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Walk Beside Me LDS Preschool Curriculum: H is for Helaman

H is for Helaman Printables

Okay, I’m not sure what my problem has been this week. But the newest addition to my LDS preschool curriculum, Walk Beside Me: H is for Helaman” is finally here and ready to go! Kids just love the story of Helaman’s Army, but boys especially love it. It would be so much fun to do a family home evening activity to introduce your preschool topic for the week. Boys + cardboard + tin foil = 1 sword + 1 unforgettable FHE!
(Did that make sense? Because I’m super bad at math.) 

This week incorporates the beautiful Janice Kapp Perry song, “We’ll Bring the World His Truth,” to remind us that we too, can be members of God’s army! We don’t need swords to fight for God, we need to be missionaries throughout our lives! What a powerful message to learn at such a young age. A great way to start in on this topic is by referring to the Church’s media library. Check out this video of Helaman and the 2,000 Young Warriors.

For the secular focus of the week, I’ve chosen H is for Hygiene. As recently potty trained individuals, preschool is a great time to review and master handwashing concepts! In the LDS Preschool Schedule, I’ve linked you to some great activites, including a fun action poem on washing your hands. For the sensory bin, I highly recommend a bin with water, some soap, and a towel. Kids love playing in water, and doing so right after learning about hand washing will definitely reinforce those concepts! Just keep in mind, kids can drown in a mere inch of water… so watch them. Or else! :)

Don’t forget to check out the Walk Beside Me Preschool Store. Your purchases help finance this operation. :)

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