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Walk Beside Me LDS Preschool Curriculum: Letter P

Walk Beside Me LDS Preschool Curriculum

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I meant to post this yesterday, and you know what happened?
Ugh. It was one of those days where banging your head on the wall doesn’t even begin to make a dent in your frustration. Your skull yes; frustration, not so much. So I’m later than I planned on the newest Walk Beside Me LDS Preschool curriculum packet:

P is for Prophet!

This is such a fun packet. I have a great love for President Monson and I hope my children will too. There are many resources to teach your child about our current prophet as well as prophets through the ages. Here is an adorable video made for primary children based on Pres. Monson’s General Conference talk, “What Have I Done for Someone Today?” Did you know Pres. Monson has his own website? You can also share this article from the Friend about Pres. Monson. If you need to brush up on your Pres. Monson trivia for those endless questions from your preschooler, check out this biography on our prophet.  In the packet I have also included a child friendly biography about President Monson’s life.

This week’s secular focus is P is for Princess or P is for Pumpkins, both from Confessions of a Homeschooler. Because we went to the aquarium this week, I ultimately ended up finding some great P is for Penguins resources! That’s one thing that I love about this curriculum and homeschooling. You can adjust it to your child’s interests on the fly.

If this is your first visit to my Walk Beside Me LDS Preschool curriculum, you can find out more here or check out the FAQ page here. Don’t forget to check out the Walk Beside Me Store. It’s an affliate Amazon store. Amazon offers me a small percentage of profits and for the time I put into these packets, it helps me justify the few dollars I earn here and there. :) Many families have used these to supplement their homeschooling or public schooling, as well as using them for Sacrament meetings, family home evenings, and more! If you have any questions or downloading problems, leave a comment or email me at

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