Killer Cereal Deal at Smith’s!

I am not ashamed.
I like those sugary-sweet kids cereals plastered with cartoon characters on the front.
I eat them for breakfast.
I eat them for a night time snack.
Sometimes, if Gary’s not home, we eat them for dinner.
{And I totally hide the good cereal from my kids.}

While this isn’t the post I was planning on posting today (not even sure I had a real plan for that), when I saw this deal in today’s Smith’s ad, I couldn’t resist sharing. Here’s the deal:
Buy 4 boxes of General Mills cereal at 4 for $10, and get
two gallons of milk for free!

The milk is currently on sale for $2.43 a gallon at Smith’s, so this is an awesome deal! Especially because I ran out of milk this morning. Let’s think of it this way:
Buy cereal for $10.
Subtract $4.86 for your two gallons of milk.
(hmm, must find computer calculator… oh there it is!)
4 boxes of cereal, for $5.14!
This is already crazy-good, but add coupons.
(Cereal coupons are one of the easiest coupons to come by!)
Let’s say I have a few $1 off 2 boxes of cereal coupons.
I use two of those bringing my total cost to $3.14 (pay $8 out of pocket).
This works out to $.78 a box, plus the cost of milk, which I need to buy anyway.

Are you saying, “but I don’t have any cereal coupons…” (I know you so well!)

Just go to Smith’s website. If you haven’t already, sign up and connect your account to your Smith’s Fresh Value Card. It’s pretty easy. Then just preview their online coupons and click “add to card.” You don’t even to carry the coupons to the store–they are pre-loaded onto your card and automatically subtract when you buy the qualifying items.

Now be honest with me. Do you hide the Lucky Charms too? Or is Cinnamon Toast Crunch more your thing?

Oh, and p.s.– you can do this deal three times in one shopping trip! So this is a great time to stockpile, and yes, milk does freeze. 
{Seriously! I’ve done it, used it, and survived to tell about it!]
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