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D is for Daniel

D is for Daniel

This is horribly conceited of me to think, but every time I open a page of the Walk Beside Me curriculum, I just want to squeal “It’s sooo cute!” Being that I work in a corner of the house, generally alone and late at night, it would probably seem a little weird. Then again, they are used to it.

Welcome to Week 4 of the Walk Beside Me Preschool! We’ve had A is for Adam, B is for Baptism, C is for Creation, and now; D is for Daniel! Your children will love the action packed story of Daniel being sent to the lions den, only to have an angel come and calm the lions! This is a great story to reinforce at Family Home Evening time–can’t you see Dad crawling on the floor roaring like a hungry lion, only to have an angel (aka Big Sister!) calm him down?

This packet is chock full of printables for your preschooler. From beginning addition, to writing practice, to shape recognition, this set has you covered!

Don’t forget to check out the preschool schedule to find the best ways to implement this program. Questions? Check out our FAQ page regarding Walk Beside Me!

This download is available for free; but please take a look at my Walk Beside Me Store! Proceeds from the store go directly to the continuation and upkeep of this curriculum.

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