How to Chuck Your Kids’ Crap {A Series}

How to Chuck Your Kids' Crap Series

It starts slowly, innocuously. A baby shower for your first precious angel, due any day, perhaps.
A small toy, gifted.
A rattle.
It’s all so innocent.

A year later, another party for your sweet angel.
A board book.
A toy which purpose seems to be to make noise.
A walking toy.

Fast forward several more years.
Your child begs for little toys at the Target Dollar Spot.
It’s only a dollar, you know.
You get the newest learning gadget for their birthday.
Because this is your precious, sweet angel.

Then comes the hoarding.
Valentine’s cards from kids they don’t know.
Stuffed animals that come with their own web pages.
Those dollar toys that have somehow, over the last year, multiplied by one hundred.

And suddenly it dawns on you…
you are drowning in their crap.

It’s time, my fellow mothers. It is time to
chuck. their. crap.
{I’m going to tell you how.}

Join me for a 4 part series on chucking the crap in your own home. Check out the new post each day!

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2 Responses to How to Chuck Your Kids’ Crap {A Series}

  1. Alana says:

    So true! I can’t wait to read the series. I tell my girls, if it’s too much to keep clean, then something’s got to go. It’s also another reason why I give the family the girls’ wishlists for birthdays and holidays, otherwise they buy crap the girls don’t even want.

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