Deal Week Wrap Up

Just a quickie deal post, because I gotta head to the doctor.
Dr: So, do you like the meds you are on?
Me: Yes. I want more. Now.

Okay, on to our deal week wrap up!

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Okay, first I want to remind you that the VistaPrint offers for 140 free mailing labels (aka book/toy/DVD/kid labels) ends today, so don’t forget to grab those!

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Next, I wanted to remind you to sign up for Zulily. Today they have Melissa & Doug toys–tons for under $10! They also have Roxy clothes for girls and Hurley clothes for boys! If you’re a brand name mama, this is the time to get them for great prices. Don’t forget to share this with your friends so you can get $15 free. Hello, free Christmas presents!

If you use coupons (and if you don’t, you should), you can get great coupons online. I use for virtually all of my printable coupons. Here are some new deals, as well as deals that expire on the 31st–so grab these quick!

New Coupons
Some new coupons from today

Expiring Coupons
May no longer be available at end of month

What else? We talked about, right? You get cash back for your regular ol’ online shopping addiction. You know, to continue to feed your addiction.

Oh right! The last deal I wanted to cover. 
click the picture!
This is so cool, and I can’t wait to implement it with my preschooler! 
It’s free online reading and phonics games for preschool through first grade. I’ve previewed it and it looks like there’s free games you can play anytime, and you can also pay for a game (like getting an app on your phone; looks like a one-time fee). No subscriptions though, and totally high quality games. Nicole is going to love this one!

So that’s it for deal week! What do you think? Were these deals interesting to you? Are you interested in hearing more deals in the future? A weekly “best deals this week” post? Or do you kinda sorta just want me to shut up about it? 
Don’t worry, I won’t be offended if that’s the case!
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  1. Just Jenny says:

    Following back! Thank you for the deals :)


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