ideas for Young Children

I am so happy to be featuring Kirstylee as a guest blogger today! She has some fabulous ideas on keeping those kids wrangled during General Conference. For more ideas, check out my Pinterest General Conference Fun board, and don’t forget to read my post from April’s conference, as well as ideas for conference that travel well! – Sarah

Hey, my name is Kirstylee and I am a brand new blogger over at Moms Have Questions Too where I answer all of the questions moms have. I just want to take a quick second to thank Sarah for letting me be a guest blogger on her awesome website! This is my very first guest post and I’m so excited to be doing it on Confessions of a Slacker Mom. And now, I have some ideas to help you survive General Conference with young children.

Moms Have Questions Too General Conference Activity Ideas for Young Children

I used to love General Conference. Then, I had kids and I dreaded General Conference (you know what I mean, right). Then I discovered Pinterest and General Conference once again became something I enjoyed. Cheer for Pinterest!! Last April, I discovered (on Pinterest, of course) the idea to make a different activity bag for your child for each speaker during Conference. I did this and after General Conference my four year old (Little Bear) asked me every week for four months when it was going to be General Conference again. I’d say that was a success.

This October, I decided to create several preschool aged printables to go in Little Bear’s activity bags and I also put together several activity bags for my toddler, Smiley Man (1). Here are a few of the activities that will be going in their General Conference Activity Bags.

Preschool Printables:

General Conference Activities Sticker Art Pages Sticker Art Pages

General Conference Activities Poke Pages Book of Mormon Poke Pages

General Conference Activities Apostle Magnet Pages Apostle Magnet or Do-a-Dot Pages

General Conference Activities Magnetic Letter Match Church Magnetic Letter Match Pages

Additional Preschool ideas you may like:

Toddler Printables:

General Conference Activities Milk Cap Pictures Milk Cap Pictures for Match and Drop Game

General Conference Activities Apostle Pictures Envelope Matching Pictures of Apostles to put in matching envelope

Additional toddler ideas you may like:

More General Conference Ideas:

If you have older children, I really like these General Conference packets. In fact, I printed out a copy of the Junior Primary Age Packet for each of the kids in my CTR 7 class. Sugardoodle also has some great General Conference packets. I also love this idea for General Conference treat buckets and I’ll probably use it once my kids are a little older. Of course, the ultimate resource is Sarah’s General Conference Fun Pinterest board. There are some amazing ideas on that board!

Good luck with General Conference this weekend! Remember that pre-planning on your part will make for a much happier and quieter General Conference. Pssst, that means you actually get to listen. ;)

Top 10 Android Apps for LDS Families

This post is a wee bit late, and a wee bit ugly. My hard drive is dead-as-a-door-nail-dead. Most of the data is backed up but currently inaccessible. Including Photoshop, family photos, blog info, and virtually everything I’ve ever saved on this computer. Do a girl a favor, pick and image, and pin it with some alluring title like “Top 10 LDS apps for Android! This is sure a handy list!” Will ya? Perhaps my lack of cool post graphic will be save by your quick pinning hands…

Last week I shared the top ten iPad apps for LDS families. I promised the Android version because a) I’m a mom and know that everything must be fair and it better be to the exactly fair to the nth degree or else and b) because I just got a pretty new Android tablet for my birthday!

While I could easily find 10 or more LDS specific Android apps, it was a stretch to call them the top ten. Let’s just say there’s room for improvement.
{You hear me, Android developers?? Improvement. Lots of it.}

10 Top Android Apps for LDS Families

10. eTrail to Eagle – my son’s scout leaders use this to help them (and me!) track his scouting progress. $1.99

See also: Eagle Mountain App. Seriously, Eagle Mountain has an app? Anyone know why??

9. LDS Youth – I mentioned this on my iPad apps list. This is great if you teach youth or have youth in your family, or if you have a youth who has an Android. :) Free.

8. The Coatalso mentioned on my iPad apps list. Cute story, great for family home evening! Free.

7. LDS Plan – not a family app per se, but a darn nifty one. This app schedules your visiting/home teaching appointments, and reports your visits, too! Free.

See also: Mormon Tithing Calculator – does more than the standard 10%! ;) You may also like LDS Temples – a directory of temples and their phone numbers, schedules, and more. Useful when you are lucky enough to have a choice of temples to attend!

6. LDS Scripture of the Day – I’ve blogged about this particular app before. Somehow, the scriptures always seem to line up neatly with exactly what I need to hear that day! It’s a widget that sits on your home screen. We like to read this out loud at breakfast before school! Free.

See also: LDS Quotes Lite, or spring for the paid version to set quotes as your background. I’m not sure if this is optomized for tablets though, so be aware of that!

LDS Gospel Library

5. Gospel Library – an official app of the church, this truly is the app you need. Scriptures, all of the church magazines (print version only), and your manuals, throw this app on your tablet and you’re ready for church. In fact, in Relief Society on Sunday I realized I had forgotten my manual. I quickly downloaded the manual (internet connection required), and shared my tablet with the sister sitting next to me who was without her manual, too! Free.

See also: LDS Tools – have the ward directory on your phone. Great for making playdates with other primary children, too!

4. LDS Children’s Sing Along – I love this app, but here’s what I can’t figure out: it appears to be the same as the iPad version, but by a different developer… and no free version?? 5 bucks is pretty steep on the Android market, especially without a freebie. But the app is darling and my kids love it anyway. $4.99

See also: LDS Hymns Sing Along

3. Bible Videos –   I love these professionally produced videos from the church. They give so much life to the words in the Scriptures! Especially useful if you’ll be doing 24 Days of Mormon Christmas again this year!

See also: The Mormon Channel – excellent resource for streaming conference, music, talks, and more.

2. LDS Hymns with Notes – as the title suggests, this is a hymn book app. You can view the songs with their notes or just with their lyrics. You can have the app play the music for you, or you can sing right along with MoTab. Your call. Great for Family Home Evenings on your tablet! Free.

1. Book of Mormon Stories – if you use FHE Made Easy or the Walk Beside Me preschool curriculum, you know I link to the Book of Mormon Stories videos all the time! This gives you quick and easy access to the videos and you can even download them for offline viewing. How fun would that be for teaching a primary class?

See also: Book of Mormon for Kids, for the digital version of the print version. <– That’s confusing. I know.

Bonus! Other apps I’d like to recommend, but I’m too cheap to purchase: LDS Gazillionaire, LDS Tiles Puzzle, Gospel Art Book, or LDS Hangman. If you try one of these apps, please leave a note and let us know what you thought!

Question: what’s your favorite app for your Android?

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