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Walk Beside Me LDS Preschool: V is for the First Vision

Walk Beside Me Introduction

 Since we do our homeschool whenever the mood strikes, rather than waiting on some crazy lady to post them online, Nicole and I just finished with the letter Y.
(You ladies must have it hard, waiting on me!)
I honestly can’t believe we’re almost done with the entire Walk Beside Me LDS Preschool program! I feel like I can say I’m a real homeschool teacher now. Because I actually finished! Well, almost. Wouldn’t it be funny if I never did the letter Z??

Anyway, this week you get to download the packet for the next segment of the homeschool curriculum! Today is brought to you by:

Walk Beside Me LDS Preschool: V is for the First Vision.

(Notice I’m saying homeschool and LDS preschool a lot today? That might be for the benefit of Google. I notice that if I type in ‘LDS homeschool’ you can’t find this site, but if you type in ‘LDS preschool’ we are inching our way to the top of the list. Which is pretty awesome! But I want people looking for homeschool to be able to find me too. I’m terrible at SEO type stuff but I like to think saying LDS and homeschool a million times will help.)

 Today’s packet is a little on the small side, but sometimes I just need to get them online rather than waiting for me to add additional printables. Is that okay with you? I figure some printables are far superior to no printables.

Okay! Today’s Gospel theme is “V is for the First Vision.” Young children have such a wonderful love for Heavenly Father and Jesus, they get so excited about this story! I found a few fun resources this week to supplement our lessons. I found a poster of Joseph Smith (hang it in your school area all week!) or you could help your child retell the story after coloring these figures. My daughter loves the stories from the scripture readers, this one is from the Doctrine and Covenants Stories. This movie, Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration, is perfect for a Family Home Evening lesson, is an hour long and better to be broken up over the course of the week.

The secular focus of the week is Volcanoes. On the preschool schedule, it simply says, “Explode Volcano!” This means exactly what you probably think it means: vinegar and baking soda, baby! You can make your own, or buy a ready-made kit from Usborne Books and More. If you still like the idea of making your own, Usborne also carries a wonderful introduction to Volcanoes for only $4.99! On a completely unrelated topic, did I mention I’m now an Usborne affliate?

I hope you enjoy this week’s lesson on the First Vision! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email me or leave a message in the comments below. First, check out the Walk Beside Me FAQ. If you’re new here, you can also check out the introduction page. Before you leave, check out the Walk Beside Me Store. Amazon gives me a small percentage of the sale to help justify the vast amount of time this curriculum has taken! And don’t forget to tell your friends about this awesome LDS Homeschool curriculum! ;)

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