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FAQ – 24 Days of Mormon Christmas

24 Days of Mormon Christmas

Here are some of my most popular questions about 24 Days of Mormon Christmas!

I found this past December 1, is it too late for me to use for my family? Answer: Nope, not at all! I’m a firm believer in doing what works for you and your family. That means use it from the 7th to the 24th, use it every other day, use it on Mondays, use it once and save it for next year. Whatever works for your family and your schedule!

When will I get my files? Answer: Instantly! The files will be sent instantly to your PayPal email address. If it’s not there, check your spam folders. The files will be sent only if the payment has cleared. For checks and paypal accounts, this is instant, but for e-checks, this can take a day or two.

Do I need a PayPal account? Answer: No, a credit card works, I just use PayPal to protect your privacy.
I went to open my file and it didn’t save it. Now it’s telling me my download expired? Answer: You get three “clicks” to download the file. This works great for downloading on diferrent devices. I suggest saving the file very first!

Can you just reset my download limit? Answer: Yes and no. Yes, I can, and I will. But it will be on my schedule when I have some time between my own busy holiday season and needs of my family. Did I mention saving it first? :)

Is this different than last year? Answer: The links have been updated but the content is the same. This is meant to be a yearly tradition, and doesn’t need to be purchased from year to year. 

How to I put the file on my iPad? or my Kindle? Or my _______ device? Answer: I’m not a tech guru but I will answer emails as I can. Your best bet is to google “how to put pdf file on _______ (device).” There is a simple solution to virtually every device out there! 

Can I email the gift license to everyone I know? Answer: How popular are you? :) You have the license to send up to one hundred times. After that, it’s copyright infringement. More importantly, this license is limited to one hundred total, if you send to 100 friends you will need to repurchase the gift edition!

FREE LDS Tot School & Preschool Printables!

Lead Me, Guide Me Tot School

It’s my birthday! To celebrate my 08/08 birthday as well as 800 Facebook followers, I have a freebie for you all!

I’m so excited to announce a mini project I’ve been working on for a bit. I absolutely love my Walk Beside Me LDS Preschool Curriculum, but it is definitely geared towards older preschoolers. This K4 program assumes your child recognizes his or her letters and is starting to learn the sounds associated with each letter. Today I have a free download for you: LDS preschool printables for the youngest crowd!

It is designed to work with the Walk Beside Me curriculum or as a standalone activity (also: think FHE and Sacrament Meeting activities!)  If you have an older child who is ready for Walk Beside Me, start your tot on these simple hands on activities that go right along with your theme for the week! If your child is a bit older, but perhaps not ready for some of the activities in Walk Beside Me, use the Lead Me, Guide Me set to fill out your weekly curriculum. This download contains 5 activities: a Do-A-Dot page, a coloring page, a collage page, a ‘trace then write’ page, and a phonics coloring page. (Look here for an excellent example of collage pages!) There are 130 total pages in this download alone!

Click the DOWNLOAD button below to receive your free printables! This download is absolutely free! If you find it useful, please consider donating! Donating helps support this blog, supports my LDS homeschooling endeavors, and helps me justify the time and energy in creating more printables for you. Feel free to donate as much as you feel this curriculum is worth to you!

Can’t afford to donate today? Then ‘like’ Confessions of a Slacker Mom on Facebook or pin this! Don’t forget to sign up for Confessions of a Slacker Mom delivered to your inbox so you won’t miss out on future LDS printables, slacker mom goodness, and more!

Note: This download is a zipped file. You’ll need a program to unzip it, like WinZip, to open it.


The Dedicated Life of a Mormon Missionary

I recently came across this infographic and thought I would share it, in case you’ve been wondering about those Mormon missionaries!

A Few Questions for YOU!



Would you do me just a quick little favor? Would you mind just filling out this quick little form? I’m contemplating some changes in the future for this little blog of mine, and I’d love your input.

Since my blog “niche” is just a wee bit scattered (uh, ADHD anyone??), I want to know why you are here reading this blog. Are you skipping every few posts, just waiting for the posts you’re most interested in? Or are you loving every single word I write? (Ha ha.)

Filling this out should take you two minutes, max. Unless your kids interrupt you every twenty seven seconds while reading it, then I can’t guarantee anything!

Mothers: It’s Worth It. {FREE LDS Printable!}

Click to Download

Edit: How embarrassing! I’m not sure how this happened, but for some reason I forgot to actually ADD THE DOWNLOAD. Sheesh. Then of course, I neglect my blog for a week… :/ It’s updated now, thanks for letting me know, ladies!!

Get this free LDS Printable by clicking on the image above!

This past couple of weeks have been quite challenging for me in Mommy-land. Too much screaming, too little cleaning, and a far too blurry line between sane and not. I love my kids, in all their sticky-faced, rumpled clothes, sibling rivaled glory, but some days it is just exhaustingWith all my faults and failures, it feels impossible that I could be doing much for the good of my children.

In one of my mental rants against the pitfalls of raising children, I sat alone in front of the computer far too late at night. I was steeping in full Pity Party mode, and didn’t know how to shake it. Finally, I decided (was inspired?) to read some talks from the general authorities of the church on motherhood. There are lots of beautiful ones, but that night a particular one called, “Because She Is a Mother” lightened my heart.

The words, spoken by Jeffrey R. Holland, were soft and comforting, and all too true. He begins with a story from Victor Hugo; two soldiers witnessing a mother break a meager loaf of bread and handing it all to her two children. One soldier surmises that she isn’t hungry, but the other knows the role of motherhood well: No, it is because she is a mother.

I can’t but help wonder what the mother herself thought in this situation: surely she handed the morsels of bread to her children, full of self-deprecation, feeling at fault for providing them with so little. She is hungry herself, yes, but she will sacrifice and she will cry alone, wishing that she could do more, wishing she could be more.  Motherhood requires giving and sacrificing, and still feeling like an utter failure against the unending demands of little children. Still, we give it all, and cry alone at night, wondering if we are enough, praying that tomorrow we will be all that they require.

Elder Holland patiently reminds us,

Mothers, it is worth it then, now, and forever.

then advises,

Do the best you can through these years, but whatever else you do, cherish that role that is so uniquely yours and for which heaven itself sends angels to watch over you and your little ones.

It’s a hard and selfish work where giving our all rarely feels complete. These words reminded me of the eternal nature of our rewards, so I created a little printable to hang in my home (or perhaps I’ll shrink it down so I can stick it in my scriptures?). Click the image above to download all 5 versions of the quote. Just be sure to print the page number you like best to get your favorite colorway. :)

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