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Walk Beside Me: K is for Keep the Commandments

Walk Beside Me Introduction

After my vacation last week, I promised I’d post the next installment of my LDS Preschool curriculum, Walk Beside Me, yesterday. Well yesterday I was driving to drop off my nieces (4 and 2) before I picked up my kids from school. This was apparently the perfect timing for something called a serpentine belt to go out. Of course, things like this only happen when you have 4 children (4, 3, 2, and 1 years) in the car and you’re on the freeway.

The serpentine belt runs everything–power steering, power brakes, and whatever it is that keeps the engine from overheating. Essentially the car was happy to go, as long as I didn’t mind that I could stop or steer it control it easily.
{Fun, right?}

Anyway, that led to an emergency pick up by the hubby and brother-in-law (who also got his kids), and a seriously long wait at Jiffy Lube. Totally took the jiffy out of Jiffy Lube, which only happens when you are waiting with 2 young children who are hungry and have no extra diapers. Also, you still have two more kids at school waiting to be picked up.

It all worked out eventually, but it made for the quite the headache-inducing day. I did, however, feel inspired to grab extra fruit snacks as we headed out the door, which calmed mildly-panicked children as we waited for our knights-in-dusty-Suburbans. If only that inspiration had whispered “binky” a little louder…

Moving on! (Which my car not only does but also and stops when I say so.)

This week’s letter is the letter K for Keep the Commandments. We talked about how King Benjamin gave a talk to lots of people, like conference, and how he commanded them to keep the commandments. We talked a bit about what those commandments are, sunbeam-style (“we are commanded to pray, and go to church, and be kind,” etc.). We sang the song “Keep the Commandments” which is repetitive enough that little ones pick it up fairly easy. Click here to get the .pdf children’s version of the story of King Benjamin. Click here for the video, and click here for the .mp3. {The DVDs would be great additions to a family home evening lesson, or download the mp3s listen to stories in the car. Older kids can follow along with the book!You can get more Book of Mormon scripture story downloads here. I’m excited about a podcast series the Church has made for children called Scripture Stories. Here’s the King Benjamin version; these are easily downloadable to an ipod or mp3 player so you can listen on the go! They are weekly podcasts that are in a kid-friendly format. They publish them to coordinate with the Gospel Doctrine lessons (I think; I teach the oldest girls in primary and they coordinate with those lessons. I’m out of the Gospel Doctrine loop!)

We had a lot of fun with this week’s secular theme from Confessions of a Homeschooler, which was kites. I scored a kite on post-summer clearance; we made kites from pattern blocks, and we played a kite game or two. I was really excited to find that my pasting book had a kite pasting activity! I love when themes play out all across the board.

Whew! That’s a lot of information. Here’s the download for the LDS preschool lesson this week:

If you’re new to the Walk Beside Me LDS Preschool Curriculum, please check out the FAQ Page to help you get started. I provide this curriculum free for you to download, but I do ask that you head over to the Walk Beside Me Store. It’s stocked with great items to get you going on your preschool experience, and the small percentage I earn helps this blog and curriculum going! Don’t forget to grab the Walk Beside Me Schedule for great ideas on how to implement this curriculum!

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