In our house, Easter is a religious holiday. Meaning we don’t do big Easter baskets and my kids know the “Easter Bunny” is 
total crap.
It’s quite possible I’m an Easter Bunny Scrooge, but seriously, a bunny that brings eggs? What is going on here and why aren’t we more concerned about this??

We of course participate in Easter Egg hunts, but there are no delusions about who is hiding the candy. Saturday is usually the day we do real Easter Stuff–all the family parties. Sunday I honestly didn’t have much planned. Jordan and Rebecca were with their mother Sunday evening, so there was no sense in going all out for an Easter dinner.

I actually canned strawberry jam on Saturday night so we had a nice Sunday brunch consisting of homemade bread, homemade jam, and scrambled eggs. A lot of scrambled eggs. And those who were interested had a few hard boiled eggs too. :)

Speaking of scrambled eggs… my hubby and I are not big hard boiled egg fans so I decided to blow out the majority of our dyed easter eggs out this year, rather than boiling them. So, Sunday morning we dyed raw (!) Easter Eggs, then without the children’s knowledge, I ever so carefully cracked the eggs open, stirred up the yolks, and poured them into a bowl to make cascarones. 
With cascarones, you need the hole big enough to be able to put confetti inside so you don’t actually need to blow out the egg. Very easy. In hindsight, I would have cracked the eggs first. 

Then I filled the eggs with confetti.

And glued matching tissue paper over the hole.

Let the glue dry and turned them over ready for smashing!

Just a note on how inexpensive this activity was: this is the bag of $1 confetti from Walmart after all 22 eggs were filled. Next year I plan on doing a lot more but even still, this bag is going to last me several years. The rest of the purchases were eggs (on sale for Easter at $.79/dozen!) and the egg dye I had gotten the year before on the post-Easter clearance sale. So buy your dye now, folks!

We were officially ready for smashing. I told my kids I wanted to take a picture of them for Easter, which was a total ruse since they were really just wearing their Sunday clothes. I couldn’t do Easter clothes this year, which made me sad. I posed Gary behind them, ready for action and the fun began!

You can click on the pictures for a close up view of the action.
I love these pictures. The impact, the utter confusion about why their dad just hit them on the head, the action… and is it just me, or does Gary look a little too serious about hitting them over their heads??

Once the kids caught on, the short-lived fun was a blast. None of us escaped getting hit with an egg. And no, Nicole isn’t hurting in that picture in the upper left. It had dawned on her that her dress was getting dirty. What a little princess, huh?

And the “After” picture. I think we lost Abigail. Hmm…

Definitely a new tradition for our family! It’s kind of exciting to start our very own traditions as a family, rather than copying or altering traditions we both had as a kid. Do you have any fun traditions that are unique to your family? Let us know!
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