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Signing Time DVDs Only $10!


I am so so so excited to share this email that I just got with you. These are NOT affiliate links, these are nothing sponsored. This is just something I love. I truly feel Signing Time unlocked oral language for my daughter. Nicole signed long before she could talk, and she talked very early! This deal is… well, I’m speechless. (Perhaps I should sign ‘excited!’)

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 In fact, I’m jealous. Is it weird that I’m sad I own every single Signing Time because this means I can’t take advantage of this deal? Hmm… except for Potty Time…!

Completely unrelated to what I’m doing on the computer, Nicole is playing with our Signing Time flashcards right now. Signing Time movies (and flashcards and books!) are perfect for preschoolers learning their ABCs. All fifty thousand of them. We have a stack of Signing Time DVDs 2 inches thick next to our DVD player in our bedroom. We take the books to church. In a pinch, we used the ‘stop’ and ‘go’ flashcards for music time at church when the music leader forgot her signs for the singing game! We have even met Rachel, Alex, Leah, and Hopkins!

Yeah… we’re pretty die hard Signing Time fans around here!

$10 DVD Sale - June 5-6 only

For your convenience, we’ve bundles together some of our most popular DVDs for this sale. Click an image below to add these DVD sets to your cart at the special sale price.

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Offer starts June 5 12:01 AM MST and ends June 6, 2012 11:59 PM MST. Offer valid at, and only. Offer applies to single DVDs only – does not apply to digital downloads at Signing Time on Demand, non-DVD items, product bundles, or gift cards. No coupon code is required. Discount automatically applied at checkout. Promotion pricing cannot be applied to previous orders. Offer not valid with other promotions, coupon codes, or discounts. For details, visit

All right, who wet the bed??

There are times in life when you really start questioning your own well being. Last night this morning was one of those times. I woke up about six a.m. to find the blanket was a bit wet. Odd. I rolled over, to find my sheet was a bit wet. Then I realized my pajamas were also wet. What the…?

Getting out of bed, I smelled the sheet. The undeniable ammonia smell of urine hit me in the face. Nicole, who had climbed into my bed hours before, was nowhere to be found, and I was soaking wet.
{Did I do that??}
I did a quick underwear check. Nope, wasn’t me.

Yes, I seriously had to check.

Nicole, three and a half, has been potty trained for well over a year now. She has never, not even once, wet the bed. Great place to start, hmm? In my bed! I went into her room and she was peacefully curled up with her new Little Mermaid quilt I made for her. She has also never voluntarily given up her preferred sleeping spot–my bed–so I sent a quick text to Gary (long since at work) to see if he had moved her when he left. No, he replied. He hadn’t.

I started to worry that Nicole was sleeping in wet clothes, not even realizing she had wet herself. I checked on her–beneath the blanket was a bare bum. Going downstairs to shower (because a, our bathroom upstairs will never ever ever be finished and b, I was sticky with you-know-what) I saw her pile of discarded wet clothes by the toilet. Apparently she wet herself, came to the potty, removed her clothes, then climbed back to bed.
Not surprising: my bed was all wet! 

The good news is, I still have complete control over my bladder.
{I was a little worried about that.} 
The bad news is, Nicole wet the bed.
{I’m hoping it was a one-time occurrence.}
The other bad news is, since I woke up so early to shower, I fell back asleep -on the couch- and was woken by my early-riser-Jordan, 5 minutes before we should leave for school.

Have you ever had a bizarre situation in the middle of the night? (Hey, if it’s dark, it’s the middle of the night, okay?) Does it screw up your whole day, or do you roll with the punches?

Potty Training Sticker Chart – free printable!

Click to download!

I am so glad that we are currently done with potty training. Nicole was freakishly simple to potty train, and Abigail is still in cloth diapers. While I don’t love washing the diapers, I do love matching her diapers to her outfits, and spend more time than I should on googling new cloth to try, if the money magically landed in my lap.

Amanda at Multi-Testing Mommy asked me to join in on her Finally Diaper Free event. Me being me, I quickly made up a printable and then quickly forgot all about it. Meaning, I didn’t even send it to her. I’m super nice, aren’t I? Anyway, I sent her an apologetic email today along with the link. So the printable will be up soon on her event, but I have it here for you, now.

If you are in the midst of potty training (or if it’s sneaking up on you!), I highly recommend checking out her series! She has tons of giveaways open: potty training books, a fun shirt, and even cleaning products. Lol, that last one cracks me up. Who thinks of a cleaning product for a potty training giveaway?? Clearly, this mom knows what’s important in potty training!

Click on the picture to download the pdf version of the potty training chart. Print, and let your tot put a fun sticker on each time “success” is obtained. Don’t forget to choose a prize to work towards when the chart is all full!

By the way, I’m the wimpiest mom. Nicole got one sticker for potty, two stickers for uh, #2, and one or two pieces of candy. And when her chart was full, she got a new Barbie!

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