My Best Deals!

See all this?
This is my favorite score today. It’s actually from two separate shopping trips, and the Motrin wasn’t even planned. This is why a coupon binder is handy. Motrin certainly wasn’t on my list, but when I see a deal, I’m able to grab it and use my coupons!

So just how much did I pay for 8 (that’s eight!) things of Right Guard deodorant and 2 boxes of Motrin PM, before taxes?


Now, I’m sure there are some coupon divas who could have paid half that, if any at all. But remember, I’m still a newbie at couponing. I’m pretty proud!

I had 4 buy one get one free Right Guard deodorant coupons that I’ve been saving forever.
They actually expired today. Phew!

I had initially ordered them from The Q Hunter but they didn’t get to my house in time for the deal I was originally going to use them on. So I waited… and waited… and waited…

And last week, they went on sale at Fresh Market for 2 for $3! As far as I’ve seen (and I’ve been watching Right Guard prices for a few weeks now), this was a pretty good price. But with my coupons, I would actually be getting 4 for $3! Perfect time to stock up.

As far as the Motrin, I’ve been hanging onto a couple of $2 off coupons for awhile now. Smith’s had a few carts of marked down items. I sorted through them and found two boxes of Motrin PM for $2.09 each. I double checked my coupons to be sure it applied to the 20 count boxes, then checked out. My actually total was $.47, including tax. (I had gone to Smith’s hoping to get some more 4 for $10 cases of water bottles, but they were out.)

Why am I posting this? It’s unlikely that you’ll also find a clearance of Motrin PM (even if you had the coupon) and like I mentioned, the Right Guard coupons I had ordered expired today. What good does this info do you?

I’m hoping that another example of how couponing can work will inspire you to cut out the next coupons you come across. I could have used those BOGO coupons weeks ago at $3.50 each, and it still would have been a good deal. But $.75 each??

Now that’s a deal!
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2 Responses to My Best Deals!

  1. newbiemama says:

    I realize I posted not long ago that I purchased a bunch of Degree deodorant as part of my Tangled deal. Lest you think my husband is super stinky, which is why we need all this deodorant: this batch is actually for Jordan. While he technically doesn't "need" deodorant quite yet, I figure it's better to get him in the habit before he REALLY needs it. He has worn deodorant for about a year, but this should last him at least through his preteen years. No stinky teenagers in this house!

  2. Love says:

    That's awesome! I love deals!

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