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Walk Beside Me LDS Preschool: T is for Tithing

Walk Beside Me Introduction

Edit 2: I’m still baffled as to why this won’t upload correctly. To get the T is for Tithing printables, please click here to download from Dropbox. Sorry for the inconvenience! 

Edit: I temporarily removed the letter T packet due to some corruption issues. For some reason, my personal computer still won’t download the new file. I’m hoping this works for you, but I will keep working on it. I am happy to email you this packet, please email me at and I will get it to you as soon as possible! Thanks for your understanding while I work out these bugs!

I’ve been a bad blogger.
{Bad blogger! Bad!}

I’ve been hyperfocusing this week on my daughter’s Kindergarten curriculum for next fall. Like, hyperhyperfocusing. Blogging has kind of been… meh. I’ll do better. Heck, I could even share my mixed up wild and crazy hunt for the Perfect Curriculum. I’m not making it any easier on myself by wanting to create half of it.
I’m not good at making things easy.
Complicated I do well.

But that’s not this post. This post is long overdue.
(If it’s always overdue, does that mean I’m really doing it on schedule? Let’s say yes.)

Mental note: no drinking Diet Coke while blogging. 


This week is on T is for Tithing.


Even though this is an LDS Preschool curriculum, this is a great lesson to share with older children too. So don’t let the “preschool” stop you from making it work for your family!

Dude, I can’t keep focused on this for the life of me. Just download it, okay? If you are lost and confused, check this post on starting, or this FAQ page, and of course, check the Walk Beside Me Store. If it’s your first time here, then click here to see all my preschool printables. You can also check out the preschool schedule to make these printables into a full preschool for your child!

PS – I know making an entire preschool curriculum isn’t really slacker mom, but guess what my kids are doing while I make these printables? Watching Dora. That’s what.

PPS – Tithing makes for great count-to-ten lessons. A smarter version of me would have had this lesson include number ten. But it includes number six. Should’ve thought of that… nine lessons ago.

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