FREE stuff is the BEST stuff.

I have less than great vision (though not terrible) and wear contacts.
Confession: I haven’t worn my contacts in over a year.

The last time I went to the eye doctor, I was completely out of contacts. He informed me I have astigmatism.

In all honesty, I just recently realized people were saying astigmatism, with an a. I always thought they were saying “I have a stigmatism.” So finding out that I have one of those whatchamajiggers… news to me, despite wearing contacts for half my life.

Fact: contacts for astigmatism are really, really expensive. Compared to normal contacts they are nearly double the price. 

So I didn’t buy any. My husband asked if I wanted some for Christmas (this was 2 years ago now), and I said, “Seriously? Contacts?”

Money was/is tight. I don’t have horrible vision so it wasn’t a high priority. It got pushed off the budget…
and again,
and again.

So when came out with a FREE glasses giveaway, I was skeptical. But hey! Free glasses, right? I haven’t worn glasses since I was 12 I think. But I bought them… they came… and they were free.

Minus $16 shipping and handling, but not too shabby for a $98 pair of glasses, am I right?
They didn’t fit perfectly, but since I got my rx from Costco, they were happy to adjust them for free.

I still don’t have contacts. Last Christmas I even asked my hubby to buy them, but he forgot. (He came through fabulously in other gifting areas though so I didn’t mind the lack of a practical gift!)
But I do have super cute glasses, and you know what? You can get some too! 

March 31, Coastal Contacts is giving away 10,000 more pairs of glasses. This time, I’m not so skeptical cause I’m currently wearing my pair of free glasses.
Click here for more info!

If you get your free pair, let me know.
‘Cuz now you owe me!

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