National Pretzel Day

Do you love pretzels?
Not the dry super salty kind from the bag, 
but the soft, 
melt in your mouth
doughy kind from the mall.

Ooohhhh yeeahhh….

Today you can get a
free pretzel
from PretzelMaker

just by saying “National Pretzel Day!”

Apparently, limited stores are participating. But check out the list here <—
because more likely than not, the store by you is participating!

Whew. That’s one lunch I don’t have to think about!

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2 Responses to National Pretzel Day

  1. says:

    I am really REALLY annoyed that I put off reading your newest blog post.

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  2. newbiemama says:

    Serves you right!! I totally planned on going but I took the kids to the grocery store and they were out of control. So no free pretzel for me either. :(

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