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Arm & Hammer Tooth Tunes Review – #ToothTunes1D #spon

Arm & Hammer Tooth Tunes One Direction Toothbrush

My kids recently went to the dentist after a *ahem* rather long period of not going to the dentist. Not surprisingly, we are newly committed to their dental hygiene after remembering just how much those cavities cost to fill. It was perfect timing that I was asked to review the Arm & Hammer Tooth Tunes One Direction toothbrush!

IMG_9521 copy

This toothbrush rocks – literally! The toothbrush we were sent to review plays its own song as your child brushes. To hear the whole song, they need to brush for exactly two minutes. (Hmm, isn’t that convenient?) My daughter loved rocking out to one of her favorite songs, One Thing by One Direction, as she brushed her teeth. Standing next to her, the music is fairly quiet but the sound actually travels through her teeth to her head. Like me, she can’t hear the music well unless she’s brushing her teeth. The Tooth Tunes website offers this explanation:

From the makers of the #1 kids battery toothbrushes, ARM & HAMMER™ Tooth Tunes™ features one of a kind Music in Your Mouth™ technology. This proprietary technology streams sound vibrations from the bristles of the toothbrush through the teeth, allowing kids to hear the music while they brush.

Tooth Tunes removes any battle associated with brushing their teeth. Whether you struggle with getting your child to brush her teeth at all, or simply can’t get her to brush for two entire minutes, this toothbrush takes those issues away. If your child isn’t a fan of One Direction, there are tons of other songs to choose from, including artists like Hot Chelle Ray and Queen.

Arm & Hammer Tooth Tunes One Direction Toothbrush

Good news for your kid if he or she is a fan of One Direction (and really, who isn’t??): Arm & Hammer Tooth Tunes is giving away 4 tickets to a One Direction Concert! Here are the details from Arm & Hammer:

  • Church & Dwight Co., Inc., is excited to announce the Brush with Tooth Tunes™, Rock with One Direction Sweepstakes! Enter for a chance to win the Grand Prize, four tickets to a One Direction concert in August 2013.
  •  100 First Prize Winners will receive One Direction prize packs, with One Direction merchandise.
  • To enter, follow the below steps:
    • Create an optional video of yourself or your kids brushing with One
      • Direction ARM & HAMMER™ Tooth Tunes™ for your chance to be
      • featured on! (A video is not required for entry.)
  • Visit, complete the registration form and click submit to be entered for your chance to win.
  • Enter up to once per week now through 6/30/13
  • Winners will be chosen July 201

Brush with Tooth Tunes™, Rock with One Direction Sweepstakes Rules:

  • No purchase necessary
  • The sweepstakes is open only to legal residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia, who are 13 years of age or older

For official rules, visit

IMG_9514 copy

And finally, my 9-almost-10-year-old gives her review: “It’s AWESOME!” For further motivation and inspiration for toothbrush battles, check out my free “Brush Your Teeth” printable!

Disclosure: I am a member of the Mom It Forward! network. I received compensation and/or product for this review. As always, the opinions stated are 100% my own.

An Unpinnable Halloween

I believe my daughter is waving to her reflection in this picture, and my toddler is grinning at a stranger in the distance.

I went to bed last night with delusions of grandeur, thinking I would wake up early and surprise the kids with some Pumpkin Pancakes (like these on the Idea Door!).
I woke up tired, grumpy, and late.

I believe my daughter is waving to her reflection in this picture, and my toddler is grinning at a stranger in the distance.

In this picture you’ll notice three girly girls, dressed up in costume. We were so late in getting ready that I missed the chance to take a photo of my son, and my oldest daughter was rushed out the door with her hair in a sloppy ponytail because we couldn’t find the brush and she was going to be late. No time for cute cowgirl braids. As she ran out I admonished, “Keep your hat on so no one sees your hair!”

Nicole, Abigail, and I went to the annual costume parade at the school but got there late, and missed Rebecca actually parading around. Instead we sat in the hallway with her and watched the other children go by on their way back to class, as Rebecca’s class was one of the first to go. (Frankly, I preferred this to getting there super early and waitingwaitingwaiting to catch a glimpse of my kid before she’s gone!)

Oh well. I’m a slacker. I decided I would make a cute little Halloween themed lunch. (These mummy pizzas are adorable, but the cookie cutter pumpkin sandwich is more my lazy style.) I would be awake, alert, and could master a little Halloween fun. We didn’t start school till just before noon and rushed through it before my daughter came home from her short day at school…

… then I realized I was out of bread, so we just reheated baked potatoes for lunch.

Our traditional pre-trick or treating bowl of piping hot chili will be waylaid by the fact that I didn’t have the ingredients for chili on hand.
Carving pumpkins? Didn’t buy ’em.
Decorating the house? Decorations were in storage… sure hope we get our Christmas decor out before February.

This blog is officially unpinnable, as far as this Halloween is concerned.

I’m just keeping it real for you. If you ever feel like less-than-the-best because of those cutesy, crafty moms on Pinterest who deck out their porches and create crafts for the season and bake up a storm, all in the name of enjoying a holiday with their family, I just wanted to let you know: you’re not alone.

Are you a slacker Halloween mom?

Changes & Routine

Back to School 2012

We are officially Back to School – both my public schooled stepchildren, ages 12 and 9, and my homeschooled daughters, ages 4 and 2. Jordan is entering seventh grade in his first year at middle school, Rebecca has started fourth grade, Nicole is doing Kindergarten at home with me, and little Abigail is doing Tot School!

I’m incredibly grateful to be back to a routine. Granted, I’m tired (haven’t quite gotten that school night bedtime down for myself), and I have less help during the day. I actually hate the responsibility behind a routine, but we all do better on one, especially if I can keep it up. The laziness of the summer–and the awfulness of this summer without having a car for a month and even without TV for a bit–is officially behind us.

The biggest change to our routine is that Rebecca and Jordan are no longer going to school clear across town. It was a decision that we reached after a lot of prayer, but we’ve removed Rebecca from her Spanish dual immersion program. My husband and I are sad that she won’t continue in the program, but we also know it’s the best thing for her right now. Not the deciding factor, but a huge benefit, is that I will save approximately 8,000 miles on our car and over an hour a day!

Check back tomorrow to hear more about what Nicole, Abigail and I are doing at home! I’ll share my curriculum choices as well as a recap of our week.

Are your kids back to school? Do you like the routine, or do you dread this time of year?

Clear The Air Challenge

Baby Elephant

In July, my family had the opportunity to visit the new Rocky Shores exhibit at Hogle Zoo. What? Free trip to the zoo? Count us in!

I was able to attend a kick off press conference for the Clear the Air Challenge 2012. It was attend by the governor, the mayor, the Today’s Mama team (including the fabulous Rachael Herrscher sp), and the press.

This August, Clear the Air is starting a great new challenge for you! You know that yucky cloud of yellow air that hangs over our valley in the winter? Clear the Air is asking us to work now (when the weather is great!) to take part in a valley wide initiative to clean up our air quality. All through the month there will be awesome prizes just for entering how many trips you’ve saved each day. Here’s the info from the Clear the Air site:

A single-occupant vehicle trip is any trip you may take from point A to point B. By making small adjustments in your schedule, you can easily save vehicle trips throughout the day.

For example, if you have two places to go in one day (points A and B), instead of taking four separate trips from your home to each destination and back, you can travel from your home to point A, to point B and then back home. By making this small adjustment, you will have taken 3 trips instead of 4, and saved one trip.

  • If you decide to ride your bike somewhere, you’ve saved 2 trips.
  • If you run your errands on the way home from work instead of going home first, you’ve saved 1 trip per errand (work to library – 1 trip saved, library to grocery store – 1 more trip saved).
  • If you carpool to your kids’ soccer game, everyone in the car but the driver saved 2 trips.
  • If you work from home one day, you’ve saved 2 trips.
  • If you walk to an event, you’ve saved 2 trips.
As you can see, it will be really easy for your miles to add up! I personally like to run all my errands in one trip. Leaving my house with children in tow is hard enough once, I can’t imagine spreading the trips out throughout the day! We also walk to church unless the weather is really bad, and we’re trying not to ride to church even when we’re late. Hee hee. :D
I haven’t had a car since the beginning of July, so do I win the prize right there? Hopefully it’s a new car… KIDDING!
Join the TodaysMama team on Clear the Air so we can a) kick butt and WIN and b) reduce emmissions and provide better air quality for our children. We can so do this!
Will you join the challenge with me?! Join Clear the Air here, and follow all the updates *and reminders!* on Facebook!

Serenity Now!

The Internet guy should be here sometime today between 9 am and 6 pm to repair my Internet. Fortunately, I have no car, so waiting on the repairman isn’t a big issue. Unfortunately, I still have no car.

My mom surprised the kids and I with a fun trip yesterday to our local amusement park, Lagoon. Getting out of the house was a huge help to my sanity. Only my oldest, Jordan, had been before, so everyone had a great day.

Now we’re back home, waiting for someone to repair our Internet and consequently, our TV service (Netflix). Today we’ll clean the house. Watch Disney Pixar movies. And pray that the Internet man will come ASAP. As nice as my mom was to loan me her iPad, which I’m affectionately calling “Serenity Now,” I miss my computer and the mindless hours I spend surfing the web.

Serenity now. Serenity now. Serenity now!
Serenity now… Insanity later.

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