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Edit: I was asked by Coupon Chief to remove links linking to their site for SEO purposes. Thanks!
With four kids as my “shopping partners,” is it any surprise that I love online shopping? A mom can only say “no,” “put that back,” “I’m not getting that,” “please stop doing that,” “come back here!” so many times. And it always, always ends with,
“fine, just stop crying!
Shopping with kids ends up being a very expensive venture indeed.
Where was I? Oh yes, online shopping.
Online shopping is relaxing to me, unlike real-life shopping. I get to go at my own pace, browse different stores at once, and comparison shop to my heart’s content so I know I’m getting the best deal. All without unbuckling or rebuckling a single car seat!
Now, you know I’m a couponer, right? I love a good deal, and I love stretching my money so that I can afford other things later in the month (like groceries!). So when I do online shop, the one thing I do before I finalize any order is google for a coupon code. It used to be pretty hit and miss–I’d type in “ coupon code” and slowly search through the coupon code websites, filtering through expired coupons to see if I could find something that matched my order. 
Then Coupon Chief contacted me to see if I would be interested in a doing a review. 
Coupon Chief is one convenient spot for all those coupon codes for which I’m constantly searching! You simply type in the store you’re looking for in the search box, and it gives you a list of what is available for that store. So when I type in “,” it gives me a list like this:
Totally simple. As you click on a coupon code, it automatically opens the site and puts the code onto your clipboard so all you have to do is paste it when you check out. It gives you a percentage of how successful the coupon has been for other shoppers, and also lets you tell them whether or not it worked for you. 
If it didn’t work, a pop up will let you select a list of reasons why (invalied, expired, etc). Then that coupon code will disappear from your view so you don’t forget and try that same coupon code again. (Not like that would happen to you…) If it does work, it asks for the amount you saved using the coupon.
Not all coupon codes will work, because there are a lot of coupon codes floating around online. But having them in one place realy simplifies the process–as does the fact that it updates expired coupons. Some coupon sites will display coupons that expired years ago.
Overall, I think a savvy shopper can save a lot of money using Coupon Chief. Now if you’re a really savvy shopper, you can actually make money with Coupon Chief. You can upload coupon codes you come across for certain stores. If you get an email code from Old Navy? Upload it! Facebook code for Amazon? Upload it! When someone uses the coupon code you uploaded you get 2% of the sale! 
{Imagine if you uploaded a coupon, and someone uses it to score big on their new home theater system, and spends $1000. You would get a check or paypal deposit for twenty bucks!}
How cool is that? A few minutes of surfing and posting can seriously pay off. That’s by far the best feature of Coupon Chief, in my opinion. 
The worst feature? The word “chief” is apparently really hard for me to spell. :)
cheif cheif chief cheif cheif cheif cheif chief chief… erggh…
Note: I was contacted by Coupon Chief to give an honest review of their service. My time was compensated for the reviewing and writing of this post, but the opinion is 100% my own.
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3 Responses to Coupon Chief Review

  1. Zebadiah Sturgill says:

    Coupon Chief is an amazing site in my opinion. I’ve only been using it for a day yet it’s saved me MORE than 24 dollars in MORE than 24 hours. :)

  2. Jenny C says:

    I’m a young mom of a 2-year old handsome little boy. When I can, I try to find the best deals online to save some money for my family. That’s how I found Coupon Chief. For all new mommies I recommend to check what they have for babies.

  3. Jemay Cinco says: was an amazing site! I love their Pay 2 Share! I can make extra money while im having a discounts.

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