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Walk Beside Me LDS Preschool: X is for Ammon’s eXample

Walk Beside Me Introduction

Okay, I might be stretching it just a leeetle bit here to say that X is for ‘eXample’ but you know what? It’s going to be years before your kid figures out there is an e before the word ‘example,’ so I don’t think I’m confusing anyone that badly here. Plus… what was I supposed to do for the letter X? I mean… really.

So today’s segment of the Walk Beside Me LDS Preschool is

X is for Ammon’s eXample!

Alphabetic liberties aside, this is such a fun little packet! I’ve thrown in a few printables we haven’t seen in awhile, like a coloring page and a size sort activity. These hands on activities will help your child work on manual dexterity (important for learning to write letters).

This week you’ll be teaching your child about the story of Ammon. Ammon is one of my favorite scripture heroes; I even gave a talk about him as a teen. I love Ammon because not only is he just cool with his brute force in scaring off the mean robbers, but he’s also thoughtful. When the other servants of the king ran off to tell the king what Ammon had done, the king asked where Ammon was. Awkwardly, the servants confess that he’s taking care of the horses they failed to put away!

The song of the week is the classic “Book of Mormon Stories.” There are actually many verses to this song, it would be so fun to teach your child the verse about Ammon. Little boys (and hey, little girls too) will love watching the movie of Ammon from the Book of Mormon Stories. In telling the story of Ammon, you could cut out these figures. I always like to laminate and place magnet strips on the back, then I use a cookie sheet like a flannel board.

To find the best way to implement this curriculum into a full weekly preschool, check out the Preschool Schedule. If you’re new here, start with the Introduction Page or the FAQ. I also have a Walk Beside Me Store. The store is an Amazon affliate store, I get paid per purchase you make through the store, so please check it out before you leave.

I hope you enjoy this LDS homeschool or preschool at home resource. Whichever you prefer. :)

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